Book Bits: Stacia Kane, Richelle Mead, J.R. Ward, Pamela Palmer, Amanda Bonilla & True Blood


Wrong Ways Down by Stacia Kane (A Downside Story)There was just too much good news this week to skip on the Book Bits. Are you ready to get excited for upcoming books? (Silly question, I know.)

Terrible’s Book Has a Cover and I Love It

I’ve been talking about Stacia Kane’s forthcoming short novel Wrong Ways Down quite a bit on Twitter the last few months. It’s set in her Downside world (if you haven’t read Unholy Ghosts, you need to fix that) only this time the main character is Terrible. It’s a heady noir mystery with plenty of punk rock infused into the setting. In other words: awesome.

The cover art is to the right and I’m kind of in love. There’s Terrible’s arm, the Chevelle and we know they’re in Downside. I dig it. Stacia also shared a new excerpt yesterday. In case you missed it a while back, here is the back cover copy:


It’s a thin line between right and wrong. It’s an even thinner one between wrong and dead…

Terrible has always been on the wrong side of the law, living up to the only name anyone ever gave him. As the chief enforcer for Downside’s most powerful criminal, it’s his job to collect debts and protection money by any means necessary. And he’s very good at his job.

But part of that job is also to keep Bump’s various employees safe. So when a street dealer is found dead and a prostitute is brutally attacked, Terrible immediately starts using his fists to hunt down the ones responsible.

He’s determined to find and destroy them. They’re determined to use his desire for the woman he secretly loves to break him.

Speaking of Swoon-Worthy Leading Men: Adrian Ivashkov
Richelle Mead shared an excerpt from the fourth Bloodlines book The Fiery Heart. I would be excited about this regardless. I’m eager for this book after the way The Indigo Spell ended. What makes it even better, though, is this excerpt is from Adrian’s point of view. This pleases me endlessly. Also, it’s a sweet scene. He loves him some Sydney. The Fiery Heart releases Nov. 19, but I’m pre-ordering that sucker now.

Are You Ready for The King?
J.R. Ward’s next Black Dagger Brotherhood book returns to Wrath and Beth’s story in The King. The cover art is below, and it’s now up for pre-order on Amazon. The King releases on March 25, 2014.

The King by J.R. Ward

More Excerpts, You Say? How About Some Pamela Palmer…
It’s true. You can start reading A Kiss of Blood, the next Vamp City book, right now. Read the first bit of the book and be extra ready for the July 25 release.

More Cover Goodness. This Time with Amanda Bonilla
In the event you missed yesterday’s post on VBC, Amanda Bonilla has a new urban fantasy series coming and the first book Vengeance Borne has a badass cover, which we revealed. Go take a look.

A New Season with Sookie & Co.
The new season of True Blood started up again last Sunday. As is always the case, I recapped the premiere for Heroes & Heartbreakers. That recap includes some crazypants stuff with Bill (shocker, I know), Eric melting my heart with his words and Alcide naked and growl-y.

4 Responses to “Book Bits: Stacia Kane, Richelle Mead, J.R. Ward, Pamela Palmer, Amanda Bonilla & True Blood”

  1. Angela says:

    So much goodness. Terrible, Adrian and Wrath in one post is indeed an interesting mix and I love them all. 😉

    Is the date for Pamela Palmer’s next bokk correct? I thought it was out next week?

  2. Amy M says:

    I cannot wait for the Terrible novella! Stacia Kane has done a couple snippets and it just makes me want to read the book even more! I should just go back a re-read the series!

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