Giveaway: Character Love Letters


Character Love Letters at Vampire Book Club [2012]Did you really think I could have an event like this without a fun giveaway, too? With two weeks of Character Love Letters under our belts, and two more to go, it’s time for your chance to write your own letter to the book boyfriend of your choosing. Doing so may win you two books and new jewelry.

Maybe you’re swooning over one of the guys we are — Barrons or Rehvenge, perhaps? Or maybe like Terrible from Stacia Kane’s Downside series? Your call.

How to enter

Write your best “let me count the ways I love you” post to the fictional character you love the most from a book. Tell that hero why he makes your knees weak, why you wish he’d ditch his current heroine for you or just tell him why you love him. (You can write to a heroine, if you prefer.)

Once you’ve got your letter ready, post it in the comments below. This is your entry into the contest. If you’re a blogger, you’re welcome to post the love letter on your blog and add the link to that specific post in the comments instead.

What do you win?

1. To enter, you leave a comment on this blog post with your love letter to a book boyfriend.
2. You do not need to follow Vampire Book Club to be entered, but we sure do like it.
3. This contest is open internationally.
4. Contest closes at 11:59 p.m. CST on Feb., 29, 2012.
5. The winners will be selected using Random.org. Then each will be contacted via email and given 48 hours to claim her prize. If we do not hear from the winner(s) within that time, a new winner will be selected.
6. Entrants must be at least 18 years old or have their parent’s permission to enter. Please review our privacy policy, if you have any questions as to how Vampire Book Club uses your information. (Short version: we’ll only use it to contact you for this contest.)
7. Though unlikely, Vampire Book Club has the right to change or cancel any giveaway at any time without prior notice.
8. Vampire Book Club is not responsible for prizes lost or damage in transit.
9. Big thank you to Cemetery Cat Designs for providing the jewelry.

31 Responses to “Giveaway: Character Love Letters”

  1. Jessica Spinks (Inkbella) says:

    Dearest Zsadist

    I know you are with Bella, and I am happy that she awakened the male of worth within you, but I want you to know that you will be my most favorite Brother till the day I die! I fell head over heels for you scary sexy self right from the beginning in Dark Lover! You proved your loyalty and worthiness even then when you hid behind your inner torture. You have  wit and honor, From page one of your book I knew you’d touch me in places no character ever has! I am very happy for you Bella Nalla and for your twin Phury!! know this I am forever yours and your book is the most read on my shelf! We share a love of granny smith apples too! I know we’ll never have a date but I’d love to go apple picking with you and Nalla! 
    So while you aren’t mine know I am forever yours to the fade and beyond! 

  2. maria Ibarra says:


    I know this letter is forbidden, I know that you have a shellan now, and I also know that the part of you which i call master is still there. Since Dark Lover I have been yours, my eyes only see you, my dark fantasies only have you in them. Jane doesn’t really understand that dark side of you like I do, Your piercing blue eyes tell me that I am right. We belong together mind, body, and soul. I understand what you have lived through, what you had to do to survive and I don’t think any less of you and you know this. I am here for you, and always will be, until we meet again in march for Lover Reborn I will wait for you and you will be forever in my thoughts.

  3. To My Dearest Love Hollywood

    My heart is in ur hands. I.shall.help you tame the beast within you and u can tame the one in side of.me.that longs to hold ur beast close. When I think of your lips sucking on my grape.tootispop I melt and am dying to know how many licks til to the center of me. I know our love is forbidden because right now u lay with another but in time you will see how ur heart longs to be with me. How many times I’ve dreamer I.was.laying in bed wad aching you suck on ur tootispop getting ready to go fight the lessees know that u but ur lfe.on thebline so we can live in peace makes me happy and sad. Just take care out there and know am at home waiting for your return.

  4. CdnMrs says:

    Dear Curran,
    I know that you’re the Beast Lord and I’m just a lowly office manager, but I just can’t hold it in anymore, I love you.
    You’re kind, but firm, you love and cherish children and you like your steak almost as rare as I like mine.
    Ever since I read about your first appearance in Unicorn Lane I’ve wanted to tell you how much you make my lady parts tingle. I have spent countless hours thinking about ways to make you purr and how I could bake you many, many apple pies. You wouldn’t have to steal them either, I’d bring them to you, dressed in nothing but cat nip sachets.

