Closed Giveaway: Official Vampire Academy shirts & more


Red Vampire Academy bookmarkBlack Vampire Academy bookmarkVampire Academy fans can finally purchase official merchandise — shirts, bookmarks, keychains — from the series. While there are some great fan-made shirts out there, if you look hard enough, it’s much better to have the real-deal. These ones have been signed off on by Richelle Mead. She loves them. We love them. Now, you get to love them. (Jump to the giveaway.)

The company creating and producing the new line of VA goodies, Arcane Vault, actually designed the molnija mark for Richelle.

If your memory is failing you, there are three different tattoos the dhampirs who become Guardians receive: first is the promise mark indicating they agree protect the Moroi, next comes the molnija which signifies each evil Strigoi they’ve slain and finally the third one, which Rose made necessary, is the Zvezda mark, which says you killed so many Strigoi in that battle we lost count. Now you can see what each mark looks like, and wear it with pride. (The items with the Zvezda mark are open for pre-order right now. We like this one.)

In addition to items featuring the Guardian tattoos, Arcane Vault has created a few shirts with the “Property of St. Vladimir’s Academy Athletic Department” emblazoned on the front. We wear this one with pride, and pretend we’re spending all those hours practicing with Dimitri. (We usually wear a small, but went with a medium and it fits great. Hits just below the hip. Also, way cute.)

A couple notes, if you’re going to order some of the Vampire Academy shirts. Check the sizing charts for each different shirt style. They do vary. We found the babydoll shirts fit nicer a size up, additionally, those babydolls are very lightweight. (We wear a black bra with the black molnija shirt just to be safe.) All the other shirts, this is not an issue.

Arcane Vault is working on new items, and has invited Vampire Academy fans to fill out a survey telling them what items and designs you want. We’re not big on logos, so we’re happy they haven’t gone that direction so far, but maybe you really want a nice VA shirt. You can let them know here.


And now for the fun part. Knowing how big of Richelle Mead and Vampire Academy fans the Vampire Book Club readers are, Arcane Vault was kind enough to provide shirts, bookmarks and keychains for a giveaway. We’re going to have four winners, and here’s the breakdown.

These are the four shirts up for grabs:

  1. Black molnija babydoll T-shirt (Size large, but does run smaller. Full details.)
  2. Dark Blue ‘Property of St. Vladimir Academy’s Athletic Department’ T-shirt (Ladies large, fits true to size. Full details.)
  3. Berry promise mark T-shirt (Ladies large, fits true to size. Full details.)
  4. Gray molnija mark unisex T-shirt (Unisex large, fits like a men’s large. Full details.)

Vampire Academy molnija mark babydollVampire Academy: Athletic Department T-ShirtFirst place: First choice of shirt (from the four shown at right), plus a red leather bookmark embossed with the VA logo and two Vampire Academy keychains featuring the molnija mark (one red, the other black).

Second place: Choice of shirt from remaining three, a black leather bookmark embossed with the official molnija mark and one red molnija keychain.

Vampire Academy: Promise Mark T-ShirtVampire Academy: Gray molnija mark T-shirtThird place: Choice of shirt from the remaining two and one red molnija keychain.

Fourth place: Remaining official Vampire Academy T-shirt.

On the entry form, we have built in a place to put the shirts in the order you want them. If you do not want a particular shirt (maybe because of sizing), just don’t select it.



1. You must fill out the form to enter. Comments alone do not count as an entry.

2. Optional bonus entries are available for this contest. While not required, we will give bonus entries for the following:

  • +1 bonus entry – Blog follower/subscriber
  • +1 bonus entry – Twitter follower (@VampBookClub)
  • +2 bonus entries – Blog about, tweet or link to this contest (must include link)
  • +2 bonus entries – Comment on this post answering the following: Which Vampire Academy character is your favorite? Why do you connect with him or her? (Be sure to include a way for us to connect this entry with your form — for example, use the same name/nickname)

3. This contest is open internationally. (Because we love our international readers.)

Enter to win official Vampire Academy merchandise!4. You must enter no later than 5 p.m. CST on Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2010.

5. Winners will be contacted via email. They will then have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize(s), or we will select another winner.

6. Entrants must be at least 13 years old, or have their parent’s permission to enter this contest. Please review our privacy policy, if you have any questions as to how Vampire Book Club uses your information. (Short version: we’ll only use it to contact you for this contest.)

94 Responses to “Closed Giveaway: Official Vampire Academy shirts & more”

  1. Megan Dubyuh says:

    Also, I follow you on twitter and the blog and I tweeted (http://twitter.com/megandubyuh/status/22164537051).

  2. Rebecca says:

    Yay! That’s so cool! 😀

    I really hope I win… I’d LOVE to wear one of those shirts!!

