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About the Blog
This blog is for all those who love escaping into novels filled with vampires, shapeshifters, demons, witches and even the fae.

While my preference leans toward vampires, you’ll see news and reviews from a variety of urban fantasy, paranormal romance and fantasy works — both from the adult and young adult shelves.

As for the name — let’s be honest, your husband probably thinks you already belong to one and you secretly wish it really existed. We have monthly suggested reads for discussion. Want us to discuss a specific book? Email feedback@vampirebookclub.net with your suggestions or leave a comment on the blog.

Also, I’m proud to say Vampire Book Club was a finalist in the Adult Fiction category of the Independent Book Blogger Awards 2012 from Goodreads.

Our Ratings
In an effort to make things easy on everyone, we use the same five-star scale as Goodreads, which is as follows:

5 stars – Amazing, I loved it
4 stars – Really liked it
3 stars – Liked it
2 stars – It was OK
1 star – Didn’t like it
DNF – Did not finish

About the Authors
All content on this site is written and/or edited by Chelsea Mueller. (Guest reviews and posts will be noted as such.)

I used to be a full-time entertainment journalist. Working for newspapers, even online, became a bit sketchy, so I switched to interactive marketing. I still freelance — including writing about alpha heroes and vampire-themed TV shows for Heroes & Heartbreakers — and write plenty in my free time. You’re welcome to poke around my writer site.

On the personal side: I live near Dallas, Texas, with my incredibly awesome husband (who doesn’t enjoy any of these books, but likes Chuck Palahniuk, so we let it slide) and two giant dogs. In addition to reading and writing, I watch too much TV, listen too much music and manage to squeeze in Krav Maga a couple of times each week.

Joining the VBC team in June 2012, Jo enjoys talking everything urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Heralding for the U.K., you can find her on Twitter (@Hoski_Hearts) or Goodreads.

Candace joined VBC in January 2012. She has good taste in books, particularly of the paranormal romance variety. You may remember she wrote a guest post for us before joining the ranks. You also may know her from Twitter (@cpblackburn73) or as one of the mods at FrostFans.com.

Amanda joined VBC in March 2013, and she’d rather read than breathe most days. She loves discovering new authors and if you ask her to recommend a book, she’ll recommend five. Or ten.

Mary is a West Virginia girl who started off reading Nancy Drew behind the couch, to avoid her parents, and now reads paranormal romance in the bathroom, to avoid her children. She joined VBC in March 2013.

Krista joined VBC in March 2013 and works a second job at a book store just to support her reading habit. She is a self-professed Book Geek and is completely unable to narrow her favorite book/author/genre down to just one. You can always find her with her nose in a book and sometimes on Goodreads.

Amy was born and raised in the Midwest. She was introduced to Urban Fantasy and PNR with Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series and now UF and PNR are her favorite things to read. You can find her on Goodreads.

I’ve lived in Omaha, Neb., all my life, but I love to travel. I credit my love to read on Hilari Bell’s Goblin Wood and for a long time loved books with knights and horses and the like, but have since added urban fantasy and paranormal romance to my favorite genres. If I’m not spending my free time reading, I’m probably writing and I’m most active on Facebook.

A Couple Notes
All opinions on this site are those of their respective author(s) and do not reflect opinions of the book authors, publishers or others referenced on this blog.

Adore some of the event buttons on this site or the artwork on our bookmarks? The talented and far too kind Anilu Magloire created those for us. (She’s also made some really fantastic stuff for Stacia Kane.)

In accordance with the FTC guidelines for blogging and endorsements (PDF), Vampire Book Club would like our readers to know that while we purchase most books reviewed on this blog, we may receive complimentary copies of books for review from the publisher or author. You should assume every book reviewed on this blog may have been provided by the publisher or author for free. We will provide honest reviews regardless of the means of obtaining the novel. We will not allow publishers or authors to view the reviews prior to their publication on this blog.

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