Book Bits: Fever spinoff, Chicagoland Vampires, Disillusionists, Hollows and more


Biting Cold by Chloe NeillAfter spending the week in Santa Fe for work (board meetings!), I’m eager to get back on my reading schedule. Lots of reviews are just around the corner — including a OMG awesome one for The Renfield Syndrome — but until then, dive into this book-related news.

Move over Mac?
Karen Marie Moning announced ICED, the first book in the Dani O’Malley novels (a.k.a. Fever series spinoff), is slated for release on Oct. 30, 2012. Are you ready to spend a novel (or more) with the young sidhe seer narrating? I’m a bit nervous as I really disliked Dani’s narration in some of the later Fever books, but I trust Moning. So, holding out hope. And before you ask, KMM has said this series will “uncomfortably” straddle YA and adult urban fantasy genres.

Cover Reveals: Chloe Neill, Carolyn Crane, Kim Harrison and Bree Despain
So here I am thinking about how I’m going to handle the emotionally taxing Drink Deep by Chloe Neill, and the cover for the sixth Chicagoland Vampires book Biting Cold (right) hits the blogoverse. I like Merit going all blue.

I’m all sorts of excited for the release of Head Rush, the third Disillisionists novel from Carolyn Crane. The cover (go look, I’ll wait) is all sorts of perfect, don’t you think?

Kim Harrison makes us all giddy by revealing the cover for the next The Hollows book,  A Perfect Blood. Harrison’s comments give us some nice context:

I’m not really sure who the mysterious man is in the background.  He could be any number of people from the book itself, but that is clearly Rachel in the front.  -grin-  So far, we are seeing her face clearly for the first time on a U.S. cover, and I kind of like it.  Now that I know the colors and feel of the cover for sure, I can start to think about Tour T’s . . .

The cover art for Bree Despain’s upcoming novel The Savage Grace has a lovely coral color (Bree assures us it’s coral!). With each Dark Divine series release Bree always finds matching nail polish. So, I may be looking forward to that.

The League bans themselves…
When a site starts attacking author-friendly sites like Writer Beware and Absolute Write (and the authors who use both), expect the League of Reluctant Adults to step in. They don’t need someone else to ban them, they’ll do it themselves. Read why Jackie Kessler, Stacia Kane, Michele Bardsley, Dakota Cassidy, Jaye Wells, Kevin Hearne, Nicole Peeler, Mark Henry, Diana Rowland and a slew of others deserved to be banned… in their own words. With support in the comments from more than 100 other authors. It’s both hilarious and inspiring.

New excerpt from Rosalie Stanton
You may recall I really adored Rosalie Stanton’s Lost Wages of Sin. Well, she has a steamy vampire romance novel titled Know Thine Enemy slated for release on Oct. 24 from Noble Romance. Get a taste of the new book on her blog.


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  1. Missie says:

    Thanks for the round up!

    I’m not sure how to feel about the spin off series for Fever either. Like you, I really disliked Dani’s POVs towards the end.

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