Book Bits: Richelle Mead, Lynsay Sands, Andrea Cremer & Julie Kagawa


One Lucky Vampire by Lynsay Sands (Argeneau #19)Surprises are coming here at VBC. I have some new things in the works as we approach Alpha Showdown 2013 and come up on our three-year anniversary (when did that happen?). I hope you guys are enjoying the new voices here at VBC. We’re going to try to work in more backlist titles (as in books that have been out for a while). As always, if you have suggestions, let me know.

You Could Be Reading New Richelle Mead Right Now
Well, two chapters anyway. The first two chapters of Richelle Mead’s Gameboard of the Gods are now up at her website—Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Gameboard is the first in her Age of X series. This one’s for the adults, and will fill the void left by the loss of Eugenie (Storm Born) and Georgina (Succubus Blues)… I hope. Richelle is an auto-buy author for me. So I suggest pre-ordering Gameboard of the Gods at Amazon.

Argeneau Cover Alert!
Why, hello, Jake. Take a look at the cover art for Lynsay Sands next Argeneau book One Lucky Vampire. Releasing in September, this one features mortal Jake falling for vampire Nicole. Here’s the official blurb:

Luck be a vampire tonight . . .

When Nicole Phillips agreed to hire a housekeeper, she pictured someone a little frumpy and almost certainly female. Instead, she gets gorgeous, unmistakably male Jake Colson. The man is proving indispensable in the kitchen—and everywhere else. Except Jake might not be a mortal man at all.

. . . and every night

Who wouldn’t want to be a tall, dark, powerful vampire? Jake, for one. He’s barely had time to adjust to his new state before he’s roped into a family favor. Still, secretly playing bodyguard to sweet, sexy Nicole is turning out to be the wildest ride of his life. First he’ll put a stop to whoever’s targeting her. Then he’ll prove that this kind of love, and luck, happens only once in an eternity.

Meet Andrea Cremer
I was lucky to meet Andrea Cremer just when her first book Nightshade was releasing. She was every bit as kind and clever as you’d expect from her writing. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet her yet, you may have your chance in May. She’ll be signing Invisibility with coauthor David Levithan at bookstores in New York, Ontario (Canada), California, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota and Florida. Get the locations and corresponding dates on her blog. Invisibility looks awesome—romance with an invisible guy—and releases on May 7. You can pre-order it here.

Iron Fey Manga?
There is an IndieGoGo campaign to make a manga version of Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey series. While not typically my thing, how can I not support images of Ash and Meghan kissing (below)? You know, my only complaint in The Iron Queen is that if I were in Meghan’s shoes I would have made out with Prince Ash more. Maybe the visual interpretation will help a lady out. The campaign runs 17 more days. Support gets you early access, signed goodies and more.

Image via Julie Kagawa -- Click through to see more images

2 Responses to “Book Bits: Richelle Mead, Lynsay Sands, Andrea Cremer & Julie Kagawa”

  1. Smash Attack says:

    That cover is SO hot. I haven’t read that series…hmmm….

  2. Susan H. says:

    Ouch- that’s a HOT Lynsay Sands cover! Can’t wait!

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