Adrian Phoenix Guest Post & Giveaway: Writing from the Male Point of View


Etched in Bone by Adrian PhoenixAs readers, it’s easy to take for granted how easily the point of view can shift in a novel. We flip from hero to heroine, and (in good writing) never think about the fact the author may be a woman diving into the male mind. Adrian Phoenix, who writes from both the male and female perspective in her Maker’s Song series, was kind enough to lay out how she learned the way men think so she could give us honest characters.

And, after you laugh your way past the ways she learned about how things feel to guys, we’re offering up four (!) copies of her latest Maker’s Song book, Etched in Bone, compliments of Pocket Books.

by Adrian Phoenix

Guys think differently from women, No denying it. I’ve raised two sons and have witnessed their peculiarities—to females, anyway—time and again with utter fascination (and occasional irritation).

Belladonna Brown, a voodooienne in my Hoodoo series, has this to say about the general helplessness of the male of the species in Black Heart Loa (Pocket, July 2011): “Falling into pits. Knocking their thick skulls against, from, on or off all manner of hard-add things. Hurling themselves out of objects moving at high rates of speed and/or altitudes. Poking sticks at things they shouldn’t. Without us . . .”

Given all the various trips to the emergency room for stitches and casts—You what? Why the hell would you use a knife as a screw driver? No, I don’t think bottle rockets lashed to the wheels of your skateboard was an innovative idea—as my sons were growing up, I say give me an amen.

Plus, just what is it about farts and fart jokes that provide them with endless amusement, even as adults? The conspiratorial glances and endless snickers. Every woman alive knows that farts are to be ignored. Ahem.

And sex is definitely regarded in a different light: most females see it as a promise, most males as skin-on-skin fun. (Note: I say “most” not “all.”)

But despite the differences in perceptions, our emotions (hidden or on our sleeves), our hearts, how we fall in love, how our hearts are broken, is the same, no matter the gender.

I love writing from a male POV. I write from the POV of female leads too, of course. In the Maker’s Song books, I show the story from Dante’s perspective and from Heather’s; from mortal viewpoint and from those of vampire and Fallen—but while I can use my imagination for nightkind and fallen angels, the male characters need to be real no matter their species—mortal, Fallen, and vampire.

I believe I have a good handle on emotions and perceptions and attitudes—in some ways, we’re not all that different—but male sexual habits, how they feel during sex, the process? I was in the dark. Sure, I could imagine, base it on my experiences with men, but that wasn’t enough. I wanted to know so I could completely envision what my male characters felt when gripped by lust or caught up in passion or horny and alone.

Beneath the Skin (Maker's Song #3) by Adrian PhoenixWhich led to a fascinating and (sometimes) embarrassing bit of research. After a few phone calls, I visited willing-to-be-interviewed male friends (gay and straight), notebook in hand and started asking questions that slowly lifted their eyebrows and caused more than one cleared throat and many moments of awkward silence. Is she actually writing down my masturbation habits?

Answer: Yes. Yes, she is.

Some of the topics I broached were: How quickly do you get an erection? Does it depend on who you’re with? Where you are? What you’re doing? How does it feel? How do you deal with an unexpected or inconvenient erection—in a public place? Alone? How often do you masturbate? How does an orgasm feel? How does a woman feel when you’re inside her? Does sex feel different when you’re with someone you love as apposed to someone you’ve been lusting over?

Some of this I knew—or suspected from experience—much I didn’t. We often understand how to arouse our partners, but we know little of how it feels, and the emotions that are also aroused.

Awkward moments aside—along with an unspoken promise to each male interviewee never to speak of this again—I learned a helluva lot. All of which has been funneled into my male characters.

Writing from a male point of view is fun, often challenging, but that’s what writing is all about—exploring, sharing, stepping outside of your comfort zone and learning.

I absolutely enjoy writing from multiple points of view: female, male, mortal, immortal. And always will.

Not caught up on the Maker’s Song series? You can pick up the first book A Rush of Wings from Amazon. If you’re up-to-date with Maker’s Song, try her Hoodoo series, which begins with Black Dust Mambo.


Reading Escapes with Vampire Book Club

Oh, that's right, sometimes we escape into the male mind!

Pocket Books has given us four — yes, four — copies of Adrian Phoenix’s Etched in Bone for our readers. As this contest is part of our Reading Escapes series, we’re going to ask you which male mind you most like escaping into. Is it Dante from the Maker’s Song books? Could it be Harry Dresden? Could it be Zsadist? Answer in the comments below on or before April 12 to enter.

1. You must leave a comment on this post answering: Which male mind do you most like escaping into?
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8. Thanks to Pocket Books for providing the prizes.

62 Responses to “Adrian Phoenix Guest Post & Giveaway: Writing from the Male Point of View”

  1. Holly wright says:

    I sometimes like the male POV but usually like the female bc of viewing the male from her eyes.

  2. jmspettoli says:

    I’m not entirely sure if this counts because this POV is most used in her shorter fiction but I would have to say Clay Danvers from Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series.

    I follow via GFC, Twitter (@jmspettoli), and Facebook (Jessica Spettoli)

  3. donnas says:

    Now that I am thinking about it. I dont read a lot of series that are in the male POV. Its not that I dont like it, it can be an interesting change. I do like seeing the male hero type though the female in the books eyes though. Going to have to work on this so next time the question comes up I have more ideas.

    GFC and Facebook follower

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  4. LadyVampire says:

    Now that I think about it, I haven’t read too many books written from a male point of view except for the Harry Dresden series written by Jim Butcher. So I guess Harry Dresden would be the male POV I most enjoy reading. I really enjoyed this post. You brought up some interesting questions. 😉
    +1 GFC: LadyVampire
    +1 Twitter: ladyVampire2u

    LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

  5. Lisa says:

    I most enjoy Harry Dresden’s point of view. but only because he is the one that I am most familiar with at this time, have more exposure to his point of view. Looking to expand my experience with the others. thanks for the contest. lisa gk at yahoo dot com

  6. Linda Townsend says:

    I normally prefer the female point of view… but, the male point of view can add to the story… IF the male point of view is used, I normally like for it to alternate with the female. There’s always exceptions. I thoroughly enjoyed Midnight Sun which was told using the male point of view. And… I’m reading The Destined Queen (sequel to The Wizard’s Ward which I finished last week) and I love the way Deborah Hale alternates between the male & female point of views.
    Thanks for the give-a-way!
    Linda T., GFC follower & email subscriber

  7. Pam B says:

    I get the e-mails, this looks like a fun read.

  8. Erin says:

    I just started this series and I’m almost finished A Rush of Wings… guess a trip to the bookstore is necessary today.
    There are quite a few male minds I would love to delve into. In real life: the boy I’m crushing on. In the books I read that sometimes feel like real life: Barrons (Fever series), Trent (Rachel Morgan series), and Dorian (Dark Swan series).
    +1 for following on Twitter @ewalker9, and Google Reader

  9. Nicole Littlefield says:

    I have not yet read these books, but I would love too. Winning one would give me reason to buy the rest.


  10. Heather says:

    It seems I haven’t read a lot from the male point of view. One series that was told from the male point of view and female was the Milennium series by Stieg Larsson. I liked those. I also liked Going Bovine that was told from the male point of view but written by a woman (Linda Bray). I don’t know if I’d call them escaping to though.

    This series looks interesting! I follow you on Twitter and get your e-mail as well.

  11. Andrea Thompson says:

    I haven’t read many books w/male POV, but I do like when Cassandra Clare writes from Jace’s POV. Loved the post. Can’t wait to read these books!

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