Fangirl squeals and Authors After Dark


Authors After Dark - New OrleansI’m heading out to the Authors After Dark convention in New Orleans today. I even bought two cute new dresses for the occasion. I’m that kind of excited.

There are a ton of perks to events like this. For me, it’s mostly about getting to spend time with some of my favorite online friends — authors and bloggers alike. Expect photos.

However, it also means finally getting to meet favorite authors. At AAD, I will not only get to have the faves ink a signature in the front of a novel, but will have time to sit down and chat.

I’m an silly excited to meet Jeaniene Frost this week. I’ve been a fan of her books for so long, and she’s been utterly delightful in online communication (follow her on Twitter).

If you can’t go to AAD, I’m sure I’ll be tweeting photos and the like during the event, and I will do a wrap-up post here on VBC. I will probably have a giveaway, too, because I love you guys.

However, until then let’s talk about which author would earn a fan squeal from you. Which author would you most like 5 minutes to sit down and chat with? And what would you ask them?

8 Responses to “Fangirl squeals and Authors After Dark”

  1. Julie says:

    I’m currently in the middle of re-reading all the Kate Daniels books and I would LOVE to sit down with with Andrew and Ilona (the awesome couple that write as Ilona Andrews). I don’t think I’d have any questions for them but I would like to make them pinkie swear that they would never stop writing together. Too demanding????

  2. Jillian B says:

    Mine would be the Ilona Andrews couple too. I’d just ask them if they would marry me. =p

  3. Well, Kim Harrison is a given for me. Though when I did meet her, I could barely speak. 🙂 I think my next pick would be Rachel Vincent. I would ask her about her characters, world-building, conception, process…or I’d just stare at her with my mouth open, making us both feel really uncomfortable.

    ENJOY!! ♥

  4. Amanda says:

    Ummm…it’s a toss up between Karen Marie Moning and Nalini Singh, although I wouldn’t say no to Chloe Neill or Kalayna Price, either. As for questions, I’d probably just giggle hysterically the entire time.

    Oooh, Kevin Hearne! If I could meet him, I’d attempt to ask him some intelligent questions, but (I hope) we’d probably just sit around cracking jokes the whole time.

  5. Linda says:

    Laurell K. Hamilton. No doubt. As for what I would ask her… sigh… that’s trickier. So many questions, so little time. Is Anita Blake loosely based on herself? Is Nathaniel real (and in that case, can I borrow him?). How does she take her coffee? Where does she get her inspiration from? Has she ever visited the places she write about or does she just do a butt-load of reasearch before every book?

    I really hope I get the chance to meet her some day, even if the prospect of that right now is slim to none. When you live on the other side of the earth from someone, an actual meeting tends to get a little less likely. But I suppose nothing is impossible;)

    Vampire Book Club forever! Lots of love from Sweden<33

  6. Kat says:

    Kelly Gay & Jim Butcher! I just want to give Kelly a hug and thank her profusely for Charlie & Hank. I was floored when I read her first book. I shook my boyfriend & said OMG somebody else thought of male sirens too! You have to read this! I love her world building. Jim, Jim, what would I ask him? So many questions! Harry Dresden was my first Urban Fantasy series and is still hands down my favorite.I would ask Jim how he keeps coming up with fantastic, terrifying, heartwreching scrapes for Harry to get out of, and if he’d give me a sword fighting lesson or 2?

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