Baby Shower for Eugenie Markham (Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan series)


You read that right. Vampire Book Club is hosting a baby shower for Eugenie Markham, the heroine of Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan series. It’s one of my favorites, and, well, a fitting way to celebrate the closure of the series. The final book, Shadow Heir (VBC review), hits stores on Dec. 27 and if you’re up-to-date, you know our favorite shaman-turned-faerie-queen is pregnant with two little ones – a boy and a girl.

And we want to celebrate!

Baby Shower for Eugenie Markham (Richelle Mead's Dark Swan series)

For your chance to win a set of the entire Dark Swan series (Storm Born, Thorn Queen, Iron Crowned and Shadow Heir) or one of two copies of Shadow Heir, simply leave a message for Eugenie. It can be advice about entering motherhood, best wishes for the twins, a list of baby essentials – whatever you’d like.

As this is a virtual baby shower, we aren’t limited by lack of chairs. Invite your friends to swing by VBC with well wishes for Eugenie and her little ones – either via posting this invitation up or tweeting the invite – and we’ll give you a bonus entry.

We are using Rafflecopter to manage the entries, so you’ll need to fill out the form below in addition to leaving the comment. This way you don’t need to leave comments if you decide to share the invite.

This contest is open to U.S. and Canadian addresses and, as the invite states, will run through January 8, 2012. Make sure to fill out the form and leave your comment by then in order to be entered for a chance at the three prizes. Also, a huge thanks to Kensington Books for providing the prizes.

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94 Responses to “Baby Shower for Eugenie Markham (Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan series)”

  1. Autumn says:

    Eugenie – Good Luck! I suggest some SwaddleMe’s and lots of receiving blankets (they are good for cleaning up).

  2. terri dion says:

    Congratulations Eugenie on the twins and when you feel like pulling your hair out at the lack of sleep just remember they’re twice the blessing that just one brings. lol here’s wishing you lots of good luck and many good night sleeps!

  3. latisha depoortere says:

    Congrats to you ! I LOve Richelle Meads books and can’t wait to read the rest of these books! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. Barbara S says:

    AGREE ON THE SLEEP NOW; take any babysitting offers, even if they come to your house and you go to your room and sleep; plus rest/sleep when they are both sleeping. take good care of yourself-you are no good to them if you get rundown. good luck:)

  5. Bonnie B. says:

    Best wishes upon arrival

  6. bn100 says:

    Congratulations and best wishes!

  7. Kristy McRae says:

    Congrats! Sleep when the babies sleep, plain white cloth diapers make the best all-purpose burp cloths, and keep an eye out for developing secret-twin-language communications! 🙂

  8. Alicia Kuhnau says:

    I wish you and your twins the very best! My best advice to you is the chairs that vibrate. They work wonders. Stick the kids in that and you will have some quite time to read 😉

  9. Nedraw says:

    Congratulations Eugenie! Wishing you and your soon to be larger family the very best! I would suggest a Musical soother for your twins crib. My daughter has had one in her new baby’s crib since she was born. Hers has several different settings that play soothing nature sounds, ocean tides, breeze rustling leaves, rain showers that sort of thing.

  10. Stephanie Atwood says:

    Best Wishes and Good Luck! Advice on motherhood…. Just do what feels right, don’t worry about all those silly how to baby books.

  11. Sariah says:

    Congrats!! Sleep when the babies sleep!

  12. Frances Wallace says:

    CONGRATS!!!!!! Keep the em awake as much as possible durring the day so that at night they sleep more!

  13. justine littleton says:

    i just had my 3rd. little girl on the 13th of DEC. and the best advise that i can give is the though they don’t bounce, they don’t break easy. so don’t fear ur tiny new joy and try to enjoy every minute, because they r fleeting.

  14. Liz Semkiu says:

    Sleep whenever the babies sleep. Limit your visitors in the first few weeks. You can never love a baby too much!

  15. Bobcat says:

    Holy shniizt, this is so cool thank you.

  16. cathie says:

    Congratulations! Remember it may sound like a banshee, but it’s a baby, er, two babies.

