Countdown to the final Vampire Academy novel


I commented a few times on Twitter last week how “someone” should really make a countdown ticker for the release of the final Vampire Academy novel, Last Sacrifice. Well, why wait when you can do it yourself? I whipped up this little countdown to remind us just how much closer we get to the final chapter with Rose, Dimitri, Adrian, Lissa, Christian, Abe and the others. The embed code is below for your use. Take it and feel a little better.

Two small notes: first, the image above is 220 px square. If you need something a bit more slender, check the version on our right sidebar. We’re keepin’ it skinny over there. Second, this countdown widget is in Flash, so it may load a half-second after the rest of the page.

One Response to “Countdown to the final Vampire Academy novel”

  1. I can’t believe its almost over 🙁 WAAAAA!!

    I found your blog via the blogger hop and I am a proud new follower! If you have the chance, please stop by my blog The Moody Teenager!

    -The Moody Teenager

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