Sabrina Benulis Guest Post & Giveaway: Excerpt from Angela Mathers’ Diaries


Covenant by Sabrina BenulisAn Excerpt from Angela Mathers’s Diary, Discovered Along with

The Pages of COVENANT

These pages were found along with the same manuscript that appears to be a record of Angela Mathers’s journey into Hell to save her friend Sophia, who is also the Book of Raziel. It would appear from these records that their friendship was extremely strong, for there is no human within historically recorded documentation who has ever braved the Door to Hell simply to save another person. It amounts to foolishness–but then, love makes us do the strangest and most impossible things . . .

–Rev. J. Schrader

As Written by Angela Mathers:

Day One: It’s oddly warm down here, but so dark. Troy tells me that this is normal in this part of Hell, but I can’t help feeling that she’s wrong, even if this place is her ancestors’ home. I can’t help fearing that we’re encroaching on something terrible hour by hour. But what could it be? Perhaps fire would be too tame. Maybe, like Sophia said, I should have never gone through the Door to Hell to save her–but what else am I supposed to do? Sophia isn’t just a thing–she’s a person like me. And she’s also my best friend. I’m not a demon myself. I’m not the kind of person who can just leave my best friend to die all alone, where no one else can save her . . .

I’m merely guessing at the passage of time here. There’s no sun or stars or moon. There are only caverns and we seem to be descending, deeper and deeper by the minute. No one else appears worried, but I can’t shake this feeling.

Ah–we’ve come to a pass marked by three separate tunnels. Which one to choose? How in the world am I supposed to know? But it’s impossible to listen for another’s beating heart to guide you when they’re so impossibly far away . . .

Day Two: Troy’s a Jinn and that makes things easy for her. She can see in this crushing darkness like it’s daylight. I have only my soul to steer me, and it says, push on no matter what. We encountered a demon yesterday by the name of Python. He appeared to be helpful. He said he was an enemy of whatever demon owned this labyrinth. Troy’s not convinced, but I’m sick of her defying me. There’s no time to guess at the correct direction to go–if the demon knows, we should follow. He was certainly strange though.

I don’t like admitting that a demon can be handsome, but he was, and his orange eyes still seem to pierce right through me. I’ve never seen hair like that either–so deep and black with purple streaks. I don’t think it’s fair that demons can be so beautiful when then want to be. But, really, this entire place is fascinating. I feel like I shouldn’t be staring at the walls so much, or their strange hieroglyphs. It’s all so intimidating, and incredible, and unearthly. But what must it feel like for these demons to have so little room to spread their great wings and fly?

Archon by Sabrina BenulisDay Three: I must have fallen asleep by the riverbank where we’re now resting. Now, I can only clutch the necklace Sophia gave me and listen to my own heartbeat. I love this necklace–and what a weird coincidence that we purchased the same one for each other for Christmas!

A white sapphire star with a silver feather . . . it doesn’t get lovelier than that. I can still see Sophia’s bright smile as she opened the package. No wonder I can’t help caring about her.

We’re too much alike. We’re each other’s only family. I refuse to let her go so easily. I refuse.

An hour later: My head aches, and I’m so very hungry. Distraction is all that we have. Troy has been talking to me about the Jinn, about why they seem so savage and evil. I guess to humans they are. But to a Jinn, it’s all about survival down here. No wonder I feel so vulnerable. I don’t have nails, or teeth, or nocturnal eyes, or wings. All I have is my wits. I hope that’s enough. Python said it wouldn’t be, and that without him, we’d never escape this maze alive.

I know there are other creatures, lurking in the shadows. So does Troy and her niece. Even now they’ve gone deathly silent, their ears pricked to catch some kind of sound. I don’t hear anything except. . . wait, there it is . . . a soft snuffling.

Now, there are burning eyes in the blackness.


I don’t know if we can hold them off–there might be too many. Sophia, wait for me . . . I’m coming for you!

No matter what stands in my way, I’ll rescue you from this place, I’ll find you, and we’ll be together again.

That’s a promise.


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