5 Heroes who make us see fireworks


Reading Fireworks and the Alpha Males Who Cause ThemIt’s Independence Day in the United States. Typically, this is celebrated by eating foods cooked on a grill and enjoying fireworks. (And probably also complaining about how hot and/or sticky it is outside and trying to find the bug spray in your purse.) But this is Vampire Book Club. I can’t show you pretty explosions in the sky. I can however, recommend five heroes from books released in 2012 who will make you see fireworks.

These guys are addictive, though, and a few are emotionally damaged. I’m willing to work with that, though. How about you?

1. Vlad Tepesh from Once Burned

As a big Night Huntress and Bones fangirl, it was hard to admit, but Vlad felled me (spoiler-free review). He’s powerful, protective and doesn’t share his body with many. It’s not because he’s ashamed of his battle scars (nom), but because it’s something that’s truly his and he sees it as valuable (double nom). You’ll love watching him cave to Leila’s demands in Once Burned, and shower scenes are always a win at VBC. No shame here, folks.

2. Talivar from A Sliver of Shadow

Allison Pang managed to get me wrapped up in Talivar. He’s the outcast faery prince, and he’s someone who is honored that the heroine Abby would want him. We don’t always know what he’s thinking, but it’s clear he’s devoted. Also, sex at the hot springs. (Really, we weren’t going for a water sex theme here…)

3. Terrible from Sacrificial Magic and Chasing Magic

Your call here. Double dose of tough guy sexytimes. In book four of Stacia Kane’s gritty urban fantasy Downside series, Sacrificial Magic, Chess and Terrible have to work through her relationship issues. When they do, well, let’s say that Chevelle gets christened. As for the fifth book, Chasing Magic, angry sex prevails. Regardless of which one you go with, you get a man who understands loyalty and is trying to get his girlfriend to accept love. How can you not swoon?

4. Caleb from All Things Wicked

There’s something to be said for a redemption story. Going into Karina Cooper’s All Things Wicked, no one likes Caleb, including the woman who will lead to his HEA. These two fight with and for each other, and by the end you’ll be Team Caleb. You’ll understand him. Also, you’ll be really impressed by his moves against a cliff wall. Just saying.

5. Khalil from Oracle’s Moon

I’m taking this one on faith. I haven’t read Oracle’s Moon yet. (Don’t worry, I’ve been properly shamed by several friends. It’s on the to-read list!) However, it would be wrong not to include a book that VBC associate reviewer Candace said had the best sex scene she’d ever read. Bonus: Alpha male.


Narrowing the list down to five was more difficult than I care to admit publicly. However, you can save the day, readers. Add your favorite fireworks-worthy heroes in the comments and we’ll build up one hell of a scorching summer reading list.

12 Responses to “5 Heroes who make us see fireworks”

  1. Alison Robinson says:

    Vlad left me cold (yep deliberate pun on Once Burned), I really didn’t care one jot about either character.

    Talivar – yes! Can’t believe Allison made us change allegiance so quickly!

    Haven’t read the others so can’t comment – Downside Ghosts are on my TBR (To Be Read) pile.

    What about Lothaire?

  2. Kate says:

    I have just started reading Wicked Nights by Gena Showalter and the hero of the stroy, Zacharel, has firework potential, though i’m not there yet i have high expectations.

  3. Victoria Sloboda says:

    Nice list :).

  4. Tina says:

    I agree w/ your list! I love Terrible and Vlad. You should add. Zacheral though. Let’s just say for a virgin he knows his stuff!!

  5. Keira says:

    Wow! I need to check most of these guys out! The only one Ive read is Vlad an he was certainly firework-worthy! Thanks for the list!

  6. Denise says:

    So far I’m not familiar with any of these guys, BUT I have Gena Showalter’s Wicked Nights here ready to read. Lothaire – yup! For a really, really “bad” guy, he was definitely drool worthy. I have to say that so far my favorite is Raphael by D.B. Reynolds in the Vampires in America series. In fact – ALL of her bad guys are good guys.

  7. NanaVamp says:

    I’m so happy to see Terrible on your list!! I’ve read all the books in the series…In Chasing Magic he pulled my heart strings with the promise he made to Chess. In sorts he’s more of an anti-hero w/ a sensitivity that surprised me.

    Of course, Vlad is a given….

  8. Becky @ Underworld Love Addiction says:

    Great picks 🙂

  9. Ahhh Terrible. *happy sigh*

  10. Alison Robinson says:

    Ok, all caught up and deffo Terrible if only for the immortal “Chessie!”

  11. sharon says:

    What about Ethan from Cadogan series??!!!

  12. saj says:

    I need to read about all these heroes….just read once burned….i see why vlad made the list…

    I also finished reading up to book 4 of raine benares series….one of the heroes…mycheal…oh he so should be on a list like this!!

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