Alpha Showdown Final Round: Bones vs. Curran


Alpha Showdown 2012 at Vampire Book ClubAfter two weeks of battles we’re finally at the final round of the Alpha Showdown 2012. Vampires, werewolves and faery kings have fallen in the quest for the title of Ultimate Alpha.

Only Master vampire Bones from Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series and Curran from Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series have survived the melee unscathed. Now, it’s time for them to enter the ring.

Last year, both characters made the Alpha Showdown 2011. When Karen Marie Moning’s character Jericho Barrons took the title, Jeaniene and Ilona had a little fun writing up how it might go down if Bones and Kate (with Curran nearby) had fought in the Alpha Showdown. You can read the hilarious scene here.

Now their characters get to battle it out for real. And one will be named the Alpha Showdown 2012 Champion.

Since it’s the finals, we’re going to give you extra time to rally your friends to vote. The poll at the end of this post will close at 11:59 p.m. CST on June 3.

Read the pitches, then make the call. Remember, alphas don’t share titles. Your votes decide who wins the Alpha Showdown 2012.



Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene FrostYou know him from: Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost
First appeared in: Halfway to the Grave (VBC review, Buy it at Amazon)

Supernatural status: Master vampire

Championed by: Candace from Vampire Book Club and Frost Fans | @cpblackburn73

Bones has gone head to head with a voodoo queen, ghosts, government agencies, a scary mother-in-law and the most-lauded literary vampire of all time, all to stand up for his woman and his people. Arguably, the most powerful vampire on the planet chose to share power with him. He’s looked death in the face and came out on the other side stronger. If you want the definitive Alpha, you need to look no further than Bones.

You want examples? Fine, take a seat and lets discuss what happens when you combine lethal precision, deadly fangs and undead sex drive to spare. Cat was unfortunate enough to come up against a vampire who had a heart literally in the wrong place. As the result of a staking gone wrong, Bones was about to lose Cat. He beheaded that vampire with the hood of a car. Yeah, that’s right, he slung a car hood with piercing accuracy.

Need more? He ripped the limb off a ghoul and, to add insult to injury, beat the ghoul with his own arm. I don’t know about you, but to bitch slap someone around with their own arm seems pretty badass to me. Not only that, but Bones appears to now have the ability to telekinetically whoop ass. That’s right, brawn and brains. He’s taken a bullet to the head, been faced death, had his mind taken over and fought with demons, all to come out better, stronger and faster on the other side.

Let’s not forget that nobody can rock chain mail like Bones.

When he’s not shagging Cat senseless or traveling the world keeping wayward vamps in line, he hangs with Mencheres, Spade, Ian and, on the rare occasion, Vlad. His line pays their tithes willingly and wet themselves at the very mention of his name. Why? Because he’s Bones. And he’s the ultimate Alpha.


Magic Bites by Ilona AndrewsYou know him from: Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews
First appeared in: Magic Bites (Kelly’s review at On A Book Bender, VBC review, Buy it at Amazon)

Supernatural status: Lion shifter, Bad-Ass Beast Lord

Championed by: Kelly from Reading the Paranormal | @soulswallo

When you hear about a character long before you ever pick up the series, you know they’re Alpha material. And Curran? He’s the Alpha-iest of them all. He commands legions! He has strength and cunning in spades! He is CURRAN! Hear him roar! That’s right, folks, he’s the Alpha’s Alpha and he’s not going to let anyone drag him away from that top spot.

Besides his physical strength, which is very impressive, Curran has stamina. *holds up seven fingers* He’s battled hordes of warriors, a really pissy secret society, and an army of demons and he still has time to romance his lady. The way he stalks his prey puts every other Alpha on the list to shame. He might not be the smoothest shifter on the block, but his technique leaves Kate swooning and I don’t hear her complaining.

Big, smart and ruthless enough to keep the largest band of shifters on the East Coast in line, Curran is more than deserving of the title of 2012 Alpha Showdown Champion!


151 Responses to “Alpha Showdown Final Round: Bones vs. Curran”

  1. hf080677 says:

    C’mon CRISPIN!!! :K

  2. VampAngel says:

    Curran all the way. I like Bones a lot, but Curran is my favorite. He’s a First and as Thanathos, the Greek Angel of Death, said his magic is even more powerful and older than Kate’s. Come on, there is no way Bones could kick Curran’s ass. It would never happen. Plus, my favorite Jeaniene Frost vamp is Vlad.

    I have the utmost respect for Jeaniene Frost and Ilona Andrews they are the two best writers we got on this genre, so I’d love for both to win, but since it can’t happen I gotta go with Curran.

  3. Kare says:

    Curran. Not even a contest.

  4. L. Blanchard says:

    Bones is hot but Curran is the Beast LORD. It doesn’t get much more Alpha then that. Chuck Norris would be afraid of him.

  5. Rochelle Muller says:


  6. Curran says:

    I am the Beast Lord and I Love you all! <3

  7. Cheryl says:

    BONES BONES BONES gotta love Crispin

  8. Randi says:

    Curran!!! He’s not called the Beast Lord for nothing!!

  9. Lexi says:

    Wow tough choice….but gotta go with the Beast Lord.

  10. VALERIE BEDELL says:

    The Beast Lord! All the way Baby!

  11. CURRAN, CURRAN!!!! Because once you go Beast, your eye wonders not the least.

  12. Elizabeth says:


  13. Greg says:


  14. Greg says:

    This being a vampire site…..shouldn’t it be hands down, Bones? Since Curran is NOT a vampire?

  15. SS says:

    Ha, of course you have to pick my two favorite to compete. Sorry Bones, but I voted Curran this time. 🙂

  16. Judy-Ree says:

    Someone mentioned the fact that Bones is over 220 years old, but it took him that long to gain all those powers of his, plus joining with Merchande. Curran killed a were-Kodiak that had gone Loup at age 15. Imagine what Curran will be like in 220 years. That is some Serious Alpha-ness. Go Curran!

  17. TCJ says:

    Curran all the way!!!!!

  18. JennyJen says:

    Bones? Pffft. It’s all Curran. Hands down. Unquestionable. No contest. Period. Always and forever Curran. (swoon-y sigh) =)

  19. Jasmin Fino says:

    No! I want Bones! 😉

  20. Akiva says:


  21. Sophie says:


  22. destrakszyn says:

    Curran is the be(a)st! 🙂

  23. Cindy says:


  24. Sharon G says:


  25. KateL. says:

    Nearly 4000 votes! I am impressed! We must celebrate! LOL

  26. Isis Nocturne says:


  27. kiera says:

    Come on, Ladies! Telekinesis, flying, mindreading, all that with a sexy accent! Bones is DA MAN! Everything else is just kitty litter.

  28. Juliette says:

    Oh Bones, we are loosing! But if we gotta loose, Curran is a good Alpha to loose to!!

  29. Marina says:

    My work here is done! Congratulations Curran!

  30. Bubuca says:

    Go Curran <3

  31. vinity says:

    Almost over! GO CURRAN!

  32. Vergi says:

    BONES!!!! Go Kick some ass!!!!

  33. Vergi says:

    Even if Bones loose, he is my hero!!! CRISPIN, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YA

  34. Heather R says:

    Thank You VBC for the Alpha Showdown – this is fun and I found some new TBR books!
    Not an easy choice between these two Alpha’s, they are both great characters from 2 of my favorite series. I’m gonna have to go with Bones since he has the Telekinesis, Telepathy and Flying abilities!

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