Early Review: The Ripple Effect by J.A. Saare (Rhiannon’s Law #3)


The Ripple Effect by J.A. Saare (Rhiannon's Law #3)The Ripple Effect (Rhiannon’s Law #3)
J.A. Saare
Published: July 31, 2012 (Mundania)
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Reviewed by: Chelsea

Rating (out of 5): 4.5 stars

Note: This review assumes you’ve read the previous books in the Rhiannon’s Law series, particularly The Renfield Syndrome. If you haven’t, you can find reviews of the first and second books on VBC.

Readers of the Rhiannon’s Law series know J.A. Saare never pulls punches. Rhiannon makes massive mistakes, awful things happen to her, the world spins out of control, everyone makes poor choices and the characters just have to deal. It’s what I like so much about the series. Nothing is easy in these books, and you can never take a sweet moment between characters for granted, because it all could change in the next chapter.

We come into The Ripple Effect a few weeks after the horrible misunderstanding (a.k.a. The Awfulness) between Disco and Rhiannon from the end of The Renfield Syndrome. He wants to apologize, wants to make things right and our girl Rhiannon isn’t having it. Their mutual friends are trying to make them get past this. Again, Rhiannon isn’t ready to forgive him.(I wouldn’t be ready either.)

The Ripple Effect is a book about consequences. And that’s a good thing. Every action has meaning, and everyone must endure as the results trickle in. First, turns out our boy Disco was sheltering Rhiannon from the real vampire world. That means his master is coming to visit and expects to see things a bit more violent and the humans much more subjugated. Imagine Rhiannon’s reaction to this. We find a link between demons and vampires and have to spend quality time at their place, which results in scenes horror fans will love and others will cringe at — but you’ll know who the bad guys are immediately.

As a result of the master vampire visiting, Rhiannon has to play dutiful girlfriend while in private still giving Disco the cold shoulder. This forces them — and Paine — to work out their issues, and to accept one another’s faults as best they can in a stressful situation.

Unrelenting and honest. Dark, deep and a touch dirty. If you like your vampires sexy and scary, The Ripple Effect is a must. Since it’s a Saare book, expect big changes in love, death and a heavy dose of violence — the kind that will captivate you early on.

Sexual content: Sex

7 Responses to “Early Review: The Ripple Effect by J.A. Saare (Rhiannon’s Law #3)”

  1. Julie says:

    “The Ripple Effect is a book about consequences.” OMG is it ever! LOL Very nice review! 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to read this one! Team Paine.

  3. SO JEALOUS!! Oh man. I am wicked excited to read this sucker and I totally agree with you on the series. It is never an easy battle for anyone in this world and I love how realistic it is, emotionally and mentally.

  4. julia26 says:

    I love this series and can’t wait for reading this one next week!
    Nice review and thanks for the little glimpses into it! Consequences, I like that, everything else wouldn’t have been appropriate, not with what happend in The Renfield Syndrome, especially at the end!

  5. Angela says:

    I so look forward to it. The consequences were expected ever since Paine explained the ripple effect to Rhiannon – I just know that some of these will be really sad, I’m ready for it.

  6. Ohhh… this sounds really good! I haven’t read this series yet but it’s on my TBR pile. I think it just got bumped up a few.

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