Alpha Showdown 2015 Round 5: Charles Cornick vs. Vlad


VBC: Home of Alpha ShowdownIt’s all about the veterans in Round 5 of the Alpha Showdown. Neither of today’s alpha characters have won the battle before, but they both have fervent fanbases. Will this be their year?

Charles Cornick from Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega series is a powerful werewolf. Jeaniene Frost’s Vlad from the Night Prince series, though, is that Vlad. The ancient vampire has plenty of practice at the art of war. These two are certainly alphas, but who will come out on top?

You decide.

We’ve lined up excellent bloggers to fill you in on why each alpha deserves to advance. Read the pitches, and then make the call.


You Know him From: The Alpha and Omega series by Patricia Briggs
First Appeared In: Charles first shows up in Moon Called (VBC Review | Amazon), the first Mercedes Thompson book, but later appears more prominently in Cry Wolf (LE Review | Amazon)
Supernatural Status: Shifter of the werewolf variety

Championed by: Sarah M. from Literary Escapism@moore_mom2 | Goodreads

Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs // VBC ReviewCharles is the epitome of the strong, silent type.  As the enforcer of the North American werewolves, he strikes fear into the heart of many.  Charles may appear cold at first, but you would too if you were a killing machine.  When Charles is with his mate, Anna, his sensitive side comes out in full force.  Super sexy, incredibly protective, and head-over-heels in love with his mate, Charles melts hearts (and maybe panties!).

In the Mercy Thompson books, Charles is a peripheral character.  His cold, aloof nature renders him unapproachable.  In the Alpha & Omega series, we discover that he just feels lonely being the hunka-hunka killing machine always dreading the day that he may have to take out an old friend (only if they’ve gone crazy or turned bad in the worst way, of course).  A super-wolf with a vulnerable side?  How do I find one of these for myself? Because Anna is an Omega wolf, she doesn’t need to fear him (in fact, the opposite may be true in this case).  Instead, she heaps love and affection on this cranky, old wolf to great result.  Charles dotes on her and provides for her in any way that he can (the last book, Dead Heat, even has him looking forward to their future in an unexpectedly sweet way).

Who doesn’t love a crazy strong, powerful, and sexy man…er werewolf that wants nothing more than to be the perfect protective and loving husband AND has an endearing vulnerable side?  Well, if you don’t love him, then you’re just plain crazy.  Charles for the win!


You know him from: the Night Prince series by Jeaniene Frost
First appeared in: As a side character in At Grave’s End (Night Huntress #3), as the main character in Once Burned (VBC Review | Amazon)
Supernatural status: Vampire Badass

Championed by: Christen from Goldilox and the Three Weres | @Goldilox3Weres

Prince Vlad Tepesh. Vlad the Impaler. THE Dracula. Could there be a bigger Alpha out there? I think not. Vlad inspired the greatest vampire legend in history. He is the Master of his people and a Master in the bedroom. Plus, he’s hot as hell. It would be nearly impossible to find a man more feared, respected, and desired. So, what makes him so feared? So respected? So ridiculously sexy that he heats up the pages of every book he’s in?

Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost (Night Prince #2)First of all, there are the flames. The burning, scorching flames that Vlad can create and wield with ease. Not only can this vampire comfortably throw a fireball like he’s tossing a baseball, he can surround himself and those he loves with a wall of those blazing flames. Fire cannot hurt him. Also, there’s the flying. Yes, Vlad can fly. A handy little ability that few other vampires possess, and none of those other vampires have the power and regard of my man Vlad. And then there’s his strength. The man is OLD. You are not taking him down no matter what. He has fought in wars as both a human and a vampire and survived. He has suffered repeated attempts on his life and survived. Vlad is a force to be reckoned with.

Also, there’s the sexy factor. My true Alpha must be powerful yet sexy at the same time. And Vlad has that sex appeal oozing out of…well…everywhere. He’s sexy when he’s taking Leila in the bedroom—among other places—but he’s actually at his sexiest when he’s demonstrating his power and protecting his loved ones. When he shows others the lengths he is willing to go to in order to protect his people, or to avenge them when needed, he is mind-blowingly hot! He can afford to be so confident because he knows what a baddass he is. He literally brought his own castle to rubble to demonstrate his power and his anger.

Need I say more? Are you convinced of Vlad’s dominance? His strength? His ability to take down any other so-called Alpha in the bunch? His sexiness?

Of course you are. You were already convinced of all that when you read Vlad’s name at the beginning of this post. So, just vote already. Or I’ll tell Vlad.


Who are you putting your money on: the shifter or the vampire?

