Excerpt: A.L.F.A. Mates by Milly Taiden


A.L.F.A. Mates by Milly Taiden / VBCYour day is about to get shifter-y and sexy because we have an exclusive excerpt from Milly Taiden’s A.L.F.A. Mates. If you dig on alpha shifter heroes and like romantic suspense, this paranormal series is probably just your catnip.

The book actually has two stories included in the single book, which went on sale earlier this month (snag a copy). Read on for details about the book, and an get a taste of the hero/heroine (and a family dynamic) in A.L.F.A. Mates.


Two A.L.F.A. adventures—Elemental Mating and Mating Needs—are available in one volume, A.L.F.A MATES, for the first time and feature two of the hottest shifters agents around.

Brilliant scientist Melinda Caster has discovered a new strain of the Zika virus that stimulates synaptic growth in embryos, causing neuron development beyond normal human levels. When her lab is broken into, Melinda realizes that someone has been keeping tabs on her research and wants it for themselves. A.L.F.A. sends in jaguar-shifter Agent Parish Hamel to help Melinda discover who is after the virus and why. But the attraction between Parish and Melinda may be the real discovery.

Amerella Capone is the great-grandniece of the infamous Al Capone, and she won’t let anyone in the Las Vegas Mafia forget it. When Amerella unintentionally stumbles upon bad family business that she wants no part of, she becomes a star witness for a high-profile government case. A.L.F.A. is called in to keep Amerella safe, but cougar-shifter Agent François Dubois has history with his charge, and the secrets between them might do more damage than any gun pointed at his head.


“Remember,” he said to Amie as she opened her car door, “keep a low profile.”

“Yes,” Amie said. “I got it the first time.”

His mom stood next to the car, waiting for him to get on with introductions. After stepping out of the car, he gave his mom the obligatory hug, then turned to Amie. “Mom, this is Amie Truman. She’s the one I told you about who I need to keep safe for a while.”

His mom stepped forward and gave her a hug. Amie looked at him over his mom’s shoulder with a what do I do? look. Like he had a clue. He made a silent gesture waving his hands around, then headed for the trunk.

Mom leaned back but kept her hands on Amie’s upper arms. “I’m so glad to meet you, Amie. François didn’t mention how pretty you are. Or young. Right at his age, aren’t you?” Mom looped her arm around Amie’s and started for the porch. “Are you married, Amie?”

Oh, god. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. He leaned his head against the lifted trunk lid. What had he gotten himself into?

After hauling the suitcases out of the trunk, into the house, up the stairs, and down the hall, he left Amie to unpack. He pointed out the one bathroom that both bedrooms upstairs shared. He, of course, slept in the room on the other side of the bath.

This really was a bad idea. His cat loved it. He reminded the feline that it had no say in how this was going down. It yawned then stretched out to enjoy the show.

In the kitchen with his mom, he spoke in whispers. “Mom,” he started, “don’t start playing matchmaker between Amie and me.”

Mom slapped a hand on her chest. “Me? Play matchmaker to get grandcubs? I would never!” She grinned.

He rolled his eyes at her playfulness. He didn’t want to tell her how he and Amie knew each other. Because he never told Amie about him being a shifter, he never told his mom he met his mate. Knowing his mother, she’d make sure Amie spit out a cub exactly nine months to the day after meeting her. But he had to tell her something.

“Mom, Amie and I knew each other in school.”

She clapped her hands together. “Even better! You already know each other’s pasts.”

“No, Mom. She has no idea who we are or what we can do. And I’m not sure she should know.” He worried about others in town shifting in front of her. The town’s general rule was not to shift in public in case a human was in town. What was he going to do? Go around and tell every resident they couldn’t shift for who knows how long? Not practical.

“She’s in a shifter town, son. How do you expect her to not figure it out?”

He wiped a hand over his sweat-covered forehead. “I don’t know, Mom. I hadn’t really thought the whole thing through yet. Just keep everything a secret as long as you can. Okay?”

“All right. I’ll do my best. Would you like me to chain her to the bedroom wall so she doesn’t go outside?”

He sighed. “Mom, you’re not helping.” He had to push away the images of Amie chained to the bed, naked and wet for him. One hint of desire and his mom would be all over him. “I need to let my cat out. Can you watch her for a bit?”

“Sure, son.” Her smile worried him. “I got this.”

Oh, god. This was a really, really bad idea.

Milly Taiden is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of numerous series, including the Paranormal Dating Agency, the Sassy Mates books, and the Federal Paranormal Unit novels. Milly loves writing sexy stories so hot they sizzle your e-reader. When her curvy humans meet their furry alphas, inhibitions give way to animal instincts—and carnal desire.

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