Book Bits: Dark Swan, Mortal Instruments, Jane True, True Blood, Contest Roundup and more

Eye of the Tempest by Nicole Peeler (UK edition)

The U.K. cover art of Nicole Peeler's latest Jane True novel.

I just might be caught up on email after the long weekend (and traveling the week prior). Miracles can happen. In today’s Book Bits we have teasers for Shadow Heir and City of Lost Souls, bookstore drama, a True Blood recap to make you laugh, cover art and info on a charity auction. Plus, some sweet contests in the roundup. (Related: We’ll be giving away copies of Melissa Marr’s Graveminder in the next few days. Keep an eye out.)

Shadow Heir description
Richelle Mead has posted the back cover copy for the fourth and final Dark Swan novel, Shadow Heir. I’d post it here, but it’s got spoilers for earlier novels — including the WTF twist at the end of Iron Crowned (VBC review, which doesn’t tell you what the twist is). So, instead, click here to head to Richelle’s blog for Eugenie goodness. And then we will all wait not-so-patiently for the Jan. 12, 2012, release. (Shadow Heir is up for pre-order at Amazon.) After you read the description, I want to know if you’re upset to see Eugenie has a truce with a certain asshole. I am.

UK covers for Jane True series
Jane True is getting a new look. The U.K. version of the Nicole Peeler series has new cover art. Take a peek at the four new designs — and know they look nothing like the kitschy U.S. versions.

The Mortal Instruments: Jace’s letter and teasers for COLS
Cassie Clare is sharing all sorts of goodness this week. Exclusive editions of City of Fallen Angels included Jace’s handwritten letter to Clary. Not everyone was able to get their hands on these (especially not international readers), but Cassie has posted the letter on her website. Additionally, she has posted new teasers for City of Lost Souls (these will contain spoilers for COFA and maybe some hints related to Clockwork Angel).

Free (and final?) Lexicon short story
Sarah Rees Brennan shared what’s likely the final Demon’s Lexicon short story. It’s free (yay!) and titled All The Way Back Where We Started From: Even evil magicians hate their boss. (Featuring Hnikarr.) Read it on Sarah’s blog.

Enraptured by Elisabeth NaughtonHOT Eternal Guardians cover
Elisabeth Naughton shared her hottest cover to-date, Enraptured. You’ll be able to get those abs the fourth book in her Eternal Guardians series in April 2012.

B&N snubs Leslie Parrish
I read a lot of ebooks. I also read a lot of print books. And after the closing of my beloved local Borders, I tend to spend my cash at Barnes & Noble. It appears I’m fortunate the employees there are romance- and genre fiction-friendly. Leslie Parrish, who’s book Cold Touch just released this week, went into her local store on release day only to be looked down upon by a store employee who suggested she buy her romance titles at the Borders across the street. Get a full account of what happened by reading Leslie’s honest, non-confrontational letter to B&N Customer Service.

Amazon to buy the Book Depository
Or at least that’s the plan. Amazon has put in a bid to buy the U.K. online bookseller Book Depository (who we love for offering free international shipping), and provided no one quashes it as a possible monopoly, it should happen.

True Blood recaps that’ll make you laugh
I’m a bit in love with the True Blood recaps over at Sookieverse. Not only does blogger MASpencer give a great rundown and offer up excellent images (screen grabs from the show, some photoshopped), but with lines like “…any spell that magically removes Eric Northman’s shirt ought to be engraved on a gold tablet and preserved in a temperature-controlled time capsule for all of posterity.” it’s hard not to smile when reading them. Check out her recap of episode 2 of season 4 “You Smell Like Dinner.”

A new charity auction benefiting L.A. Banks
More items are up for bidding, with all proceeds going to help L.A. Banks with medical expenses as she battles cancer. Included in this auction is a hotel room at Authors After Dark 2012 in New Orleans, a set of Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampires series, a Christine Feehan gift basket, the chance to have a character named for you in a Dakota Cassidy book and a ton of other great items. View the full list here.

Diana Rowland loves brains...

Diana Rowland loves brains...

Inking brains?
On a random note, Diana Rowland has promised to get the “I Love Brains” tattoo from the cover of her My Life as a White Trash Zombie (review), if it makes the NYT list next week. Consider this added incentive to pick up her inventive urban fantasy.


Have some book-related news (unless it is an established series, release dates aren’t considered news) or a contest you’d like to see included in Book Bits? Email us the details.

2 Responses to “Book Bits: Dark Swan, Mortal Instruments, Jane True, True Blood, Contest Roundup and more”

  1. Tamara says:

    Just read Shadow Heir description and what the hell? Truce? That certain asshole should DROP DEAD. Maybe he will… *dreamy sigh*

    Also, I’m uneasy about Amazon’s buying The Book Depository. Shipping costs more than the actual book for me 🙁

  2. Judi says:

    Thanks for the info on The Mortal Instruments.

    Amazon wants to buy The Book Depository. :/

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