Donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief and I’ll Match Up to $500!


Global Giving's Hurricane Harvey ReliefUsually today would be a Win It Wednesday, but with the devastation happening in Houston following Hurricane Harvey I’d like to redirect more funds toward that effort. The images out of Houston break my heart, and I need to help my fellow Texans.

If you’re interested in helping me, I’ll match your donations (up to $500 total) to any of these charities:

If you donate to these, just send me proof before Friday (you can email a receipt or screenshot image to me at chelsea AT vampirebookclub DOT net). I’ll match your donation until I hit $500 total. Then you’re doing the good work above that on your own. 🙂

If you have other great charities helping in the wake of this crisis (there are several), please add a link in the comments so others can find them, too.

Note: I am cross-posting this on my author site, but the matching total is $500 whether you find this post on VBC or at ChelseaMueller.net.

2 Responses to “Donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief and I’ll Match Up to $500!”

  1. Jen Twimom says:

    What a great offer! Thank you for your generosity and compassion!

    I just donated to UMCOR this morning. It’s a program that helps across the globe in a number of relief efforts. 100% of funds go to the work. It is a church-affiliated organization, but they help all, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. It’s not on your list, but it is also a great organization. For more about UMCOR: http://www.umcor.org/UMCOR/About-Us

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