Book Bits: Kelley Armstrong, Caitlin Kittredge, Kim Harrison, Kristen Callihan, Merrie Destefano and Undead Miss Manners


Soul Trade by Caitlin KittredgeBitten as a TV show?
Maybe. A Canadian television network has ordered 13 episodes of a new scripted drama Bitten, based on — you guessed it — the Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. Now, you may wonder why this pleases me so much, if I live in the United States. Well, one, it’s always cool to see authors getting their works translated into other platforms, but also there are Canadian shows that then get picked up in the States.

Lost Girl, which U.S. folk can want on SyFy Friday nights, was first a Canadian program. I think both Canada and the U.S. will be getting season three at the same time. Maybe the same thing will happen for Bitten. It does seem like a fit for SyFy, doesn’t it?

Two chapters of Soul Trade online now
Haven’t picked up the latest Black London novel by Caitlin Kittredge yet? Well, Heroes & Heartbreakers (my other home) has the first two chapters of Soul Trade for your reading pleasure. You do have to register for the site to read the long, awesome excerpt, but it’s free.

Will Kim Harrison be visiting you?
Cue the muppet-style flailing! Kim Harrison announced the cities she’ll be visiting on the Ever After tour this winter. I’m extra giddy as she’ll be visiting Dallas. I’ve yet to meet her and will be forced to pretend I’m not a fangirl. We’ll see how that goes. See the list of tour stops on her blog. There are not dates for these events posted yet. When I spot dates, I’ll share.

Deleted scenes from Moonglow
VBC reviewer Jo is reading Kristen Callihan’s Moonglow right now. (She loved Firelight.) I’m pretty sure she’s going to run over to RT to read the deleted scenes from Moonglow immediately. If you’ve already finished the book and can’t wait for more in the Darkest London series, sate a bit of the hunger with the extra scenes online.

Excerpt from Merrie Destefano’s YA
Merrie Destefano’s new YA novel is called Fathom and it releases Oct. 1. We know Merrie can craft a great urban fantasy world, and the VBC team is excited to see what she’ll do in a young adult setting. She posted the cover art for Fathom, as well as the first chapter on her blog. Go. Read. Report back.

Undead Miss Manners
Perhaps I have too much time on my hands? If you’re looking for a quirky post, I had a little tongue-in-cheek fun at my writer blog. Undead Miss Manners will answer those questions of how to interact with your supernatural friends. In this instance, we have questions about a possible zombie boyfriend’s storage of a severed head and inviting the vampire boss to dinner. Vital things, my friends. Vital. Feel free to read, and hopefully laugh.


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  1. Laura H. says:

    I am so excited! I will definitely be at the Kim Harrison signing in Dallas as well. So happy!!!

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