Auction: Moira Rogers’ Prize Pack including a year’s worth of ARCs! [Books Fighting Cancer]

Moira Rogers' Books Fighting Cancer Prize Pack

Click to enlarge and see all the awesome!

Moira Rogers brings the sexy to our goal of raising money for brain cancer research. (Someone had to do it!) With novels and novellas featuring all sorts of supernatural creatures and set in places as wide ranging as the Wild West (vampire slaying cowboy anyone?), the South and small bars with cocktails just for preternatural types.

In other words, if you like paranormal romance – with a dose of urban fantasy – then Moira Rogers has something for you. And with how huge their prize pack is — 15 books plus swag, the winner of this one will be in PNR heaven.

Highest bidder will take home:

  • A year’s worth of digital ARCs from Moira Rogers
    — Available Immediately: Archer’s Lady, Impulse
    — Also includes: Haunted Sanctuary, Diana’s Hound, Haunted Wolves, Iloria, Enigma and 3 Last Call stories. (Will be sent as soon as final copies are available.)
  • Five autographed & personalized books by Moira Rogers: Sanctuary, Sanctuary Redeemed, Crux, Crossroads, Deadlock
  • A collection of autographed cover flats, bookmarks, stickers & other swag.
  • A collection of handmade soap. (Examples here)
  • All of this packed inside an exclusive limited edition Dixie John’s tote bag. (As seen in the Southern Arcana series!)

Donated by: Moira Rogers


In the comments section below, leave a message with the amount you are bidding (in U.S. dollars, please). Please only pledge an amount you are able to commit to.

Make sure to check back on your favorite items, as the post will be open to new bids through 11:59 p.m. CST on Saturday, June 23.

Upon close of auction, you will be contacted by Chelsea from Vampire Book Club (check those spam filters) and alerted to your winning status and provided links for payment. (You will pay directly to the Barrow Foundation, and share the receipt with VBC.) If payment is not made within 72 hours, we will contact the second-highest bidder and so on.

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20 Responses to “Auction: Moira Rogers’ Prize Pack including a year’s worth of ARCs! [Books Fighting Cancer]”

  1. Arianne says:

    I would like to bid $25.

  2. I’ll bid $75… 🙂 for a great cause and I’m an addict… There I admit it!!

  3. marilyn rhea says:

    What a great idea, and a great cause. I sincerely wish I could afford to bid on this, but keep up the great work. I am a kidney cancer survivor, and disabled, and it is so good to see people that really care, and are willing to help out in this fight against cancer.

  4. Tanja H says:


  5. iokijo says:


  6. MamaKitty says:

    I so wish I could afford to bid. I have many family members who have battled cancer (my twin, my mother, all four biological grandparents, and many aunts, uncles and cousins) so anything that donates to the research of curing it is dear to my heart.

  7. iokijo says:


  8. Ceola says:

    My mom who is 92 iS a cancer survivor

    My bid is $150.00

  9. Emmad says:

    Cripes I was swiftly blown out the water. Great bids guys.

  10. Fedora says:


  11. 180

    Sry. Didn’t see the 175

  12. Ceola says:

    Well who ever wins enjoy, I have been out bid

  13. Jamie says:


  14. Caroline says:

    This is a great idea. I am glad you raised that much money towards research. Try to use Biddingowl.com for your next auction. It’s a free auction management tool and people can bid on your own Vampire Book Club Auction webpage.

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