Book Bits: Jeaniene Frost, J.R. Ward, Stacia Kane, Allison Pang, Jackie Kessler


Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost (Night Prince #1)Guess what starts tomorrow, readers? Character love letters.

And it’s going to be epic. We’ve lined up some stellar authors to share their heroes getting all mushy over the heroines, and we have bloggers stopping by throughout the month to profess their often hilarious, sometimes dirty love for their book boyfriends. Expect a letter to show up first thing tomorrow morning.

Once Burned Cover Reveal
I’ll admit it. My first thought at seeing the cover of Jeaniene Frost’s Once Burned (Night Prince #1) was “someone needs to kiss those scars.” Does the cover model fit my image of Vlad perfectly? No, but it’s good. I was really pleased to see they included some (certainly not all) of his scars. You can see the step-back and Jeaniene’s inspiration for the character visuals on her blog.

Teasing Lover Reborn
J.R. Ward just can’t help herself. She likes getting us all worked up for any snippet of insight into Tohr’s book. In fairness, it works. This week she teased the opening line of her forthcoming Black Dagger Brotherhood novel. The line? “The bastard’s taking the bridge! He’s mine!” Unfortunately, she’s making us guess just who says it.

Allison Pang excerpt
A Sliver of Shadow releases later this month. Given how much I adored the first Abby Sinclair novel, you can bet I’m excited for the next installment. If you loved Abby, Ion and Phin as much as I did, then you’ll want to read the first chapter of A Sliver of Shadow now.

More Downside, please.
Stacia Kane posted the cover art for the fifth Downside Ghosts book Chasing Magic on her blog this week. Sacrificial Magic, the fourth book, comes out in March (you can and should pre-order it). When you finish it you’ll be very pleased to only have a few months until Chasing Magic hits shelves. Trust me here. I’m posting the cover and blurb below (the latter could be spoilery), but first — anyone else shocked to see Chess smiling on the cover? Love it, but it also makes me wary.

Chasing Magic by Stacia KaneMagic-wielding Churchwitch and secret addict Chess Putnam knows better than anyone just how high a price people are willing to pay for a chemical rush. But when someone with money to burn and a penchant for black magic starts tampering with Downside’s drug supply, Chess realizes that the unlucky customers are paying with their souls—and taking the innocent with them, as the magic-infused speed compels them to kill in the most gruesome ways possible.

As if the streets weren’t scary enough, the looming war between the two men in her life explodes, taking even more casualties and putting Chess squarely in the middle. Downside could become a literal ghost town if Chess doesn’t find a way to stop both the war and the dark wave of death-magic, and the only way to do that is to use both her addiction and her power to enter the spell and chase the magic all the way back to its malevolent source. Too bad that doing so will probably kill Chess—if the war doesn’t first destroy the man who’s become her reason for living.

Jackie Morse Kessler snippet
Waiting on the release of Loss by Jackie Morse Kessler? It’s seven weeks out, but Jackie posted a snippet from Loss at the end of a Deadline Dames post (scroll wayyyy down).

6 Responses to “Book Bits: Jeaniene Frost, J.R. Ward, Stacia Kane, Allison Pang, Jackie Kessler”

  1. ferdy says:

    Aaaaahhhh Chasing Magic blurb!!!! I really need some Terrible and Chess lovin! Looking forward to the letters..I’m hoping the heroes are from books I’ve read:)

  2. ferdy says:

    OMG I just checked the list of heroes who’ll be writing love letters..Barrons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder who Daemon’s going to write a love letter to Surreal or Janelle…Hmmmm.

  3. sweet fancy moses, can’t wait for ALL of these!

  4. synde korman says:

    lol… I almost made a reference to that girl in a certain book.. you know the one…the one who has a lost book…;)

  5. How did I miss that cover reveal on Once Burned? I can’t wait until that one comes out or Lover Reborn. Ward did reveal who made the statement in the opening line, but I won’t give it away. She’s also been throwing out some favorite Tohr lines from Dark Lover. Makes me want to read it all over again (not like it’s the first time I re-read it *blush*) Great post and feature. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

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