Alpha Showdown 2012 Champion: Curran


Alpha Showdown 2012 at Vampire Book ClubIt was the battle many of you asked for: Bones vs. Curran. And the lion clawed up the vampire.

Yes, the Beast Lord from Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series fought ruthlessly to take out master vampire Bones in the final round of the Alpha Showdown 2012.

In addition to the great Twitter banter between authors Ilona Andrews and Jeaniene Frost, your comments in favor of Curran proved his alpha status.

“Curran. (Did you guys miss the God-killer part of the series?) Seriously. The answer is *always* Curran.” – Kell’s Bells

“Curran always! Never will anyone come close. Mad skills, magic, just, loyal, intelligent and drop to your knees and praise the gods sexy. All hail his Furriness! <3 Curran!” – Kat

“Bones is hot but Curran is the Beast LORD. It doesn’t get much more Alpha then that. Chuck Norris would be afraid of him.” – L. Blanchard

If you haven’t already started Ilona’s Kate Daniels series, this sure should be incentive! The first book is Magic Bites (VBC review, Buy it at Amazon).

Now for the big thank you. Alpha Showdown is my favorite event here at VBC because readers get so involved. As a character from an urban fantasy series won this year’s Alpha Showdown, I think an urban fantasy giveaway is in order.

I have four copies of Unbound, an anthology featuring stories from Kim Harrison, Melissa Marr, Jeaniene Frost, Vicki Pettersson and Jocelyn Drake. The contest is open to U.S. and Canadian addresses. (We’ll have an international contest up later this week, don’t fret!) Just fill out the Rafflecopter form before to enter. Contest ends June 10.

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30 Responses to “Alpha Showdown 2012 Champion: Curran”

  1. YAAAAAAAAAAA! All Hail the Beast Lord!!! Puuurrrrfict Choice.

  2. AzCav says:

    Still love BONES!! <3 🙂

  3. Curran says:

    Thank you! All my Love to you! Curran

  4. sooz says:

    I love both, but Curran is just Curran and Y-U-M!

  5. Julie says:


  6. Julie says:


  7. Julie says:

    Loved the contest this year! I was sure Bones would win! My only consolation is that it was Curran who beat him.

  8. Lege Artis says:

    YAY! He deserved it. He was my choice. I’m so glad. Congrats to Ilona Andrews duo!

  9. Émeraude says:

    Yay!! thes beast Lord 🙂

  10. Curran! *holds up seven fingers*
    Thank you for putting this on, Chelsea! It was FUN!

  11. Kat says:

    Yes!!! Curranites bask in the love! Our hero has triumphed! (As if we had any doubt)

  12. Yay! Great giveaway too!

    Thanks for another awesome Alpha Showdown!!!

  13. julaine says:

    It’s a good things you gyus are friends but maybe the next time you all get together you might think twice about letting Jenianne drive or she might leave you in the worse part of town accidentially on purpose.

    • Jeaniene Frost says:

      “she might leave you in the worst part of town accidentially on purpose.”

      Shhh! You have ruined my payback plan! ;-).

      Seriously, thanks to all who voted for Bones. Curran tore him up, but since I’m a Beast Lord fan, too, it’s all good. Personally, I think if Bones and Curran ever did meet up, they wouldn’t fight. They’d go out for drinks and swap stories about how the women they love drive them crazy sometimes :).

  14. Teresa Bradley says:

    I knew Curran would win! Looking forward to some more Kate & Curran goodies!!!!!

  15. Donna Binns says:

    I knew he would win. Long Live The Beast Lord!!! He did Ilona proud 🙂

  16. Marina says:

    Great fight! Enjoyed every round of the Alpha showdown!

  17. Karen Wapinski says:

    Was there ever even a competition?

  18. Elenariel says:

    Can’t help imagining Curran making sure to inform Saiman of this new trophy! XD

  19. Kristin says:

    I’m good with Curran. Totally 😀

  20. Caro says:

    The Big Kitty is purrrring!!!

  21. Belinda says:

    Woohoo Curran won. Way to go big Cat. Thanks Ilona I will always remember the phrase that hooked me into reading this series “Here kitty, kitty” got to love someone who has a sarcastic since of humor. One who laughs in the face of danger be it furry or dead. Can’t wait for the next book to come out. Thanks guys.

  22. Lexi says:

    Alpha Showdown is my favorite thing you do at Vampire Book Club. Love love love it! Thanks for another fun showdown!!
    Long live the King!

  23. Misti says:

    Go Curran! ROWR! Love the SHOWDOWN! Thanks!

  24. LisaK says:

    Woot! Woot! LOVE CURRAN!

  25. Nellie says:

    Hahahaha, very awesome showdown.

  26. Judy Benson says:

    You are not going to find a better hero than Curran.
    He’s perfect!

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