Alpha Showdown 2017 Round 4: Barrons vs. Ethan Sullivan


VBC: Home of Alpha ShowdownUpdate: This round was close the entire 48 hours, but with 51 percent of the vote the winner is Ethan Sullivan! 

Alpha Showdown 2017 is already heating up and I like it! In some of our earlier rounds many of you were able to discover new books you need to read. This round, though, brings two powerhouse characters who have been in almost every Alpha Showdown since it’s inception back in 2011.

Yeah. These are legit alphas. We’re talking the immortal and enigmatic Barrons from Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series and Master vampire Ethan Sullivan from Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampires series.

We love them both, but only one can continue on in the Showdown. You know the rules.

The competition is stiff this year (peek at the bracket), but the winner is all up to VBC readers. Each round is open for 48 hours. The winner advances.


You know him from: Fever series by Karen Marie Moning
First appeared in: Darkfever (VBC Review | Amazon)
Supernatural status: Immortal. Beyond that we don’t know and we don’t really care.

Championed by: Zee at The Saucy Wenches Book Club

Jericho Barrons. He’d laugh one of his very sexy laughs if he ever found out he was being pitted against these “alphas.” Sure, they’re great fighters, immortals who’ve been around for centuries, some longer, some not so long—vampires, werewolves, shifters, demons, charming talkers, talented lovers, and other fierce competitors I’m sure. But the plain, hard truth is, none of them are even in the same league as Barrons.

Darkfever by Karen Marie MoningThere’s absolutely nothing wrong with loving all of them, as long as you can admit one fact. Absolutely none of them will ever stand a chance against this vital, ferocious, compelling, virile, deadly, almost omniscient creature who you will never be able to fit neatly into a category. His sheer presence on page is enough to wipe every other so-called alpha from your mind.

The others might moonlight as gallant knights in shining arming, especially for the ladies, but Barrons will do no such thing. He will help the most distressed of damsels grow into their own heroes if they so choose. And that is the mark of a true alpha. He can kick ass with one hand tied behind his back, he can kill within seconds, it doesn’t matter how powerful his opponent is, and he can do all this without breaking a sweat. And when every soldier on the battlefield has fallen, Barrons will still be standing. I mean, even death cannot defeat him.

What you end up feeling for Barrons during the course of the series isn’t some light romantic feeling that randomly makes you swoon when he says something pretty. The fact is, he rarely says pretty things, actions speak so much louder than words, one of the most amazing lessons Barrons teaches us. And when he does speak, his words are chock full of meaning.

What you feel for him is a living, breathing, pulsating, writhing thing with a life of it’s own. Almost as real as the beast he turns into. You can tell me you didn’t fall in love with him at first sight, and sure, I’ll believe you, but I won’t believe that you didn’t feel that surge of electricity, that spike of adrenaline, every single time he was on page. And it’s a feeling that never went away, it only got stronger with each book. And that’s the point isn’t it? If you’re totally honest with yourself, you realize that this beautiful, intense, life changing force of nature makes you feel things on levels that you can’t even begin to understand. And the beauty of it is, it’s something you don’t need all the answers to. It’s liberating. It’s unique. Barrons just IS. And you will always hunger for more when it comes to him. There will never be enough.

If you want an alpha to challenge you, invigorate you, dare you, scandalize you, and make every cell in your body feel more alive than it’s ever been, Barrons is the one you’re looking for. If the thought of that scares you… it should. You’ll never be the same once you’ve bumped into Barrons in Dublin. But oh, you’ll be so much more alive.

“He’s disturbing. Carnal. Base. Forbidding. Big and powerful, radiating primal hunger. His eyes are blades, slicing into you: dark, ancient, glittering with predatory intensity. He moves like a beast even in his human skin. A woman takes one look at him, her stomach drops like a stone and she runs like hell.

Which direction she goes in is the defining point: she’ll run away—or toward him—depending on her ability to be honest with herself, her hunger for life and willingness to pay any price at all to feel so damned alive.”

I know which way I’m running. Hard. Without looking back. What about you?

Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill // VBCETHAN SULLIVAN

You know him from: Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neill
First appeared in: Some Girls Bite (VBC Review | LE Review | Amazon)
Supernatural status: Cadogan House Master Vampire

Championed by: Jackie from Literary Escapism (Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | GoodReads)

“You were born a soldier, turned into a monster, or so you feared. And you made yourself a Master. You made your identity.” – Merit (Blade Bound)

What can I say about Ethan Sullivan that would sway you to vote for him as our alpha champion? Should I mention his stubbornness to believe others could be right or his willingness to admit when he is wrong? What about the intensity of his emotions—how he loves fiercely and stands by those who has his loyalty just as he has theirs? Or how about the fact that he is one seriously hot blonde Viking who inspires very naughty desires in or out of his tailored suits?

Ethan Sullivan is one complex vampire, but the one thing no one has ever had to worry about is whether he would have their back in a fight. He’s not a master who stands by as his soldiers fight; absolutely not…in fact he’s often the one who is leading the charge. He’s not afraid to stand up for his people, for what he believes is right, especially when the welfare of his people is at stake.

In fact, he rarely puts himself first and is constantly thinking of others…much to Merit’s frustration. Especially when it meant he took a stake through the heart that was meant for her. He has proven his loyalty and love for Merit and his people over and over. To say he doesn’t deserve your vote would be a gross misunderstanding. He will go to hell and back for the ones he loves; he will fight viciously to protect all innocents, even those who have called him monster. He is an alpha that can inspire and be followed without fear of what’s to come. He is the ultimate alpha champion and I would hope you would agree too.


I don’t say this often, but you need more assassins in your life. Specifically Gin Blanco the heroine of Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series. She’s badass and loves BBQ more than I do. We have a copy of Spider’s Bite, the first book in the series for a VBC reader. Your vote in the Alpha Showdown enters you (and is required), but there are additional opportunities after that to get bonus entries (none of those are required).

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107 Responses to “Alpha Showdown 2017 Round 4: Barrons vs. Ethan Sullivan”

  1. Tuleen says:

    Love them both but Ethan and merit are relationship goals so Ethan

  2. Kinga says:

    I voted for Ethan. 🙂

  3. debbie says:


  4. Rachael says:

    Eathan, hands down.

  5. Kathleen simpson says:

    Ethan gets my vote everytime

  6. Melanie Malcoon says:

    Ethan all the way.

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