Currently Reading: Unholy Ghosts


I think I’m falling in love with Stacia Kane.

Don’t tell my husband.

Or hers.

I’ve read some of her Personal Demons series, but her new Chess Putnam series floored me. I’m nearing the end of the first book, Unholy Ghosts, and it’s clear her books will be at the top of my 2010 best list.

Her heroine in this gritty urban fantasy is totally unexpected, the pacing perfect and the story utterly engaging. It doesn’t hurt that she can paint a pretty picture with words, too.

The second Chess Putnam book was released yesterday, and chances are I’ll skip over to the Barnes & Noble by my work at lunch to pick it up. I will devour Unholy Magic, too, and then wait less than patiently for the third book, City of Ghosts.

Reviews will surely be forthcoming; but don’t wait, just add Unholy Ghosts and Unholy Magic to your to-read shelves  now. Trust me on this one.  (Need additional proof? Get a five chapter preview on Stacia Kane’s site.)

4 Responses to “Currently Reading: Unholy Ghosts”

  1. Spaz P says:

    I just finished Unholy Magic in less than 24 hours. You’re gonna flip over how freaking awesome it is too.

  2. Leontine says:

    I’ve got these books on my way to me, I’ve been hearing some great buzz and it sounds like off the chart UF stories. I needs to be in on this 🙂

    • I’m only 70 pages into the second book, Unholy Magic, but I’ve been really impressed. The concepts and characters feel so fresh. Also, I like things that are dark and a bit messed up. (Then again, I wouldn’t love UF if that weren’t the case!)

      Leontine, you’ll have to let me know what you think of the novels.

      I kept thinking it might have been overhyped by others, but no, they were right.

  3. Leontine says:

    VBC, I’ll do that 🙂 Whenever I read a review that gets me going into excitement-ville I always read blurbs and excerpts, just to get a taste and Stacia Kane seems to deliver on a unique world and charaters…something I always enjoy! Enjoy Unholy Magic!


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