    I know that you’re with somebody, but chances are Roland will find her and she’ll be dead in the next book or so. Think of how easy it would be to have my parents as in laws, no one trying to kill you or your people because of me. I could make your life infinitely easier just by not being her.

    Let me be your crazy cat lady.
    Love and kisses,

    Ps. Please don’t show this letter to Kate, she scares me.
    Pps. I know how loyal you are, so you’re probably going to show this to Kate. Can you at least give me a head’s up or something? Thanks.


  5. I know that you’re with somebody, but chances are Roland will find her and she’ll be dead in the next book or so.

    LOL. Too good.

    • Sadie says:

      My Dearest Bird,

      Perhaps you are still mad at me. ‘Blood running on white steps,’ or what have you, but that can change. I can change. I refuse to be left alone, and I refuse to leave you alone. Your radiant smile and gorgeous heart-shaped face leave me weak and struggling to go on. Even in death I find myself drawn to you. You are beyond death. You are my life.


      Your One & Only Vampire

  6. CdnMrs says:

    A girl can dream. 😉

  7. Surfin4Disney says:

    Dearest Bill,

    I’ve loved you from the moment you walked into the bar; providing an easily silence to the one you love. I’ve loved you through all of your ups and downs; your rise to glory and your fall from grace. I watched you commit the ultimate betrayal through eyes filled with tears. I heard your pain through ears echoing with screams from pages being read. Through it all, I love you still. My heart breaks for you and your love; for the torture of watching the one you love, love someone else.

    So I offer you this. My love in turn for hers. Come to me.

  8. Na S. says:


    I know love letters is not your thing. Neither are birthday cakes, rainbows or unseelie. However, I know you have an appetite for the forbidden and rare. No, I’m not talking about Mac. I’m talking books.

    Words can be powerful things. They can teach, harm or heal. They can also hide secrets. Intriguing isn’t it? I would like to offer you a piece of what you hold dear: books. They are not just ordinary things but within the pages are secrets. My secrets.

    Let’s take on the world together.


  9. J.N. Duncan says:


    I know. Why the hell am I writing a letter? Laurel says my mouth and brain don’t always work well together, so I should say the things I want to say on paper so that I can get my thoughts out without interference. What the fuck does she know? Shelby said she would make you write one if I didn’t, so think of this as saving your ass from all this sentimental bullshit. Anyway, I don’t even know if you do Valentine’s. Do you?

    By the way, I started this damn thing two hours ago, if that’s any indication of my writing prowess. I might be lucky to finish by morning at this rate. I have no fucking clue what to say. I’ve never done Valentine’s stuff before. Do we do dinner or something? I’d like that. Just thinking about your kitchen makes my mouth water. You also look pretty good in an apron. God, I just realized that I don’t even know if you want to do Valentine’s. It’s the day for love and romance and all that shit. I mean, I guess we have some of that going on, don’t we? God, I sound like an idiot. Well, maybe not, but Laurel just told me to erase that and I’m not going to.

    Shelby told me to pretend you wouldn’t actually read this letter, and to be honest, I may not give it to you. These things are stupid. I mean, really. If I wanted a repeat of what happened on the kitchen floor last weekend, I could just tell you, right? Problem is, I tried that, and my mouth locked up on me. Maybe there’s something to this letter thing after all.

    So, can we do something nice for dinner? Seafood maybe? I’d like that. I love watching you cook. Hell, I love watching you do most anything. You have the ease and confidence of motion that makes me always feel like you know what you’re doing. You have this stability about you, like your soul is rooted deep into the ground. I need that. You keep the world from spinning on me. Christ, I sound like a babbling school girl, and Shelby just threatened to post this on facebook if I tried to erase it. She really is a bitch.

    Is food and sex too much to want from this damn holiday? I think it makes me sound kind of lame. You have so much to offer beyond that, but I don’t even know what to ask for or what I even want. Just feed me, ok? And be there, like you always are. I still don’t get you and why you insist on not going away, but I can’t complain. Being with you makes me feel secure, which I can’t say I ever remember feeling. I get to relax around you and not be afraid you’ll judge me. Shit, this day doesn’t do you justice at all. You’ve made me feel like really living again, and there is no holiday worthy of that.

