Book Bits: More Lady Corsair, Curran POV, post-apocalyptic fiction and Rinda Elliott excerpt


Tethered by Meljean Brook (Iron Seas novella)Things are getting nice and busy here at VBC headquarters. I’ve loved reading applications for new reviewers (you can still apply) this week, and I have a couple very good reads atop my to-read pile.

More Lady Corsair and Archimedes Fox!
Next month we’ll get Meljean Brooks’ novella featuring the hero and heroine of Heart of Steel, a book I adored on an epic level. Tethered is an epilogue novella, which continues the story of ship captain Yasmeen (a.k.a. Lady Corsair) and adventurer Archimedes Fox. I can’t wait to read this story, which releases as an ebook on April 2, and is featured in the back of the mass market paperback version of Heart of Steel.

When a request for help from an old friend threatens everything that Archimedes Fox holds dear, Yasmeen must risk losing her new airship to a scourge of the Iron Seas… or risk losing the man she loves.

Meljean’s Note: This is an epilogue novella. The story is a full-length novella, with its own plot — but although I’ve written it to stand alone as much as possible, there are strong references to Heart of Steel, particularly in regard to Archimedes and Yasmeen’s relationship.

New Curran POV
Ilona Andrews (well, the Gordon half) posted a new Curran POV scene. The goal of the scene is explain why Curran was absent at the infamous naked dinner. The excerpt is only part one, though, so know there is more to come.

Hope, Zombies and the Apocalypse
I stopped in at SF Signal yesterday to join a panel discussing why readers (and TV viewers) love post-apocalyptic settings. The Mind Meld feature also feature Jo Treggiari (Ashes, Ashes), Emmy Laybourne (Monument 14), James K. Decker (The Burn Zone) and others.

Rinda Elliott Excerpt
I’m excited about Rinda Elliott’s upcoming urban fantasy Dweller on the Threshold. Everything I’ve seen about this book makes me think it packs a kickass punch, including the long excerpt that’s just been added to the Samhain website. Take a peek, and let me know if you think Dweller should be on your to-read list.

2 Responses to “Book Bits: More Lady Corsair, Curran POV, post-apocalyptic fiction and Rinda Elliott excerpt”

  1. Amanda says:

    That Rinda Elliott excerpt just moved the book to the top of my TBR pile. And it’s a big pile.

  2. Kat says:

    Ohh Fangirl Swoon! (face plants into buttered Irish soda bread) New Curran! I hope they don’t ever finish the Kate Daniels series, I don’t know what I’d do without the humor they put in. I’m particularly fond of these insights into things that happen off screen and Curran’s take on things. I’d love to see B’s viewpoint too, and Derrick’s, even if just in this short form. They have so many great characters!

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