  3. Ash L says:

    My favorite character is Rose. I don’t know that I’m exactly like her, but she is a good role model when it comes to survival and fighting for what you believe in! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Christine P says:

    Rose is definitely my favorite. I can identify with her the most because she’s just so darn misunderstood by the people who don’t know her very well…That’s me! The people she’s closest to, get her…

  5. Vicky N. says:

    This is sooo cool! I’ve always wondered how the marks look like, I particularly like the promise mark, it’s so simple, but amazing!!

    My favorite VA character is Rose, of course because she’s so strong, and she never lets herself be persuaded and goes after what she believes in!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  6. Anne Royce says:

    My favorite character is Christian 🙂 Most people don’t like him but he doesn’t give a damn about what people think of him. He’s awesome! Rose and he are somewhat alike but I like him more 🙂

  7. Linda K. says:

    Adrian is by far my fave. He’s put his heart on the line, knowing that it’s more than likely to get broken. But, he did it for all the right reasons and he puts Rose’s feeling above his own.

    linda _ keeran at hotmail dot come

  8. Farzana_14 says:

    Hi VBC!

    Great prizes and thanks for opening it up to the internationals!

    My favourite character would be Rose – because she’s a smart, independent, strong woman who isn’t afraid to try new things. She has the best adventures and manages to get herself out of the more intriguing circumstances using all the resources available to her. She’s experienced a lot in the young life but doesn’t let that faze her to always do her best and is always determined to go the distance for those she loves.

    I connect to her – because I aspire to be a woman like this – one that can achieve great things.

    +1 bonus entry – I’m a Blog follower/subscriber
    +1 bonus entry – I’m a Twitter follower
    +2 bonus entries – I tweeted on this contest
    +2 bonus entries – I commented on this post answering both questions
    = 6 Total bonus points hehehe 

  9. Karoline says:

    My favorite character has to be either Rose or Dimitri. They’re both strong mentally and physically. I love Rose because of her wit, and her guts to fight back. Dimitri seems to represent the calm cool type – which I really like as well.

    What an awesome contest!!!! thanks!!!

  10. Christine says:

    Which Vampire Academy character is your favorite? Why do you connect with him or her?

    Dimitri is my favorite character. How can he not be everyone’s favorite? He went from being this great guy who loves Rose, even though it’s heavily frowned upon, to becoming a monster, of sorts, who is so twisted between his former life and what he is now. It’s fascinating to watch his two natures battle it out. And isn’t that what becoming an “adult” is? Fighting between the impulses you once indulged in regularly as a teenager and the need to rise above it.

    (I haven’t read Spirit Bound, btw. I’m a little scared to read it until Last Sacrifice comes out because Richelle is known for the heartwrenching cliffhangers.)

  11. Mojca J. says:

    It’s hard to decide for only one, but this time I’ll go for Adrian, because you just can’t help but love him, despite all his flaws =)

    p.s. I’m über happy that the contest ist open for international fans =)

  12. Lisa B. says:

    These shirts are awesome! I love the “Property of…” shirt the best!

  13. Emily McKeown says:

    Love the options! VA is the best!

  14. Heather Scott says:

    I think Rose is my favorite character. She is strong, passionate, indpendent and fully capable of taking care of herself. I think I connect with her because she really embodies the kind of woman I try to be…self sufficient but loving and loyal to those I care about. She is a great role model!

  15. Yan says:

    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!!!

  16. Such a great giveaway! Thanks!

  17. Aashna says:

    Vampire Academy rocks every other vampire book’s socks! =P

  18. melisa_hp says:

    I’ve got more than a couple favourite characters, maybe 4 or 5. But if I had to choose one, that would be Christian. Why? Because he’s really funny, I love the way he’s, with his sarcasm and witty comments. I really enjoy reading about him, he makes me laugh a lot xD specially when being with Rose, they’re hilarious xD

  19. Elise says:

    Adrian. Smoking, bad-ass, mysterious.. everything i want… but will never find… only in books though.. but it creates an awesome fantasy.. JOKES.

    alshdfsldjfhalsgjd ADRIAN.
    and also adjfalhdfjkghasdfg THIS PRIZE. 🙂

  20. Kerrie_B says:

    VA has so many wonderful characters, that it is hard to choose a favorite. Rose has got to be the BEST Female character ever created and Richelle did a wonderful job in making her relateable to readers …..she’s strong, loyal, funny, trustworthy and independent. Rose would do anything to protect the ones she loves and that is why I can relate to her, as I too, would do anything for my loved ones. Rose is young but grows and matures beautifully throughout the series, which is what life is all about. To go through this with her is an amazing journey, and one that I wish will never end.