    So, I guess what I really want is just to be with you. Can we have a whole day, just you and me? Your kitchen and your bed. That’s all I need or want. I’ll figure out how to show you how much you’ve come to mean to me when I get there. If it’s one thing I know I’m good at, it’s just fucking winging it. You know, like the other day in your barn. That was, well, that rocked. We could do that again. So, let’s say kitchen, bed, and barn? Simple enough, right? You cook the food and get naked. I’ll do the rest.


    Love, (Laurel added this, she says I can’t send it without it)


    (Jackie’s Valentine letter to Nick, the hero/heroine from my Deadworld series)

  10. Sabrina Rice says:

    To my dearest dimitri,
    I love you and need you like a animal needs air and wish you could see me instead of concentrating on Rose. You are capable of so many things and it is possible to love more than one person and we both know that what we have is special. My darling I only hope that with this letter and token of my love (a locket with a picture of us) you will be reminded of what we have and think about our future,
    Goodbye my sweetest love
    Forever and always.

  11. synde korman says:

    wow some awesomely fantastic letters..can’t wait to see who wins!

  12. Julie says:

    My dearest Bones,

    Like so many hunky alphas, you are loaded with honorable traits. You’re dead sexy (pun intended), you can kick some serious bad guy butt and you’re loyal to your beloved Cat. But on top of all those wonderful things, you have the one thing that most other alpha males just don’t have. You are a lot of fun!

    I love how everything you do is done with a wink, a nudge and a kick when your opponent is down. While I can only love you from afar (since, frankly, Cat scares me to death!) I can tell you that I treasure our time together and only hope that I hear more from you soon.

    And more than anything else, thank you for chapter 32. I made my husband read it (seriously, I did). It should be required reading for all heterosexual men.

  13. Marina says:

    Dear Hakwe,

    I’ve been reading your book the past few days and I can’t help it any more…. I need to tell you…… You are making a terrible mistake! You the SnowDancer alpha!!!!! And you are hooking up with a 19 year old girl! What are you thinking?!

    I know that she can be charming, but she is a Psy! Don’t you forget that!

    But me….. I can give you so much more! I would love you passionately, I won’t interfere with you Alpha issues, I won’t give you the silent treatment and I won’t ever, ever slam the door in your face!!!!

    I will be the most tame and submissive wolf you’ve ever seen!

    Now snap out of your infatuation and come find me quickly!

    With all my love and devotion,

  14. Jackie says:

    My dear Raphael,
    You are definitely the darkest and strongest Archangel of the Cadre of Ten. You are something I shouldn’t want but in reality want desperately. To feel your strength in your arms and to be infolded in you arms while flying through the air. I love the idea of loving and fighting with you for as long as we can. I know I am definitely up to the task. I know Elena is your true love, but if that ever ends come find me. I will fight and love you just as good if not better.



  15. I did mine on my blog. Can you blame a girl for wanting a little traffic? o,.,o


  16. Vovka says:

    One day you shot Mac a look that pretty much said “Fuck off and die”
    I hope one day you will look at me that way, and I will answer you with a laconic and Barrons-like : “Try”.
    Try to fuck me and try to kill me.
    Try to touch me, to restrain me, try to catch me, to kiss me.
    Try harder Jericho, I don’t even feel your magnetic breath on my neck.
    Try even harder, but you can’t reach me. I won’t let that happen, I won’t let you rock my world with your incredible strength, I can’t let you be my fucking universe with your fucking arrogance, I won’t let you possess my whole body since you already have my heart in your long, strong and beautiful fingers.

    You’re all I always wanted to have and always wanted to be.
    You’re all I always feared to love and always feared to become.
    You’re my the world.

  17. Aliyah says:

    Dear Jean-Claude,

    I grew up in a world where sensuality was neither appreciated nor allowed. Once the day was over and I was able to I would read about your relationship, complicated though it was, with Anita and the rest of your people. You taught me that being sensual never required weakness. That paying attention to other people’s interests shows an amount of caring and selflessness that those who are weaker and less able to love freely will never understand. You, Julianna and Asher remind me that love comes in all forms and that there is strength in difference. You will always have a piece of my heart though I know Anita and your people have yours.


