Auction: Signed books from Amanda Bonilla and character named after you! [Books Fighting Cancer]


Blood Before Sunrise by Amanda BonillaI loved reading Amanda Bonilla’s debut Shaedes of Gray. It was the first book I’d ever seen actually labeled as “urban fantasy romance.” If you love the crossover books – plenty of fighting and plenty of loving – then you need to get in on this.

Amanda has donated signed copies of both Shaedes of Gray and the coming-out-next-month sequel Blood Before Sunrise, as well as writing the highest bidder’s name into the third book Crave the Darkness (or if you’re really impatient, she could be convinced to work you into a novella releasing in February).

To recap, highest bidder will take home:

  • Signed copy of Shaedes of Gray
  • Signed copy of Blood Before Sunrise
  • Character name in Book 3

Donated by: Amanda Bonilla


In the comments section below, leave a message with the amount you are bidding (in U.S. dollars, please). Please only pledge an amount you are able to commit to.

Make sure to check back on your favorite items, as the post will be open to new bids through 11:59 p.m. CST on Saturday, June 23.

Upon close of auction, you will be contacted by Chelsea from Vampire Book Club (check those spam filters) and alerted to your winning status and provided links for payment. (You will pay directly to the Barrow Foundation, and share the receipt with VBC.) If payment is not made within 72 hours, we will contact the second-highest bidder and so on.

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25 Responses to “Auction: Signed books from Amanda Bonilla and character named after you! [Books Fighting Cancer]”

  1. Erin Theiss says:

    I will start us at $25

  2. Megan says:

    I want to bid $40. Yay. Chelsea and Amanda!

  3. Megan says:

    $60! Because Bookaholic Cat bid on Jenn Bennett already, too!

  4. Megan says:

    Ssh…no-one tell Bookaholic Cat!

  5. Should I curse you as you did or outbid you? – Decisions, decisions, decisions…

  6. Megan says:

    I was so certain, when I saw there were 13 comments, that you had returned to outbid me again!

    Now you’re just toying with me, Bookaholic.

  7. I’m going in, ladies! $90

  8. Charles A. says:


  9. A friend of mine from high school is losing her battle with brain cancer right now. This bid is in her honor. Her name is Pam & I’d love it if Amanda Bonilla named a character in her honor. She’s from MN and has two wonderful daughters and a husband she is leaving behind. My bid is for $200, but regardless if I win, this money will still go to the Barrow Neurological Institute! Thank you for the opportunity, Chelsea. It’s wonderful and I comment your efforts to this cause.

    Amanda Carlson

    • That should be “commend” of course! And I do! Thanks.

    • My deepest sympathies, Amanda. Sending hugs from here. (And a big “good luck” on winning the auction.)

      • Thanks, Chelsea! Even if I don’t win, I am still donating! If someone wants to give more, I won’t stand in their way. Plus, I think Amanda B. will be generous with names(in fact, I know she will 🙂 I’m leaving town tomorrow morning for the next week, so please let me know how to proceed. Do we go to the Barrow site ourselves, or do we go through you? This was so wonderful! Thanks for putting it out there for us and giving us an easy way to remember to give.


  10. You are a good friend Amanda, I really hope you win, your friend Pam deserves to win the character name.

  11. Charles A. says:

    Amanda, my bid is $400. That is $200 to cover your donation and $200 from me. If I win, send me your friend’s name and I will pass it on to Amanda B. If I may be so bold, please take the $200 you wanted to donate and do something your friend would enjoy. A nice meal, a “spa” day, or even a stripper named Sven. Whatever would make a great memory for both of you. You are a great friend.

    • Congratulations, Charles! That is a wonderfully generous bid. No need for us to chat, since Amanda B. and I are friends. I plan to donate my $200 as well, so that makes a total of $600 for this auction! WOOT! That alone is the perfect homage to my friend. I can’t wait to see a Charles in the next installment of the Shaede Assassins. Thank you for your generosity! It’s awesome.


  12. Congrats, Charles! And thanks so much to Amanda for throwing in her $200 as well as everyone who placed a bid on this item! I’m so glad I could help raise money for such a great cause!

  13. Charles A. says:

    Not a Charles. Please send me your friends name for the book. Sorry, maybe I was not clear on that.

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