Book Bits: Iced excerpt, Kim Harrison excerpt, Beautiful Creatures trailer, more


Iced by Karen Marie Moning (Fever World #1)Karen Marie Moning Teases Iced
On her Facebook page, Karen Marie Moning offered up an excerpt from Iced. If you don’t already know, Iced is the first in Moning’s Fever World series. The spinoff books feature Dani O’Malley as the main character. I was skeptical but the excerpts I’ve read all make it look good. Here we go:

“You’re not patient. You zero in on something and lock on like a missile. You’re the most pushy, manipulative person I know. And I knew Rowena.”

“Patience and persistence aren’t mutually exclusive. You have no idea how patient I am. When I want something.”

“What does somebody like you want? More power? More toys? More sex?”

“All of the above. All the time.”

“Greedy bugger.”

“Let me tell you something. Most people spend their short time in this world less than half alive. They wander through their days in a haze of responsibility and resentment. Something happens to them not long after they’re born. They get conflicted about what they want and start worshipping the wrong gods. Should. Mercy. Equality. Altruism. There’s nothing you should do. Do what you want. Mercy isn’t Nature’s way. She’s an equal opportunity killer. We aren’t born the same. Some are stronger, smarter, faster. Never apologize for it. Altruism is an impossible concept. There’s no action you can make that doesn’t spring from how you want to feel about yourself. Not greedy. Alive. And happy about it every single fucking day.”

Excerpt from Kim Harrison
Want a taste of Kim Harrison’s short story collection Into the Woods? Of course you do. i09 has part of the story “Millon Dollar Baby” up for your reading pleasure. It should help answer just where that baby in Pale Demon came from.

Trailer for Beautiful Creatures Film
The first book in Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s Caster Chronicles series Beautiful Creatures is being made into a movie. One filled with beautiful people. Ones you’ve heard of. Do you think the movie’s trailer captures the gothic magic of the book?

Chapter One of Memory of Light
Tor.com has posted the first chapter of Robert Jordan’s final Wheel of Time novel A Memory of Light. While this is probably a given, reading said chapter without having read earlier books could result in spoilers. A Memory of Light is set to release on Jan. 8, 2013.

Deal Alert: Sweet Venom
Need a new YA? Tera Lynn Childs’ Sweet Venom is free for digital download right now. (May only be the case in the U.S.) Get it for Kindle.

3 Responses to “Book Bits: Iced excerpt, Kim Harrison excerpt, Beautiful Creatures trailer, more”

  1. Jillian B says:

    I can’t wait for Iced. Dani was always awesome to me

  2. Nicole Miller says:

    ICED can’t get here fast enough!!!!

  3. Karen says:

    Did you see on FB (Sept 19th) where she actually said this is a continuation of the Fever series. I quoted it below:

    “ICED is the sixth book in the Fever series. The only difference is ICED is narrated by Dani, interspersed with various other first-person points of view. (One of those first person points of view is Christian MacKeltar.)

    ICED opens up one week before Shadowfever ends, at the sidhe-seer’s abbey, the morning after the Cruce got imprisoned beneath it. You don’t miss a beat in the action I developed in the prior books.

    Some of the characters you will see: Dani, Dancer, Ryodan, Christian, Lor, Jo, Kat, Cruce, Velvet, a glimpse or two of Mac & Barrons, and many others.

    BURNED and FLAYED are books 7 & 8 in the Fever series. Again, told from Dani’s viewpoint, plus others. Books 9 & 10 will return to Mac’s point of view. Mostly. If you don’t read 6, 7 & 8, books 9 and 10 won’t make any sense.”

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