If I could be any heroine…

If I could be any heroine… Last week we talked about those heroines we’d never swap places with in a million years. Seriously, no one wants to take Katniss’ place. But a few of you emailed and tweeting asking who I would swap shoes with, figuratively speaking. This one is harder, actually, because I like such dark novels. So, I’ll give you one obvious choice and one where you’ll all think I’m wearing my crazy pants. Then, I want to...

The Black Dagger Sisterhood (or why I hate Marissa) [H&H]

The Black Dagger Sisterhood (or why I hate Marissa) [H&H] I’m again over at Heroes & Heartbreakers today. It’s no secret I love J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series (check out the Reviews by Author page to find my BDB reviews), but upon reflection I realized all my favorite books in the series are those with the strong heroines. The women who push the men into growing can make or break the book for me. You see, I should love Lover Revealed, because I like...

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