Complete, Signed Set of Meljean Brook’s Guardians Series (7 books) [Books Fighting Cancer]


Demon Blood by Meljean BrookWe have all seven books in Meljean Brook’s Guardian series – engaging paranormal romance – signed by Meljean!

Books, in reading order, are:

  • Demon Angel
  • Demon Moon
  • Demon Night
  • Demon Bound
  • Demon Forged
  • Demon Blood
  • Demon Marked

Donated by: Meljean Brook


In the comments section below, leave a message with the amount you are bidding (in U.S. dollars, please). Please only pledge an amount you are able to commit to.

Make sure to check back on your favorite items, as the post will be open to new bids through 11:59 p.m. CST on Saturday, June 23.

Upon close of auction, you will be contacted by Chelsea from Vampire Book Club (check those spam filters) and alerted to your winning status and provided links for payment. (You will pay directly to the Barrow Foundation, and share the receipt with VBC.) If payment is not made within 72 hours, we will contact the second-highest bidder and so on.

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11 Responses to “Complete, Signed Set of Meljean Brook’s Guardians Series (7 books) [Books Fighting Cancer]”

  1. Sara Trapp says:

    I would like to bid $15. Thank you.

  2. Erin Goffin says:

    I would like to bid $25. Thank you.

  3. iokijo says:

    $40 bid

  4. MichelleD says:

    I would like to bid $50.

  5. Tanja H says:


  6. Vivian Arend says:


  7. Sandra Myers says:


  8. Vivian Arend says:


  9. Sandra Myers says:


  10. Vivian Arend says:


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