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Angel Fire by Marie Johnston // VBCNeed a new paranormal romance fix? Are you there for all the “mine” action of mates? Then today’s feature is for you. We have an exclusive excerpt from Marie Johnston’s Angel Fire, the first in a new PNR series.


Concentrating, Bryant descended to the human realm. It was a skill he wasn’t granted until he’d become a warrior. His parents posed as missionaries on Earth and he’d been at their mercy to travel back and forth, but he’d learned to respect the responsibility of keeping their kind secret from humans. The consequences were severe and unalterable.

Before he’d dressed for walking among the human realm, he’d folded his wings into his back. Another skill his kind was granted. With his wings morphed, his back looked like any other human’s. He’d built his tolerance and could maintain a morph for days with no ill effects other than a mild ache between his shoulder blades.

He descended to a secluded spot in a shopping mall in Dallas, Texas. Never had he been so grateful for his familiarity with the human world. He’d traveled long and far enough that he had many approved places land when he arrived in the realm.

With his wings morphed seamlessly into his back, an ability their kind used to blend with humans, Bryant strode purposefully through the corridors. Few people milled about as it was near closing time. His footsteps were soundless on the marble floor. A black ball cap with a Cowboys logo was drawn down to conceal his face and scars. He ducked his head and tucked his arms into his brown bomber jacket. Since he was in a shopping mall, he kept it simple in a black T-shirt and jeans and black boots.

He had made a concerning discovery of glitter-laden human clothing while searching Odessa’s dresser. Not glitter decorated clothing, but glitter on her clothing. Frowning, he had pawed through the drawers and searched pockets for any sign of where she might be. He had even found an undergarment drawer. It had been…an awakening…searching through tiny scraps of vibrantly colored cloth that were considered underwear. Brassieres with dainty, lacy cups and narrow straps. How in the world they were expected to contain Odessa’s impressive bust, he had no clue. But he was suddenly, insatiably curious.

Regardless, he had made it through her drawers and finally found a pen with a bank logo on it. Bryant quickly searched bank records, a handy skill he and his team had acquired. Sometimes getting to a possessed human in a place archmasters could be engaged required extensive investigation into a target’s life and activities. Walking up to someone in the middle of the grocery store, grabbing their forehead, chanting incantations, and then disappearing into another plane while the body flopped limp to the floor didn’t go over well with humans. Or with his boss.

Bryant had found only cash withdrawals and regular deposits from a company called Little Time in Odessa’s bank records, and judging from all the glitter he found, it was either a strip club or a craft store. A quick search revealed that it was a children’s clothing store.

Relieved, but more than a little perplexed, Bryant had located the mall with the store. All he had to do was take the escalator up to the third level and find out if Odessa was there. He chose to ignore the fact that if they had consummated their sync, he would feel her presence like a beacon anywhere on the earthly realm.


He doesn’t have to like his new mate, even if she is the only angel to accept him.

Bryant should’ve behaved himself. Now he’s been ordered to find a mate. Easier said than done when a bloke like him looks the way he does in a realm full of angels. He’d rather be fighting the good fight in the human realm. But mating the ravishing female that claims him shouldn’t be a hardship. If only her father wasn’t the reason for his scars.

Perhaps mating the surly, scowling warrior wasn’t Odessa’s best idea. But she’s committed, and he’s…frustrating. Enticing. Carrying a grudge she knows nothing about. Yet, when her boss winds up dead and she’s attacked, he’s there to save her.

Digging into the danger Odessa’s facing uncovers an ambitious plot against the realm. Good thing Bryant’s a persistent guy. He’ll stick to Odessa’s side and keep her safe, all so he can let her go in the end. Because one thing he’s learned about the down to earth angel is that she deserves better than him.

Except Odessa doesn’t want to be rid of the loyal warrior. But that’s an argument for a day when someone’s not trying to kill them.

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Marie Johnston is an award-winning writer of paranormal and contemporary romance, and a RITA® Finalist. Marie decided to pursue her passion for writing and traded in her lab coat for a laptop to write her first book ever, Fever Claim. She lives in the upper Midwest with her husband, four kids, and two kittens. Other than hanging out with her family, Marie enjoys reading, movie dates with her hubby, getting outside on sunny days, and the all too rare – girls’ night out.

Connect with Marie:

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  1. Liz S says:

    Enjoyed the excerpt very much. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Yeah, I can’t wait!

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    Great excerpt!

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    Love this cover!

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