Alpha Showdown 2014 Round 5: Bones vs. Ryodan


VBC: Home of Alpha ShowdownUpdate: The Frost Fans came out in full force. Bones managed to defeat Ryodan in this round.

We never thought we’d consider Bones an underdog, but he’s been in the Alpha Showdown several times, and has yet to take the title. Will this be his year?

Ryodan knows how to clench that Alpha Showdown championship, but will he be able to fell our beloved vampire this time?

We’ve lined up great bloggers to explain why each alpha deserves to advance. Read the pitches, and then make the call.


You know him from: Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost (with appearances in the Night Prince and Night World series)
First appeared in: Halfway to the Grave (VBC Review | Literary Escapism Review | Amazon)
Supernatural status: Master Vampire

Championed by: Jackie from Literary Escapism (Facebook | Twitter | Google+)

Up from the Grave by Jeaniene FrostWhat a magnificent specimen Bones is. How can you not love a man who has fought from the very bottom of society to become one of the most feared of his kind? More importantly, can scandalize a nun red with merely a look? Need I really remind everyone about that sinfully delectable Chapter 32? Do I really have to go there? With all the sexy alphas out there, none can compare to the liquid sex that drips from Bones as he walks into a room.

“I am short on props, and there isn’t nearly enough time in one night to run through all the ways I’ve fantasized about taking you, but I promise you this…” His voice deepened. “You’ll be scandalized in the morning when you can think again.” (One Foot in the Grave)

At only 200+ years, he’s already one of the most powerful vampires, yet he still makes time to help those in need. He doesn’t see anyone as inferior – including the corporeally challenged that many of his kind simply ignore – and rises to overcome any challenge thrown in his way. He doesn’t rely on others to fight his battles, but uses his own intellect and prowess (even if it is buried under a mountain of pussy).

“There is only one way to fight, and that’s dirty. Clean, gentlemanly fighting will get you nowhere but dead, and fast. Take every cheap shot, every low blow, absolutely kick people when they’re down, and then maybe you’ll be the one who walks away.” (Halfway to the Grave)

When it comes to fighting, Bones doesn’t worry about the rules, but fights like the street pheasant he began life as. If his opponent is down, he will continue fighting until he’s the only one walking away. He may show mercy and compassion to those who deserve it, but if you go up against him, you have already lost any such emotion from him. Only one will walk away from the fight and he will do everything in his arsenal to ensure it is him.

No matter who his opponent is, they wouldn’t stand a chance against this unyielding wall of power. Bones has just begun to unlock his Master abilities and is acquiring new ones daily. He can already read the mind of any opponent, anticipating their movements before they’re even made; fake his own death to throw off his victims confidence, surprising them with a countermove; and hello, he can fly. All he would have to do is pick up his opponent and drop him from very high up. It may not defeat/kill, but it would definitely hurt and make his opponent take time to heal any injuries, time Bones would not give him. This doesn’t even take into consideration any new powers Bones will develop – for instance, the ability to throw his opponent, as well as anything or anyone, around with a mere thought.

“That’s right, luv.” Softly, but with unyielding resonance. “If you run from me, I’ll chase you. And I’ll find you.” (Halfway to the Grave)

I’ve been looking for you every day since you left me, Kitten, and I’m sick of being without you. You’ve had your shot at things, now let me have mine. (One Foot in the Grave)

When Bones’ mind is made up, nothing on this earth will deter him from his objective. Whether it’s taking down a villain, supporting his friends, or reminding Cat that she is most definitely “taken,” he will do everything in his power to ensure he comes out on top.


Iced by Karen Marie MoningYou know him from: The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning
First appeared in: Dreamfever (VBC Review | Amazon)
Supernatural status: Beast Shifter

Championed by: Annie Slasher / Booked & Loaded (Website | Twitter | Facebook)

Unkillable – check

Dominant personality – check

Fierce temperament – check

I am sure I could go on and on about what Ryodan’s qualifications are and what make him the ultimate Alpha. He is no match for any other type of being and adding to his natural ability is the fact that he has brains to go along with all of those well used and glorious muscles. Nothing ever seems to slip past him physically or mentally adding points to his all around Alpha appeal.

No one questions Ryodan’s abilities whether it is in his club or on the streets. I can feel his ego and swagger from here. Close your eyes now…just picture it! YES! (Also – don’t forget to visualize the scar and accent)  You might not have to have looks to make you a great Alpha, but it certainly doesn’t harm the overall appeal!  😉

Did I mention he seriously cannot be killed? How is anyone going to be able to beat him! Even in his post-apocalyptic, seriously messed up, fae infested world he is still on the top hanging at his club. That is why I submit that Ryodan is the biggest and baddest Alpha out and about!

So lets hear some noise and go vote!



Who’s it going to be, VBC readers?

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176 Responses to “Alpha Showdown 2014 Round 5: Bones vs. Ryodan”

  1. Susan H. says:

    Bones is the MAN!

  2. Sil says:

    Bones… Definitely Bones

  3. Cheryl says:

    Bones is the best!

  4. Joanna says:

    Ryodan all the way! Who could ever forget his introduction in Iced?

  5. Em says:


  6. Migabo says:

    I love them both !!! But it’s Ryodan for me.

  7. mirela says:

    Bones forever

  8. Amanda Srygler says:

    Bones all the way :):)

  9. I’m sorry…I ADORE Bones…really..one of my favorite series of all times…but NO ONE can beat Karen Marie Moning’s writing for me….she writes the BEST Alpha males…. If I was locked in a box with only “one” author for my company for the rest of my life..it would be her LOL! 🙂


  10. tori says:

    Ryodan. I love Bones but Ryodan is the ultimate badarse.

  11. Katarina says:

    Oh my God noooo I can’t decide I love them both … I’m sorry Bones but Ryo is just so badass. <3

  12. Pamela says:

    Bones is THE MAN!

  13. Ashley B says:

    Ryodan all the way!!!

  14. Betul E. says:


  15. Chelsea says:

    I love Bones. He is the ultimate alpha in this round and I can’t get enough of him. I’m sad the series is done, but I can will and have re-read the books multiple times!

  16. Lingeorge says:

    Ryodan all the way.

  17. Beth says:

    Bones Forever

  18. Bonnie G says:

    I love them both but I voted for Bones.

  19. Barbara Elness says:

    It’s definitely got to be Bones, he’s the best! 😀

  20. Jennifer Sanders says:

    As much as I love Bones, Ryodan is obviously way more alpha.

  21. DeeAnn K says:

    Bones. Definately

  22. Joani S says:

    Both are bad asses, but Bones has my heart!!

  23. Mary Preston says:


  24. Tessa says:

    Ugh! They’re both awesome. I have to go with Ryodan. Bones is sexy, yeah, but Ryodan just has more alpha in him.

  25. We actually managed to defeat Ryo?? WOW!! GO BONES!

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