Alpha Showdown Round 7: Eric Northman vs. Raphael


VBC Presents: ALPHA SHOWDOWN 2011Both alphas in this round hold positions of power. They’re political beasts (one more so than the other, as pointed out below). And they both have a thing for feisty mortals. Today we put the Viking vampire Eric Northman (played most excellently on HBO’s True Blood by Swedish deliciousness Alexander Skarsgard) in the ring with powerful archangel Raphael. Two bloggers have done the hard work for you and are ready to convince you that each alpha would win the fight. It’s up to you to decide who is right.

You can get a refresher on just what this Alpha Showdown thing is here, but a key point to remember: Each poll is open for only 48 hours. Then, the champion will advance to the next round until only one alpha remains. So, vote while you can. (Jump to the poll)


Dead to the World by Charlaine HarrisEric Northman

You know him from: Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris
First appeared in: Dead Until Dark (get a copy), though things get Eric-focused in Dead to the World (get a copy)
Supernatural status: Vampire (Sheriff and Viking, to boot)

Championing for Eric: DeeDee from EricNorthman.net

Only one Alpha in this tournament can bowl with decapitated vampire heads one minute and make you need a jar for extra orgasms the next. That Alpha is Eric Northman.

Vampire. Viking. Sheriff. Bar Owner. Lover. God.

He’s a badass with a sense of humor, likes his women strong and feisty, kisses “like a house afire,” and rocks pink spandex like no other man could. There’s gracious plenty to love – and fear – about Sheriff Northman, as Louisiana Area 5 knows and his Alpha competitors will soon find out.

Angels' Blood by Nalini SinghRaphael

You know him from: Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh
First appeared in: Angels’ Blood (get a copy)
Supernatural status: Archangel

Championing for Raphael: Marcela from The Bookaholic Cat

Raphael is the epitome of an Alpha hero. He is powerful, dark, passionate, beautiful and sexy as hell. He is the son of two archangels and one of the most powerful archangels in the world. From his Archangel Tower in New York he rules all North America, including angels and vampires alike, while our today’s “rival” Eric Northman, is just the Sheriff of Area 5.

Raphael is so intense that I’m sure with just one look he will turn Eric to ashes.

Raphael is an ancient being, some may call him ruthless because of his hard hand, but his ruling is a fair one. He is otherworldly and unique and is not afraid to love a mortal even thought that might made him weak. He is committed to Elena and is willing to give his life for hers (not like others…*coughing* Eric).

And if all of this in not enough to win your vote, just think of his luscious body, his eyes blue as sapphires and those amazing glittered wings, imagine yourself enclosed by them while he glitter you from head to toe with angel dust or imagine those powerful arms holding you while his searing wings takes you to the sky to “dance” with him. *swoon*

Tomorrow’s the final in the preliminary brackets, and we’ve put together a good fight: Kate Daniels against Rose Hathaway from the Vampire Academy series. You can see the full bracket, and keep updated on which polls are open by visiting the Alpha Showdown page.

72 Responses to “Alpha Showdown Round 7: Eric Northman vs. Raphael”

  1. Kim says:

    Vote for Eric Northman!!! *.*

  2. Musicana says:

    Sorry, can’t vote because this battle doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

  3. Christina says:

    Okay so the way I’m choosing my winners is I do imagine them in a ring duking it out. And in that case Raphael breaks little vampires into pieces.

  4. Heather says:

    This isn’t True Blood people. Vote for the Eric from the book.

  5. Christina says:

    so it looks like its going to be raphael v kate~~ and omg barrons v curran— why why! I’m never going to be able to pick

  6. Clare says:

    Raphael. Coz bowling with severed heads ain’t gonna cut it against angel fire.

  7. Jade says:

    Really hard choice. Love Eric, but I love Raphael’s stability and more selfless love.

  8. Amanda says:

    What people need to remember regarding Eric, is not only is book Eric very different from the blasphemy that Alan Ball put on tv(Yes, Alex is hot, but they changed his character soooo much), but in regards to him being Sheriff of ‘only’ one area, is that that is by his own choice. Eric isn’t out for power, he is happy with his one area. And while all other sheriff’s of Louisiana were killed, he was the one who managed to not only survive, but hold onto his area and position. The man knows his politics. As for him not willing to give up his life for Sookie…again, to me that proves his alpha-ness. He is very loyal and protective of all those who fall under his protection, of course he isn’t going to give up his life for one person while knowing it would mean letting down his people. He always does what is best for his people, and has survived many attempts by others at getting rid of him. I’m sure most vamps in Harris’s world realize that if Eric did ever decide he wanted more power, wanted to be a king…they would have a serious problem.

    • Danielle says:

      I don’t believe the way alan ball has Alex protray Eric is blasphemy at all and i have read all of the books cept the latest one I love true blood and the book series

  9. Diana says:

    Vote for Eric Northman!!!

  10. eve aulia says:

    Really hard choice. I vote for Raphael

  11. Videl says:

    Here Vote for Raphael.. 😀

  12. Donna says:

    I’ve read the Guild Hunter series AND the Southern Vampire Mysteries – there is no contest – it’s Eric all the way!

  13. wont says:

    Yeah! Raphael! The best!

  14. I woke up today to this wonderful news. YAY RAPHAEL!!!

  15. guardian angel says:

    an angel? awwww how cute. with sparkling tiny wee wings. sry but no, I’d say Eric Northman.

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