Amanda Carlson Guest Post and Giveaway: Jessica’s love letter to Rourke


Both Jo and I put Amanda Carlson’s debut Full Blooded on our Best of 2012 lists. It has that breakneck pacing I enjoy and more than one super sexy shifter. Put that in a nice urban fantasy landscape, and well, we’re fans. However, if you read the first book, you know Jess isn’t exactly the mushy type and Rourke and her have a bit of forced distance until we get more in the second book Hot Blooded. As such, this Character Love Letter has a different tone than the others, but is all Jess. That’s why we love it.

Also, at the end you’ll find a Rafflecopter form to enter to win a signed copy of Full Blooded (and a few other sweet books, because I heart you guys).

Hot Blooded by Amanda Carlson (Jessica McClain #2)Rourke,

You have to listen to me. You need to stay alive, because if you’re dead once I find you, I’m going to kill you myself. Do you hear me? I’m not messing around. You barreled into my life uninvited, but now that you’re here, I won’t give you up without a fight.

My wolf has already claimed you as ours, and if Selene has harmed you in any way, she’s going to pay with her life. And I’m planning to make it hurt.

Not only do I plan to save you, but once I do, we’re making this thing permanent. As many times as it takes. I won’t be willingly separated from you again.

My body craves you even now. It aches for your touch, the beat of your heart. My wolf has been at attention every moment of every day, trying to seek you out on every wisp of air, in every sound she hears. She won’t rest until we find you, and neither will I.

The vamps will be here in an hour. I will make it to you if it kills me.

And once I do, you are mine.



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8 Responses to “Amanda Carlson Guest Post and Giveaway: Jessica’s love letter to Rourke”

  1. Smash Attack says:


  2. Lee says:

    What a letter! Love it.

  3. Texas Book Lover says:

    Love it!

  4. Great letter! Jess kicks ass! 🙂

  5. Thanks, guys!! I can’t wait for HOT to hit shelves.

  6. leann says:

    Looking forward to another great read from you! 🙂
    Thanks for this. leann

  7. Liz S says:

    Awesome series. Love the letter. Looking forward to the next book. Thanks for the contest.

  8. Sydney W says:

    Love the letter!
    Its sooooo jess in everything 🙂
    Looking forward to reading more from Ms. Carlson.
    Thank you for the giveaway VBC and Ms.Amanda Carlson.
    I have already subscribed to the newsletter,so you have my email id
    Best wishes,
    Sydney W

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