Alpha Showdown 2013 Bracket


Alpha Showdown will return for its third year on May 15. We’re already getting excited here.

I spent several hours tallying your nominations, and the official bracket for Alpha Showdown 2013 is below (you’ll want to click to make it bigger). We have more urban fantasy characters than usual, and it’s nice to see some fresh blood in the mix. In addition to the normal voting melee, I’m adding a contest with comments this year. Once the Alpha Showdown kicks in (again, voting begins May 15), every comment on a battle post will earn you an entry into a giveaway for books from the final four. Four books (your pick from the backlist). Not a bad deal, huh?

Start getting excited. I’ll be assembling the blogger team to champion the alphas in the next week, and before you know it, we’ll be watching our favorite alpha characters fight it out for the title.

Alpha Showdown 2013 Bracket // Only at Vampire Book Club

107 Responses to “Alpha Showdown 2013 Bracket”

  1. Pyper541 says:

    Damn I always miss the nominations and first couple rounds… Oh well a few of my Favs aren’t listed but I have a couple good bets!

    Love this showdown!

  2. Dea says:

    Could someone re-post the bracket? It’s not here anymore. Thanx

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