  17. Wilma says:

    Congratulations on both the babies and booka

  18. AMB says:

    This is super awesome and a fun idea!!!

  19. Airy says:

    My advice, keep chocolate as far away from them as possible…

  20. Phoenix Carvelli says:

    Congratulations on the upcoming births! Motherhood is a unique blessing. Enjoy every precious moment you have with your son and daughter. They grow up so fast! Take lots of pictures and videos!

  21. Pam S (pams00) says:

    Ty VBC for hosting the shower – cool idea :)and fun! I’ve not gotten to read the series yet (shameful I know), but very much want to start it.

    Baby advice for Eugenie – don’t give sugar unless they are going to the relatives or baby sitter… and for twins always by two of the same toy so it cuts down on the fighting over them… keep anything you don’t want broken, colored on or used in some other creative child masterpiece put well out of reach.

  22. Ashley Deolarte says:

    Congratulations, I suggest lots of chocolate for you and a good baby sitter!

  23. JenniferK says:

    Congratulations! It is going to be difficult the first few months but it will definitely be worth it. 🙂 And for those sleepless nights, I recommend swaddles, pacifiers and good coffee.

  24. Brandy Swain says:

    I’m a huge Richelle Mead fan! Some advice from me would be, it can get overwhelming at times. Don’t feel guilty about taking some “Me time”. It will make you a better Mom!

  25. Teawench says:

    Grats & good luck! I have no advice to give as I don’t have any of my own. Have fun! 😛

  26. Kate says:

    Well, it’s about time. 😉 Enjoy those little babies as often as you can because it goes quick. Oh, I know they are twins, but skip the matching outfits!

  27. Bella Moore says:

    Cograts and good luck with the babies Eugenie! My brothers are twins so I know it’ll be hard luck, but worth it!

  28. blackroze37@yahoo.com says:

    very nice to give away the whole series, thank you

  29. my advice would be to get sleep, as much now and during and after as you can, gl


  30. Heather says:

    Congratulations! Don’t forget to nap yourself! 🙂

  31. sooz says:

    What a great idea! But really, how are we going to play guess the waist size of the pregnant lady cyberly (is that even a word?) As a mother of twins, it’s a good thing to be spared that embarrassment!

    Remember with twins to always keep them on the same schedule! Feed them at the same time (it can be done!) Make them nap at the same time. (Put them in the same crib. If they get fussy, get some ear plugs and a sleep mask and get that all important nap in yourself!)
    Otherwise they tag team you and you end up exhausted!

  32. Christine A. says:

    Congrats Eugenie! Take lots of pictures because they will grow up so fast. Read to them from early on. I did and both of my kids love to read. Oh- don’t forget to take showers- they will be your only time away 🙂

  33. Jane says:

    All the best that life offers for your new family.

  34. Rachel says:

    Congrats Eugenie! Take any sleep you can get. Find help and get some alone time if you feel overwhelmed. And don’t forget to enjoy the time you have as they grow. Congrats again!

  35. catslady says:

    Congratulations. Mother’s intuitiion is the best way to raise them – enjoy!

  36. Congratulations Eugenie!
    Sleep well, eat well, and try to enjoy the little moments:)

  37. kiki winn says:

    Congrats. Enjoy the little ones. They grow up so fast.

  38. Beatriz says:

    Congratulations! Best wishes and good luck!

  39. Cassie Meeks says:

    Best Wishes, Good luck, and as a mother, I suggest using Pampers diapers, they are the best!!!!

  40. Ann Nguyen says:

    Congatulations on the babies. Life will be hectic so I would suggest investing in a cleaning service at least once a month as a treat to yourself. You reserve something for you too.

  41. Twins? thats gunna be a handful, lol. good luck! And congrats.

  42. Smash Attack says:

    So very excited for you. Motherhood is challenging but the rewards far outweigh it. Being a child counselor, my best advice for you is to parent with warmth and firmness. Consistency and structure are key. And love. LOTS of it!

  43. Tina says:

    Congrats!!! Best wishes!

  44. DeLane says:

    “Yes, you have to wear pants AND shoes when we go in the mall!”….us not only appropriate but necessary comment when they turn 3.

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