Book Bits: Iron Knight, Clockwork Prince, Darkest Surrender, Iron Seas, Contest Roundup & more


Trailer time with Julie Kagawa and Cassandra Clare
Since the last Book Bits we’ve gotten two delicious trailers for YA books. First, we have the trailer for The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa (which I suggest you pre-order). As one who is firmly Team Ash, I’m particularly excited about this book, but I also love the inclusion that the reason things are messed up for him is, of course, because of a girl. Additionally, really loved the way they portrayed Iron Horse. Anyone else really dig that?

The we have the masquerade-themed tease that is the Clockwork Prince trailer. Those anxiously awaiting the November release of Cassandra Clare’s second Infernal Devices book will love the lush feel of the trailer and the smoochy action.

Gena Showalter talks about — sigh — Strider
Gena hit up the Harlequin PNR blog to talk about the hero we’ve all been waiting for in The Darkest Surrender. She says, in part: “I think I loved writing about them so much because they are my favorite kind of characters. Flawed, mouthy, fun-loving, courageous, a little vengeful (okay, a lot vengeful) and up for anything.” Read the full blog post.

Breaking Dawn tickets on sale
For all the Twilight fans, it’s that time again. Tickets have gone on sale for Breaking Dawn: Part I. If you have a midnight movie tradition with these movies (I do — and often go to the adults-only special events, because it’s much more fun with 30-somethings), you may want to snag yours ahead of time. The movie hits theaters on Nov. 18.

Devil's Punch by Ann AguirreExcerpt Goodness: Iron Seas, House of Night
Meljean Brook gave everyone a taste of the banter between Archimedes Fox and Lady Corsair with a quick snippet from her forthcoming Iron Seas novel Heart of Steel.

House of Night fans can get a sneak peek of the next novel, Destined, with this excerpt posted on the series’ Facebook page.

Ann Aguirre cover art and more books
Ann Aguirre revealed the cover of Devil’s Punch, her latest Corine Solomon novel. Also, in case you didn’t hear, Ann has more books up her sleeve. She’s sold a new trilogy to Ace. The new book series, which is set to publish Fall 2013, is described as “Prison Break in space — on a prison ship filled with warring factions, hostile territories and savage retribution, only the strong survive…”

Tim Burton + Robot = Gift for the Hubs
So, this has nothing to do with books, but everything to do with awesome. I was poking around Barnes & Noble last weekend with Kristin from My Bookish Ways, and they had a bunch of Nightmare Before Christmas goodies out. I bought myself a Jack Skellington version of Yahtzee just because. But they also had a bunch of figurines from his Tragic Toys for Girls and Boys. And as soon as I saw the larger version of Robot Boy, I knew the husband would be giddy over it. I just ordered it on Amazon for him (saving me about $9 from the in-store B&N price). Looks like Amazon has the whole line up, including Oyster Boy and Pin Cushion Queen (which Kristin equated to the kiddie version of Pinhead).


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3 Responses to “Book Bits: Iron Knight, Clockwork Prince, Darkest Surrender, Iron Seas, Contest Roundup & more”

  1. Rain Maiden Jen says:

    I preordered my copy of The Iron Knight. Yea! I don’t know about Twilight yet. They play all the Twilight movies opening night and I don’t think I can’t sit through all that.

  2. Joanna says:

    I just tried to get tickets for midnight showing (we’ve done this for the last two movies) and they aren’t doing it in any of the cities near where I live this year! Oh, loved the trailers;)

  3. Vicki says:

    I CAN NOT wait for Iron Knight!!!

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