Book Bits: Barrons POV audio, Tempest’s Fury, cage match & more


Tempest's Fury by Nicole Peeler (Jane True #5)Hear Jericho Barrons have sex. What?!
Yeah, you actually read that right. Kind of. Last year, Karen Marie Moning wrote a sex scene from Jericho Z. Barrons’ point of view as a prize for him winning our 2011 Alpha Showdown. And it was epic. And sexy.

Well, Karen had the voices of MacKayla and Barrons from the audio books record the scene. It’s not free, but it sure is sexy. You can get the full details, listen to a free snippet and buy the audio file at Karen’s website.

Oh, Jane True, we love you
Nicole Peeler just posted the cover art for the next Jane True book, Tempest’s Fury, and it’s pretty freaking badass. (Look to your right, my friends.) The book is currently scheduled for a June 26 release. Nicole posted the back of the book on her blog, too, so take a peek.

Cover reveal for new Andrea Cremer book
You may have heard Andrea Cremer will be releasing two prequel novellas set in the Nightshade world. The first book is called Rift and tells the origins of the Knights of Conatus. Bonus, another kickass heroine. Hollywood Crush managed to snag an exclusive reveal of the cover for Rift. Pretty excellent, no?

Sometimes a Sausage Fest is a good thing
Kevin Hearne is throwing what may be the coolest book release event I’ve heard of in ages. At Rula Bula, the bar frequented by Atticus in Hearne’s Iron Druid books, Kevin will host Atticus and Oberon’s Sausage Fest. There will be Irish eats, books, booze — really, Atticus would approve. (I’ve ate at Rula Bula many times — delicious.) To make things sweeter, Kevin is giving away tickets to this bash of bashes on his blog. Granted, you’ll need to be in Tempe, Ariz., on April 28th to claim them. Still… awesome.

Gender stereotyping in the cage match?
Stellar Four has an excellent post picking up on some sexist overtones in Suduvu’s Cage Match. I love the Cage Match — you should vote for Chess and Atticus — but the ladies at Stellar Four make excellent points. Not enough female characters, and those who are included are marginalized by being given assets like “sex appeal” and drawbacks like “getting into her leather pants.” Their post is worth a read.


4 Responses to “Book Bits: Barrons POV audio, Tempest’s Fury, cage match & more”

  1. Glad you guys dig the cover! The back copy is my favorite yet. I never thought they’d keep that last line about heroes! LOL

  2. The cover looks fantastic! I really love it! 😀

  3. Candace says:

    I can not WAIT! I think Jane looks more badass with each and every cover. And let’s not even talk about the naked barghest with her. Yes, he’s in dog form but still…

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