  18. Susan Nguyen says:

    Dear Crispin
    My heart aches every time I notice your accent, your eyes and your hair. Your sensual words and dirty jokes make me smile. You are a super sexy guy and i Think you’re damn well fit.

    That is all


  19. Vilmarys says:

    Dear Ash,

    Let me just start by saying that I fell in love with you the first time I read about you in Night Pleasures. I knew you were not just another crush when I read your entire story. I wanted to be the one to put Artemis in her place and take away all you hurt and declare you mines. I don’t care about your past or that you are the harbinger of destruction. You are so strong and have fought for centuries so that you would not fall prey to your own fate. The fact that you turn blue and grow fangs when you lose all control is A-OK with me. Blue is my favorite color and you can sink those fangs into me anytime you want to quench that thirst of yours. And there is only one word to describe your silver eyes: SEXY!!! I can stare into your eyes all day. Your ever-changing hair color alone tells me that I would never get bored with you. You will always keep me on my toes. But its not just your sexual appeal that makes me love you. Its the person you are inside. Your so sweet and very generous. Always willing to help out a friend. You are someone I know I can always count on. I would be lying if I didn’t say I wish you would leave Tory for me but knowing that you are happy will have to do. Just know that if you ever decide to leave her, I will be waiting for you with open arms. Until then, I will see you in my dreams.

    All my love,


  20. Dear Wrath,
    I know you have Beth, and I could go on about how you should leave her. I know you won’t. But I guess I should get to the point.
    I want you to be my valentine. A kiss, maybe two from you, and one of those roses I so like would be a wonderful gift. I have always secretly admired you, and I would do anything to do be able to glimpse your face, even for a second.
    I might be in love with you, my king, and I wish you felt the same about me. I love you because your strong, you’re beautiful, and every time I see you, my knees get wobbly and weak. I love how you can be tender, yet kill with your bare hands. You are a menacing presence, an elephant in the room, yet your care deeply for those few you love and would do anything for them.
    I don’t know how long these feelings will last, and I hope it doesn’t because of the pain it causes when I see you kiss her, but for now I will cherish it.
    Always and forever, Your secret admirer.


  21. Sharon Ames says:

    Dear Lothaire,

    I am in a dark room and I am wishing to be with you
    My luscious lips on your neck and sensual kisses down your chest

    Lick, suck, bite with delight
    I will give you much loving torture that will excite

    My fingers caressing your face and hair
    Ready to kiss you with much despair
    So my love, come to me and I will show you
    How to be free – chains, whips and lacy wear is what awaits for you to be bared

    I’ll show you my secret spot that will bring us both sexual delight
    And will make us implode with the earth’s great might

  22. Diana says:

    Dear Dimitri,
    I took the courage and I decided to express my feelings. I can’t stop thinking of you from the first time I met you. It was almost two years ago when I read the first book of Vampire Academy. I really liked you. I liked your personality and I tried to imagine in my mind how you would be look like. In the second book I began to fall in love with you and to be envied Rose. In the third book I had totally fallen in love with you and hated Rose. In the fourth book I cried for days and I was so angry . In the fifth book I stopped to hate Rose . She still is not my favorite person but I am grateful that she made to save you. I’m so happy for that. In sixth book, I’m not gonna say lie to you. I haven’t read it yet because I know that you will break my heart. I know that you and Rose would be together in the end and I’m not ready for that.
    You probably you never read my letter but I don’t really care. My therapist told that would be good for me If I write this letter.
    I hope you are fine and happy.

    I’m Yours,

    I feel so stupid right now. My English is not so well, so sorry for my mistakes.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  23. Chelle says:

    How about I skip all the pleasantries and get right to it, hm? Straight out, Elena will never accept you for who you really are, what you really are. She’s madly in love with your brother anyway, regardless of his reacquired crazy. Why are you trying to change yourself to please someone who will never allow herself to give in to your dark desires?

    Instead, move on from the overemotional, everything has to be about me, Elena and give me a whirl. Not only do I accept you, but I also won’t have any need to be compelled to keep your secrets, to be with you. Together we would be a force to reckon with, we would watch people shiver as we walked into a room, feeling and tasting their fear in the air. Your enemies wouldn’t be able to hurt you ever again with me watching your back.