At the request of last year’s voters, we’re going back to traditional polls for the voting, but keep reading for your chance to win awesome books. Your to-be-read pile could always use more. Trust us.



Participating in the Alpha Showdown is all about fun, and free books totally lead to fun, right? We hope you’ll find lots of great new reads during the Showdown, and to help that along, we’re giving away some stellar reads.

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101 Responses to “Alpha Showdown 2015 Round 5: Charles Cornick vs. Vlad”

  1. Liz S says:

    Charles is a great alpha. Even his series denotes this fact.

    • Kathryn Wilks says:

      This was a really tough one, but I had to give it to Charles because not only does he have magic…he IS magic!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I really like both of them

  3. Julie says:


  4. Sue says:

    Love Charles, but Vlad takes this one.

  5. Cheryl says:


  6. This is another one that was really hard for me. I did pick Charles though, but I wouldn’t be sad if Vlad won. I love him too.

  7. Cloe says:

    Vlad all the way!

  8. erinf1 says:

    Charles for the win!!!! love him 🙂 thanks for the fun event!

  9. Soraya Jennifer says:

    Vlas is no match in my love for Charles.

  10. Stephanie F. says:

    This is a tough one but I have to give a slight edge to Charles. I love them both but Charles and Anna are awesome.

  11. Berenice says:

    I will love Charles forever. He is my all time favorite! =)

  12. BookLady says:

    Vlad wins this one!

  13. Lori A says:

    Just finished “Dead Heat” by Patricia Briggs today and I am more in lust with Charles than ever! We really get to know him even better in this book.

  14. Janie McGaugh says:

    I love Charles, but Vlad would definitely win in a fight.

  15. Tammy Ramey says:

    they are both great characters but i have a vamp thing so i got to go with Vlad. LOL!

    tammy ramey

  16. Erin says:

    This is a tough one. Sooo tough. But I think Charles wins this one for me. That dichotomy of stone cold killer with Nietzschean alpha protectiveness, that just works for me.

  17. Lou Ann says:

    It’s Charles all the way!

  18. Elizabeth says:


  19. Aliyah says:

    Charles for the win!

  20. Sarah says:

    Wow which ever blogger wrote Vlads pitch is really good, even if I haven’t read the series i’d still go for him based off that pitch alone.

  21. Caro says:


  22. Caro says:


  23. Lais says:


  24. Dawn says:

    Finished Dead Heat a few days ago and go Charles!!!

  25. Maryse says:

    Charles must win!!!! because he’s so great :p

  26. Beth says:

    How do are we supposed to pick from these two great Alphas!?!?!?

  27. Linda says:

    As we get further into this showdown, the choices seem to get harder. But, I guess I will have to go with Vlad.

  28. Barbara Elness says:

    Go Vlad!

  29. Sharyonda says:

    My vote is on VLAD!

  30. Erin says:

    Vlad’s pretty kick-ass and the fire is hard to beat, but I gotta give this one to Charles.

  31. Anna says:

    Vlad xx

  32. Stephanie Gerstein says:

    This is a tough one…. love both sets of books and the ones they came from so much!!! Had to give it to Vlad…

  33. Caisey says:

    This was hard to decide but I went with Vlad. I love both characters but there is just something about Vlad…..had it been Bran or Samuel it would have been easier on me!!! Either way its a win win.

  34. jackie galamb says:

    I am a Vlad fan.

  35. missy says:

    Vlad, because he’s when pissed you’re losing you’re building. He doesn’t care, what’s his he protects at all costs & has no problem with playing dirty to protect what’s his.

  36. Tanya says:

    Love Charles!

  37. Chasity says:


  38. Madison says:

    Love these kinds of competitions!!

  39. Mary says:

    Vlad…..enough said

  40. Ashley says:

    Charles because he holds so must mystery

  41. wont says:

    I like both , but Vlad wins over Charles. Charles just doesn’t have what his father Bran does.

  42. Diane says:

    Vlad all the way!!!

  43. ginna wilcoxen says:


  44. Sarah says:

    Whoo!!!! Vlad wins!!!! Yayayayayayayaya!!!! Do you think Vlad would win in a fight against Jericho Barrons if he weren’t immortal? Like if Jericho could die then who do you think would win in a fight? I’m having a hard time deciding, I feel like they would both kill eachother.

  45. Kell says:

    SERIOUSLY!! Two of the greats, and you are making me CHOOSE!!! Inconceivable!

  46. Judy says:

    Charles and most especially Brother Wolf.

  47. surwat says:

    Charles all the way

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