Alpha Showdown 2017 Round 10: Adam Hauptman vs. Mercy Thompson


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Update: With 76% of the vote, Mercy has claimed victory in this round! She will advance in the Alpha Showdown 2017.

Are you ready for more Alpha Showdown? We’ve made it through the preliminary rounds, which means it’s about to get a whole lot harder here.

Like so much harder that we’re pitting couples against one another. This could require counseling.

Today we have two alphas who are, you know, usually fighting together: Adam Hauptman and Mercy Thompson both from Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series. Adam took out newcomer Cat Fisa already, and Mercy crushed Reyes.

Now only one of them can move forward in the Alpha Showdown.

The battles don’t get easier (peek at the bracket), but the winner is all up to VBC readers. Each round is open for 48 hours. The winner advances.

ADAM HAUPTMANMoon Called by Patricia Briggs // VBC Review

You know him from: The Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs
First appeared in: Moon Called (VBC ReviewAmazon)
Supernatural status: Werewolf, Alpha of the Columbia Basin Pack

Championed by: Suzanne from Under the Covers Book Blog

In the world of romance you can’t swing a cat (shifter or otherwise) without knocking down a few ‘alphas’, they are created and stuffed into almost every book in the genre. You read one…you forget about him…you read another, yep he’s disappeared from memory as well. Then you come across the Mercy Thompson series and Adam Hauptman…and you remember.

So, what makes Adam so different from all those cookie cutter, chest pounding, over bearing alphas that romance readers and authors love so much? Adam is one of the most powerful alphas in that world, he controls a large pack of half tamed, dangerous werewolves with the sheer power of his will alone. He talks, they shut the hell up and listen. And it isn’t just because he could wipe the floor with them in a fight, which, make no mistake he could, would and has. The man is intelligent and protective, aggressive but with an iron control. He also rocks a suit…or wearing nothing at all.

So, if you want a male that truly manages to encompass all the best aspects of an alpha; strong, loyal, smart and sexy…as well as that chest pounding arrogance, of just knowing he’s the strongest male in the room. Well then, pick someone you will remember, pick Adam Hauptman Alpha of the Columbia Basin Pack.

Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs // VBCMERCY THOMPSON

You know her from: The Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs
First appeared in: Moon Called (VBC ReviewAmazon)
Supernatural status: walker/coyote shifter, daughter of the trickster god Coyote

Championed by: Margaret from VBC

In Patricia Briggs’s latest Mercy Thompson novel, Fire Touched, Mercy describes herself as, as vulnerable as any human. My superpower consisted of transforming into a thirty-five pound coyote. Why do we think she deserves to be an Alpha Showdown champion then?

Right after she said that, Mercy went off to battle a troll. She rescued an injured woman and her baby, shot the troll in the eye, and stabbed it in its big, green troll junk. She defended her unconscious husband with nothing but a stick and a bottle of essential oil. Mercy’s faced vampires, river monsters, and Fairy Queens and come out on top.

Mercy has a unique relationship with magic. She can see ghosts, where most supernaturals in her world can’t. She can tap into pack magic, even though she’s not a werewolf. And she can wield weapons meant for only the Fae. Her god-forged walking stick always appears when she needs it. She’s kind of a special snowflake, but it also makes her unpredictable.

I would also argue that shapeshifting is not Mercy’s only superpower. She’s also incredibly stubborn. Mercy never gives up, even though she winds up nearly dead at the end of so many of her books. She doesn’t do what’s expected. I mean, she’s an auto mechanic. She defies authority, mostly the Marrok’s, by knowing the rules and finding the loopholes. So she’s not only smart, but sneaky. She has to be to survive in a world where everyone else is bigger and stronger. That’s why she also carries a gun.

Mercy’s got a werewolf pack at her back and allies in every corner of the supernatural world—vampires, witches, and Fae. She stands up against evil, even when it’s kicking her ass. So while she may be the underdog, don’t count Mercy out. This coyote’s still got plenty of tricks up her sleeve.


When you vote in this epic battle, we’ll reward you. We have a copy of Devon Monk’s Death and Relaxation (which the VBC team gave a thumbs up to) for one lucky VBC reader. Vote in this round to be entered to win, and you’ll have the opportunity for additional (optional) entries there after.

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92 Responses to “Alpha Showdown 2017 Round 10: Adam Hauptman vs. Mercy Thompson”

  1. Andrea2 says:

    The first thing that comes to mind is Kobayashi Maru – a no win scenario. Mercy? Adam? I had to flip a coin – Adam won. So, Adam.

  2. Taina Pfenninger says:

    Mercy all the way!!!!!!

  3. Esyra says:

    I think i’ll choose Adam but men I don’t know.

  4. Katie says:


  5. KateM says:

    Mercy all the way! Adam is great but Mercy is the reason for the series.

  6. Viki S. says:


  7. Caro says:

    Mercy. This is just not right. They would never hurt one another. Adam would win in a real fight.

  8. Kim says:


  9. Sonja says:


  10. Nicole says:


  11. Barbs says:


  12. Elizabeth says:


  13. Mary Preston says:


  14. Faith says:

    While I love both & as a couple they are amazing, I gotta go with Mercy. She has faced so much & always ends up coming out the other side. It’s not her brawn, but her wits that makes her the Alpha here.

  15. Brenda D. says:

    Oh Mercy, Mercy me, that is who it has to be!

  16. Texas Book Lover says:

    Mercy gets my vote this round.

  17. Tanya says:

    Most definitely Mercy! And Adam would agree with me!

  18. HopeT. says:


  19. Donna says:

    Mercy….girls rule!!!!!

  20. Soraya Jennifer says:

    Mercy for sure.

  21. Amy says:


  22. Christine K says:


  23. Meigan says:

    So many tough choices! And actually, I think this one is tougher than Ethan vs Mad Rogan. It’s like asking who your favorite parent is. Mercy for the win!

  24. GeenaK says:

    I’ll pick Mercy. It is hard to choose though since together they are a team.

  25. jessie says:


  26. Aliyah says:


  27. miki says:

    not easy when couple are against each other but Mercy has my vote

  28. Sharon says:


  29. Betul E. says:


  30. Nicole Newman says:


  31. Diana says:

    Mercy – it’s her turn!

  32. Kalliope D. says:


  33. Dawn Roberto says:

    man so hard to choose but I got to choose Mercy!

  34. Theresa Parsons says:

    This is a tough one…I love both these characters…hmmmm….I am going with Mercy….she has all the characteristics I love in my heroines….totally kick ass:)

  35. Pam Blome says:


  36. Janie McGaugh says:

    I’m backing Mercy!

  37. Claire says:

    Mercy gooooo

  38. Dean C says:

    Love both, but Mercy is a great character.

  39. Anne says:

    This one was tough but in the end, it is Mercy.

  40. Diane_D says:

    Yikes! Adam is one of the best in the traditional Alpha role, while Mercy is unique … and I love them both, because Patricia Briggs is brilliant! How can I choose?

  41. Yvonne says:

    MERCY! Merci

  42. Jen Twimom says:

    Seriously.. how can mates go up against each other?!

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