Book Bits: Richelle Mead, Jeri Smith-Ready, Kim Harrison and LOTS of excerpts


Succubus Revealed by Richelle MeadThere were so many great new releases this week, my head is still spinning. I pre-ordered Andrea Cremer’s Wolfsbane, so that’s my current read, but all the excerpts in today’s Book Bits already have me ready to order more. Dive in, and prepare to add to that TBR list.

Taste of Succubus Revealed
The Georgina Kincaid series almost over, and I’m not sure if I’m excited or nervous about that. Either way, I highly suggest everyone devour the first chapter of Succubus Revealed (Georgina Kincaid #6) over at Richelle Mead’s website. Then return and place your bets as to how it’s all going to end.

New interactive novella from Jeri Smith-Ready
Jeri has posted the first chapter of Let It Bleed, a WVMP Radio series novella, on her blog. The whole story will be told online, with chapters posted up through December. She’ll get to read your feedback as the story progresses (hence the interactive part). And unlike the previous free stories, this one takes place right after Bring on the Night instead of way before. Get the full skinny and read the first chapter on Jeri’s blog.

Excerpts from Andrea Cremer, Yasmine Galenorn, Erica Hayes, Jason Henderson

Wolfsbane just came out on Tuesday, but the first chapter of Andrea Cremer’s third book in her Nightshade series is already available. So, as soon as you finish devouring Wolfsbane, read this excerpt from Bloodrose. (via EW.com) If you’re not ready for the Bloodrose excerpt, Andrea posted a deleted scene from Nightshade on her blog.

Yasmine Galenorn has posted the first chapter from Courting Darkness (Otherworld #10) to her website.

Read the first two chapters of Blood Cursed (Shadowfae #4) by Erica Hayes over at Heroes and Heartbreakers.

Read the first 14 pages of Jason Henderson’s latest Alex Van Helsing novel Voice of the Undead over on MTV Geek. (Last year, Jason wrote a really fantastic post for VBC about vampire slayers. You should read it. Really.)

Kim Harrison talks Blood Work
The awesome folk at suduvu.com interviewed Kim Harrison at Comic Con about bringing The Hollows to life in another medium: graphic novels. At under 4 minutes, it’s definitely worth the watch.

A Discovery of Witches destined for the big screen?
Maybe. Warner Bros. has acquired the rights (a.k.a. optioned) to develop Deborah Harkness’ novel A Discovery of Witches and its two sequels into movies. It doesn’t guarantee we’ll get a movie, but Warner Bros. is going to begin development soon. Deb answers some of the big questions over on her Facebook page. In addition to this news, we heard the second book will be called Shadow of Night.

Oracle's Moon by Thea Harrison (not final)Cover art for Oracle’s Moon
Thea Harrison gave us a first look at the cover for Oracle’s Moon (it’s on the right). It features a hot guy and a blurb from Christine Feehan. (Thea says the tagline is going to change…but really, you’re busy wondering why that guy has a shirt on.)

Get a Crusade prequel story
Last year, I read Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié’s novel Crusade (review), and am very excited about reading its sequel Damned next month. In the meantime, the authors have released a short story that inspired the series. The short story, titled Passing, tells tells what happens after the vampires declare war on humans: A group of students training to become vampire hunters declares war on them. Nancy and Debbie have made the story available as a $0.99 download via B&N and Amazon, but if you pre-order Damned and email Nancy, she’ll give you a link to download the short story for free. Pretty sweet, huh?

Get your Reaper Tod fix
Rachel Vincent allowed our favorite reaper to answer your questions. She posted the transcript on her blog, and we particularly like that someone called out that he always shows up when Kaylee and Nash are making out. Someone needed to say it.

Zombies + Drama = Yes, please
At Comic Con last week, AMC debuted the trailer for season of The Walking Dead. And…. wow. Just wow. Even if you aren’t a fan of zombies, it’s worth watching. If you do like zombie movies, etc. then expect falling apart corpses. The trailer is embedded below, but I’m curious how many of you have read the graphic novels the show is based on. (I haven’t. I just really love post-apocalyptic drama.)

Because you’d do it, too
This isn’t book news, but as I watched the Comic Con coverage last week this video from EW.com stuck out as a favorite. This may be because I would have done exactly the same thing as Annie Barrett. I would have won that contest, too. Watch as EW writers square off in an awkward hug contest with Comic Con attendees. And laugh, my friends.


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