    Alright, so I really just want to join you in a bubble bath and forget everything outside your rooms even exists… is that so bad?

    Yours for eternity,

  24. Penny says:

    I can’t imagine walking through life without you by my side.

  25. Hannah says:

    Dear Ilias,
    I know, I know, the likelihood is that no one else on this page knows who you are, you aren’t domineering, powerful beyond belief or wildly sexual, you aren’t Raphael, or Bones, or Curran. You’re used to being slighted and ignored by the very people you protect.

    And yes, I also know Tremaine would very likely shoot me if she ever found out about this letter.

    But there’s something very special about you, something very friendly, very real.

    You fell in love with a woman who was very odd, a little mad and with homicidal impulses that tended to overcome the occasional suicidal ones. A woman from a war torn world on the brink of surrender.

    And you know what? That was ok. That was fine. Because you were a little odd too. The Chosen Vessel’s foster brother, forever an outcast because of the curse mark on your cheek, the sign that you’d survived the malignant touch of sorcery. You go out, every day, and defend the very people who shun you with your life.

    When you first met Tremaine, on that Isle of Storms, you risked your life to help her and Florian escape the wizards, even though you didn’t know a thing about them -didn’t even speak the same language as them. Even after Ander the eternally suspicious showed up and questioned your every move -it’s amazing how some things come across the language barrier so clearly, isn’t it? You stuck with them, helping them find their lost friend even though you were looking for your foster brother Gil at the same time.

    You supported Tremaine, even when it became obvious that they were themselves wizards, even though you more than anyone had reason to hate wizards. And of course, you being the foster brother of the guy in charge of killing wizards…well, your support counted for a lot.

    You listened to her plans and went along with them. You made her feel loved, and that there was a place in the world where she fit -even if it wasn’t her own.

    Hell, you even helped her win a war and rescue two worlds at the same time. You helped forge an alliance between a race of people who hated, and plenty of reason to hate, magic and the ‘foreign wizard people’.

    You deliberately tried to overcome your prejudices, learning to accept magic. You dealt with her crazy family. You really, really worked on your relationship. When Tremaine decided she had to break it off for your sake and tried to tell you that it would never work, you told her that she was crazy and that when she got over ‘whatever this was’, you’d be there, waiting.

    And when you suspected she was dead you still went back to her world, even with no guarantee you’d return, just to make sure.

    And that, Ilias, is why you will always have a special place in my heart. You might not rule the world, but you gave one to a broken, slightly insane woman. You took chances and were stubborn. You were earnest, angry, loving, charming, suspicious, sarcastic…you were real.

    I know, I know, you belong to her. And she deserves you, deserves happiness. But know that I’ll always be looking for you. For a man who will love me, support me, argue with me -but never contradict me in public. A friend, a lover and, most of all, a partner. Someone to believe in me, even when I don’t.

  26. Vikki says:

    Dear Bones,

    I know you have Cat and that you love her truly, and I respect your devotion to her. However your occupations are a little dangerous and it is possible that one day Cat and Bones will be at an end. Sorry to be blunt but I know you appreciate honesty. All I’m saying is that when if the time comes that you and Cat are parted you shall not have to spend eternity alone.
    I bloody love you, and have always loved you. I love your sense of humour and your protective streak.. I mean come on, you’re British, I’m British, you’re undead, I’m willing to be turned. How is this not perfect?

    If this letter does not sway you from Cat…is there any chance you could introduce me to Vlad?

    Yours eternally

    p.s. Cat if you’re reading this, please don’t kill me…can you blame me for wanting your man.
    p.p.s. Cat…..could you introduce me to Vlad?

  27. Book Huntress says:


    I know this whole human holiday thing makes no sense to you, to be honest this one confuses some of us humans too. That being said I can’t let this opportunity go by and not tell you what you mean to me. You were my “first”, well my first official foray into this new paranormal romance / urban fantasy world. I had flirted with it some based on books lent to me by friends, but yours was the first I picked up deliberately and I haven’t looked back since!!!

    I kind of wished we had met at least once before you found Beth and I found my husband (aka Hellren), one night of shared passion to look back on thru the years, but alas it wasn’t meant to be.

    I wish you all the best.


    Book Huntress

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