Excerpt from Karina Cooper’s Wicked Lies (& an Epic Giveaway)


Wicked Lies by Karina CooperKarina Cooper’s Dark Mission series is one of my favorites. You’ll find it on the VBC paranormal romance recommendations page for a reason. All her couples spark with sexual tension. It doesn’t matter if they’re running from the bad guys, trying to decide which side they’re on, saving lives or, you know, making soup. The chemistry is there.

When I finished Sacrifice the Wicked, I thought we only had one more book (we do, the full-length One for the Wicked) and I asked Karina if tech geek extraordinaire Jonas would find love. That’s when she told me about the Wicked Lies novella. Jonas finds his love in the young, determined and oh-so-delicious Danny. Her first romance with two male leads, Karina brings the same connection I’ve seen in all her other couples to Jonas and Danny. It’s funny, dangerous and sexy.

The best part? All the money from the sales of Wicked Lies goes to the It Gets Better Project. Buy the book and you get great romance and get to help a worthy cause. Win-win, folks.

Here’s a quick excerpt from Wicked Lies with Jonas and Danny’s first conversation. Make sure to read to the end, where we have a seriously awesome Dark Mission giveaway.

Crawling across the floor, he hissed out words that would have had his feisty grandmother reaching for the back of his head. It took more effort than he wanted, more energy than he’d have strictly liked, but he did it. And the metal bit he found as his fingers closed around that swaying black dot had his heart singing hosannas. Within seconds, he’d managed to fit the small comm into his bruised, tender ear. “Hello?” It came out a guttural rasp.

“You found it, great job.” The voice that filled his straining ear sheared through… damn, everything. Pain and fear and impatience turned to a focus so sharp, so intense, that for a single moment, the gray cell faded to nothing. “My name is Jonas.” Masculine, warm without edging into inappropriately cheerful, Danny listened to the finest tenor he’d ever heard and fell back with a raw, visceral shudder. His shoulder collided with the far wall. He didn’t care.

There was someone out there. Someone real. He wasn’t alone.

“Danny? Danny, are you all right?”

Trembling, he cupped one hand over his ear and rasped, “Nice to meet you, Jonas.”

“We’ll meet face to face soon enough,” said that finely tuned voice. “Stay with me, kid. I’m going to get you through this.”

He closed his eyes. “I think I love you,” he managed through the shudders gripping him, rocking through his hard-won sense of calm. He wasn’t alone.

There was a brief moment of silence, and then a touch of amusement murmured through the link. “I bet you say that to all your rescuers.” His mysterious benefactor didn’t wait for a response. “Hang tight, man. We’re going to have to wait for the right moment, but I’ll be with you every step of the way. Can you walk?”

Danny’s eyes squeezed tighter. Even through the red and white fireworks detonating behind his eyelids, he knew what he’d say. “You bet.” Now, he just had to make sure he meant it. “Can…” His voice cracked, embarrassingly loud in the still silence of the cell. He braced an elbow against the wall behind him, wincing through the pull of abused muscles. “Can you see me, Jonas?”

“No,” came the immediate reply. “So I’m going to have to rely on your eyes.”



Danny’s mouth quirked again. Another flick of wry humor. Another twinge of torn scabs. “One’s swollen shut.”

The man said a word that turned the comm link electric.

It took effort not to laugh. “It’s a good eye,” he assured the mystery man. Jonas. He didn’t recognize the name, but he didn’t know all his grandmother’s people. She liked it better that way. Hell, he was only one of a handful—a seriously trusted handful—who even knew she existed.

He shifted on the cement floor, cringing as his tailbone failed to find a comfortable spot on the unyielding surface. “How long?”

“I’m not sure.” At least the man was honest. “A few minutes? An hour? A day? When it happens, it’ll happen fast, so you better stay with me, okay?”

Maybe it was the pain. Maybe it was the surreal kind of intimacy in the small cell, just him and a mysterious voice from God. He couldn’t see Jonas’ face. Didn’t even know what to picture, with that smooth as milk chocolate tenor and decisive optimism. He kept one dirty hand cupped over his ear, only vaguely aware he did it.

“With a voice like that,” Danny murmured, his chin sinking to his chest, “I’ll follow you into hell itself.”


Oh, you read that right. We have all five of Karina Cooper’s Dark Mission novels, including the upcoming One for the Wicked, for one VBC reader. Open to U.S. addresses only. Fill out the Rafflecopter form below to enter.

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