Book Bits: Lara Adrian, Chloe Neill, Jenna Black, Rachel Vincent


Want to get your pick in as the August group read? We’re taking suggestions over at the VBC Goodreads group. We’ll pick six titles from suggestions there (and on Facebook and Twitter), and put them in a poll next week. Also, we’re still chatting up Once Burned. This week’s discussion topic is the ending.

Edge of Dawn Cover = Nom.
In tasty cover reveal news, this peek at Lara Adrian’s Edge of Dawn is delightful. So tasty I had to make it nice and big on the page. This latest book in Adrian’s super sexy Midnight Breed series is scheduled for a Jan. 22, 2013, release.

Edge of Dawn by Lara Adrian

Bite from Biting Cold
Chicagoland Vampires fans, Chloe Neill has posted a snippet from Biting Cold. You won’t want to read this one if you haven’t yet finished Drink Deep (VBC review), but if you have it’ll be a nice tease while you wait three more weeks for the Biting Cold to hit shelves. Actually, here’s a pre-order link for Amazon. Just in case.

Girls’ Night Out with Jenna Black
So it’s not a party per se. If you’re a novella junkie, though, you’ll be happy to hear Jenna Black has written her first novella! It’s set in the Faeriewalker world and called Girls’ Night Out. Get teased with the blurb:

Girls' Night Out by Jenna BlackDana is finally getting comfortable with her life as the only Faeriewalker in Avalon. She’s formed an alliance with the Erlking, a truce with the Queen of the Seelie Court, and best of all, no one’s tried to kill her for weeks.

Enter Althea – the teenage daughter of Mab, the Unseelie Queen. Dana knows from the moment she sets eyes on the wannabe Goth chick that Al is trouble, but she finds herself drawn to the wounded soul she glimpses beneath the Faerie glamour.

When Al asks Dana to take her into the mortal world to visit the human boyfriend her mother has driven away, Dana refuses, knowing that Queen Mab would hold her personally responsible if anything happened to her daughter. But Al is a Faerie princess, and she’s not used to taking no for an answer.

Will Dana ignore her common sense and risk the Unseelie Queen’s wrath to help her new BFF? And if not, just how far is Al willing to go to get her own way?

A few tastes of With All My Soul
Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamers series has one more book. One more novel with Kaylee. If you’ve finished Before I Wake (VBC review) and are eager for more, here are a handful of snippets from With All My Soul, the final Soul Screamers novel.

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