Giveaway: Afterlight by Elle Jasper


Afterlight by Elle Jasper (Dark Ink Chronicles #1)With a nice box of books set aside for giveaways, I decided it’s time for a a series of short-run contests here at VBC. That means you can expect to see more giveaways in the next few weeks, but they’ll only be open for a couple days instead of the standard week.

To start things off, I have a copy of the first Dark Ink Chronicles novel for one lucky reader. Elle Jasper’s Afterlight merges voodoo, magic and a unique vampire mythology and offers the sexytimes that include a vampire with the ability to slip into his lady’s dreams. Kind of awesome. (It could be creepy, but in the book it’s awesome.) You can read my spoiler-free review of Afterlight here, but then click back to enter for your chance to win a copy.

Since I’m shipping, this one is open to U.S. and Canadian addresses only. Be sure to enter on or before Thursday, Sept. 20.

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12 Responses to “Giveaway: Afterlight by Elle Jasper”

  1. Whoa cool! Just my type of books. Sounds an interesting read filled with magic and lore, the heroes and heroines type. I’ve never read this one though but it sure does sound familiar. I just hope that I win one.

  2. Amanda T. says:

    Love these books!

  3. Another series I want to read. It never ends! Seriously though, this book cover is extremely beautiful. Just love it.

    Thanks for the opp! ♥

  4. Alexandrea Ward says:

    That cover looks so cool! I would love to read this. All of the stuff I love to read about anyway lol.

  5. Teti says:

    The cover looks amazing and that really draws me to the book.

  6. smiling_ina says:

    Thanks so much for this wicked giveaway! I hadn’t heard of it before but the cover alone just grabbed me. I’m adding it to my TBR right now. 🙂

  7. Vilmarys says:

    Love the cover!!! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  8. That cover is stunningly gorgeous! What an awesome tattoo! I haven’t heard of this series before now. Thanks for sharing and a chance to win it! 🙂

  9. Maggie K says:

    Awesome cover – I totally dig it 🙂

  10. cindyg says:

    I absolutely…hands down love this series…

  11. Melissa Stephens says:

    Great cover!!

  12. cindy vinzant says:

    I cant wait

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