Book Bits: Jeaniene Frost and J.A. Saare excerpts, Nalini Singh cover art, Soul Screamers, Iron Fey


Archangel's Storm by Nalini Singh (Guild Hunter #5)Did you miss Book Bits? I had to stop doing them in February due to the chaos surrounding a death in the family. However, you had Character Love Letters to keep you warm, right? Well, I’m back and catching up on all the book excerpts – Jeaniene Frost! J.A. Saare! — and such. So, Book Bits is back on Thursdays as usual from here on out. 

Did someone say Vlad?
I’m not the only one incredibly excited for Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress spinoff Once Burned. New VBC reviewer Candace has already staked her claim on its hero Vlad as her book boyfriend. However, she doesn’t mind if you read about him and get all weak in the knees. After reading this exchange between Vlad and Leila from Once Burned (release date in June 2012), you’re going to be in love. I am. (Don’t tell Candace.)

Nom. Nom. Nom. Er… Cover Reveal for Archangel’s Storm
Nalini Singh shared the cover art for her fifth Guild Hunter novel, Archangel’s Storm, and really the only appropriate reaction is nom. (See the big image to the right.) The book is currently scheduled for a September 2012 release. How anxious are you?

First taste of The Ripple Effect
Are you ready for more Rhiannon? After the heartbreaking awesomeness that was The Renfield Syndrome I’m incredibly eager to read J.A. Saare’s follow-up The Ripple Effect. If you are, too, then you’ll want to go read an excerpt from the upcoming book. Then report back, because wow. (Also, if you haven’t read The Renfield Syndrome this will be highly spoilery.)

Rachel Vincent explains Before I Wake
Curious about the themes of the Soul Screamers series and just where the series will go after the big changes in If I Die? Well, Rachel Vincent has laid it all out alongside the blurb for Before I Wake. Caveat: If you haven’t yet read If I Die skip this, because it’ll be super spoilery.

Swooning over Prince Ash, again
Julie Kagawa posted an Iron Fey Valentine’s Day story on her blog. Meghan expects a real date from Prince Ash and, oh, you’ll enjoy it.

Read Chapter One of the new Dakota Banks’ book
Dakota Banks posted the first chapter of Deliverance, the third Mortal Path book, over on Supernatural Underground. The book releases at the end of the month, so get an early taste now.

More new Carolyn Crane goodness
When reading the Disillusionist series were you ever wishing there was more Simon? There’s something about the impulsive risk-taker that gets us every time (and it’s not his fashion skills). Carolyn Crane felt the same way, and decided to give him his own story. You can buy a copy of her digital-only novella Devil’s Luck. Here’s the blurb for convincing purposes:


No wager is too outrageous for Simon Fitzgerald, the most reckless of the Disillusionists. His dark secrets drive him to take increasingly extreme risks, but he’s never lived so quite so dangerously as when he hooks up with Midcity’s most powerful prognosticator.

Fawna Brady is tormented by the destinies she sees for those around her. To Fawna, knowledge of the future is a cage she’d do anything to escape. She’s stunned to discover a taste of the freedom for which she yearnsat the side of Simon, the one person in the world who despises everything she is, everything she stands for.

Simon’s defiant attitude toward destiny captivates Fawna, but will her love destroy him? And will Simon rush headlong into the delicious doom she offers?

8 Responses to “Book Bits: Jeaniene Frost and J.A. Saare excerpts, Nalini Singh cover art, Soul Screamers, Iron Fey”

  1. Amber says:

    Archangel’s Storm cover = luscious mouth-watering goodness!!

  2. Carrie says:

    Sigh…I need Disco/Paine like yesterday!

  3. Can’t wait for Vlad’s book or Archangel’s Storm!! Gorgeous cover.

  4. Marissa says:

    Seriously smokin hot excerpt from Ripple Effect!! Disco & Paine! Make me the creme filing in that sandwich any day!

  5. shannonB. says:

    Um, yeah…I might have swooned a little when I read The Ripple Effect excerpt. I need.this.book.now.
    When The Renfield Syndrome came out, I (embarrassingly) asked J.A. Saare if I could be the middle in a Disco/Paine sandwich. =)

    And Devil’s Luck is awesome!

  6. Oh I read the excerpt of The Ripple Effect! Mmmm, can’t wait for the book. And LOOOOVED Devil’s Luck. 🙂 Wonderful list here. ;D Thank you!

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