Alpha Showdown 2017 Round 3: Jane Yellowrock vs. Griffin


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Update: This was our closest round yet, but underdog Griffin squeaked into the lead with 52 percent of the vote. He will advance to the next round.

Jane Yellowrock from Faith Hunter’s series of the same name has been a powerful contender in the Alpha Showdown for several years. She’s never claimed the title, though. Will this be her year? She’s up against another of the new faces this year, Griffin from Amanda Bouchet’s Kingmaker Chronicles.

Griffin is strong, loyal, and pretty handy with a sword. Will he best the skinwalker in the third round of Alpha Showdown 2017?

The competition is stiff this year (peek at the bracket), but the winner is all up to VBC readers. Each round is open for 48 hours. The winner advances.

Skinwalker by Faith Hunter // VBCJANE YELLOWROCK

You know her from: Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter
First appeared in: Skinwalker (VBC Review | Amazon)
Supernatural status: Cherokee Skinwalker

Championed by: Kris D. from VBC

Seven years ago Faith Hunter introduced the world to Jane Yellowrock. A Cherokee skinwalker (she can change shapes into a variety of different animals) that hunts rogue vampires for a living. Over the years, Jane has honed her skills and today she is not only a true badass with the highest vampire kill in the United States but a genuine alpha. A veritable living arsenal—she is skilled with blade and bullets, time slowing magic, and hand-to-hand combat.

Jane has faced countless opponents and always comes out on top. Rogue vampires, dark witches, and legendary creatures have all fallen to Jane’s hand. It is never easy, but Jane comes out on top and learns something new from every encounter.

Like a true alpha, Jane has gathered a pack of equally talented and dangerous compatriots. Every member of her little family brings something to the table.   They follow Jane not because of fear, but because of loyalty and love. Jane protects what’s hers, and woe to anyone that would try to hurt those she loves.

As if all of this were not enough to have any enemy quaking in their boots, Jane is no ordinary skinwalker. She is host to the soul of a Puma concolor—Beast. When you face Jane Yellowrock, you are not just facing a deadly woman but also an ancient predator that gives Jane all the natural skill and strength of mountain lion.

Leather-clad, exotic, and powerful, Jane has faced danger at every step, developed a keen understanding of vampire politics, and delved into her own mysterious and painful past and continues to win. Master Vampires respect her, powerful witches are her allies, magical creatures orbit her, some very skilled humans fight at her side, her lover has his own set of deadly abilities, and there is even an angel that has taken interest. If all else fails, she has a one or two (or twelve) very pointy silver tipped stakes she would love to introduce you to.

Let the challengers come. Jane is more than ready for a fight!

A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet // VBCGRIFFIN, BETA SINA

You know him from: The Kingmaker Chronicles by Amanda Bouchet
First appearance: A Promise of Fire (VBC review | Amazon)
Supernatural status: Sintan warlord, Hoi Polloi (non-magic user)

Championed by: Ronelle from Red Hot Books

I conquered a kingdom and found a treasure.His voice turns gravelly, low. I wont let you go. Not now. Not ever.

If you’re looking for an alpha male’s alpha, then Griffin Sinta is your warlord. He’s fierce, cunning, loyal, and can brood with the best of them. Griffin knows what he wants and how to get it–or who can get it for him. You can either come along willingly or be tied up with a magic rope and carted off; he isn’t picky. Resist or flee? You can try.

But don’t be fooled; Griffin isn’t all sexy demand-and-conquer. He loves and protects just as fiercely as he commands, and he values loyalty above all. His family and his people, his men and his woman, Sinta, Fisa, and Tarva, Griffin has big plans for them all. And the fact that he’s Hoi Polloi ruling in a world of Magoi is unheard of, but he doesn’t care.

Oh, and before you try to take him out with magic, you should know one thing: Griffin is immune to that garbage. Monsters, deities, and homicidal neighboring sovereigns? Don’t make him laugh. Convinced your fate will lead to destruction? Not if he has anything to say about it.

Think you can take him, resist him, or outmaneuver him? Well…you can try.


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97 Responses to “Alpha Showdown 2017 Round 3: Jane Yellowrock vs. Griffin”

  1. Bube says:

    Griffin all the way! 🙂

  2. Northwoman says:

    Jane Yellowrock! We need more strong women and women to win. Anne

  3. Alexis says:

    Griffin, Griffin, Griffin!

  4. Betul E. says:


  5. Lisa says:

    Griffin for the win!!!!

  6. Adam says:

    Definitely Jane.

  7. Tais S says:

    Jane, without a doubt. Thanks goodness an easy choice!

  8. Jade says:

    Definitely Griffin

  9. Sonja says:

    I fell in love with Griffin. I can not wait for the next book.

  10. Raine says:

    Jane rocks!!

  11. Damaris says:


  12. Mary Preston says:


  13. Katie says:


  14. Donna says:


  15. Liz S says:

    Jane is awesome!

  16. Camila Villalba says:


  17. Kris D says:

    I mean- Jane, obviously (but I really do love The Kingmaker Chronicles, so you should for sure ad that to your TBR- after you vote for Jane).

  18. Alisha Henri says:

    I absolutely LOVE Jane Yellowrock … she’s so very human and constantly discovering more about herself and growing exponentially. Definitely not a boring person.

  19. Maria D. says:

    Jane all the way!

  20. Jana Leah says:

    I love Jane!

  21. Lori A says:

    Jane Yellowrock is wonderfully complex. Mysterious childhood and dysfunctional youth, she can’t figure herself out! Luckily she’s got Molly and the very unique backing of Angie Baby to help keep her on the right path.

  22. Teresa says:

    Haven’t read these two yet but I’ve picked Griffin!

  23. Nancy says:


  24. JoleneRB says:

    This is hard for me, because I enjoyed both characters.
    I vote Jane because she’s been a personal fav of mine.

  25. Diana says:

    Jane Yellowrock is one of the most unique and well-written characters in paranormal fiction. She’s a female, a Native American, a coyote shifter, as well as the bad ass Enforcer for the Master Vampire of the City of New Orleans. With every novel she learns more about who she is and what she can do, and grows in complexity. Jane is #1!

  26. Amber says:


  27. Francine says:


  28. Lynn says:

    Griffin all the way!

  29. Dawn Roberto says:

    As much as I love Jane, I got to admit Griffin just edges it all out for me 🙂

  30. Brandy says:

    I am going Griffin on this round

  31. Shelby p says:

    Griffin, of course! Book babe.

  32. Heather L Powell says:

    Griffin, all the way.

  33. Ana says:

    Jane Yellowrock! (Beast)! Women Power!

  34. Sarah says:

    Have to go with Jane this time!

  35. Becky says:

    Jane Yellowrock all the way

  36. Brad says:

    voted for griffin

  37. Rita says:

    Griffin is my #1!

  38. Brenda D. says:

    Not really sure about this one. 🙁 Griffin sounds like a winner to me.

  39. Sharon says:


  40. Jennifer Millins says:

    Jane has to be Jane

  41. Susan says:

    Jane yellow rock cause she has stakes and is willing to travel.

  42. Pam says:

    My vote is for Jane!

  43. Chelsea says:

    I’ve noticed we’ve started getting comments on this post from last year. Just a reminder: This is from the 2017 showdown. We haven’t started the voting rounds for the 2018 Showdown, but it’s around the corner!

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