  21. Dimkalove says:

    This question is SO difficult. *sigh* okay, I would have to say my favorite is Dimitri. He’s just the ideal man, and a Russian accent can’t hurt 😉 not only that, but also having seen the “bad guy” side of him makes him that much more realistic. This is also such a tough choice because I simply love rose. She’s without a doubt the strongest female character, and I love that.

  22. Chloe P. says:

    I love Rose, because she’s strong but she would do anything for the people she cares about. Also Dimitri, because he’s gorgeous, has a sexy accent, and is pretty much the sweetest person ever.

  23. Elin says:

    Christian, cuz I think he seems like a great person and – like him – other people don’t usually hang with me or say hi to me, I only have thiese few people whol I love

  24. Jasmine says:

    I like Rose. Because, she cares about her friends, she’s strong, tries hard to do something if she really wants to (like when in practice…she was gone for 2 years, then she was able to catch up because she tried), sometimes answers something to other people just to annoy them, and keeps promises. I (think) I connect with her because, I care a lot about my friends. I help with their work at school, if something’s wrong, I’ll try to help them. I also try hard if I want to be able to do something, like studying really hard for exam, even though I didn’t really understand the subject, and ending up with getting an A. And I also keep promises to my friends, even though sometimes I forget, I try my best to keep my promise. My friend asked me to help her summarize 1 1/2 page from the textbook for her, so I promised her I’d do it tomorrow. I did. I like her most that she cares very much for her best friend.

    I love Adrian and Rose together! hehehehhee Adrian’s nice to Rose…he funded her trip to Russia, and helped her with almost everything, and he quit smoking for Rose also.
    ….Just wanted to express my thoughts. hehe = ]

  25. Ladytink_534 says:

    What a great giveaway! I would love to win one of these awesome shirts 🙂

  26. Sheena says:

    That is really cool. I really do hope that I win. I never win any kind of contest and it would really make my day if I win!

  27. Nora says:

    I hope I win something. LOL. It’s be awesome!

  28. roxy815 says:

    awesome givaway!!!

  29. Elwen says:

    I like Rose because she is strong and ironic, its the type of person that fits with me. As a book character she is always growing and thats great because it gives the story more credibility.

  30. Getse says:

    I lika Rose so much overall because she has a strong chracter an a big determination, she is so friendly and responsable with her job

  31. Melissa Nataly says:

    My favorite character is Dimitri. He fights for the ones he loves and cares about people. He’s kind, brave, strong, fierce, passionate, caring. He is such a good man, with a good and compassionate heart. And aside from how hot he really is those are the things that made Dimitri a very much appealing character, plus I can relate to him in the whole forgiveness of the soul art.

    +1 bonus entry – Blog follower/subscriber
    +1 bonus entry – Twitter follower (@VampBookClub)
    +2 bonus entries – Blog about, tweet or link to this contest (must include link)http://twitter.com/Minamostaza/statuses/23005934986
    +2 bonus entries – Comment on this post answering the question.

  32. Heather Daniels says:

    done,done, & done. thx hope i win

  33. Kelly says:

    What a great competition and so glad it’s open internationally too! Love the VA series sooo much xo

  34. My favorite Vampire Academy character is Rose Hathaway. I can connect with her because her personality is the ‘real me’ I have to hide because of the society I live in. I can’t just start fights and say vulgar words without being reprimanded by the school or being punished by my parents. I feel the need to defend myself when I’m being wronged and I have this strong urge to always protect my friends. I also want to love the man I want to without worrying about what people would say. I am a responsible person by nature but I want to be reckless like Rose too. I want to be true myself, just like how Rose is true to herself.

  35. I’m really happy that international entries are accepted. I hope I win! I would love to spread the Vampire Academy Fever here!

  36. Alyssa says:

    Thanks for the chance to win these amazing prizes!

    I love Rose! Her strength and willingness to fight for what she loves is so endearing in a character. She’s tough but not afraid to show love.

  37. Marie D says:

    Hi Vampire book club !
    Thanks for this amazing giveaway with great prizes and thanks for opening it up to international because i’m french but i’m also a fan of vampire academy !

    My favourite character would be Rose because she’s a smart, independent,and brave. She is meant to be aggressive and a little reckless but her devotion to her best friend slash charge is frankly her only admirable trait. In the books she began to realize what was important to her, she also has a stronger sense of duty. She realizes that it comes with sacrifices that she will have to make in the future. Not many teenagers grasp that concept so well. She is a strong female character.

    And I connect to her because I aspire to be a woman like her, she is like a model for me.

    +1 bonus entry – I’m a Blog follower/subscriber
    +1 bonus entry – I’m a Twitter follower
    +2 bonus entries – I tweeted on this contest
    +2 bonus entries – I commented on this post answering both questions
    Total = 6 bonus points 🙂

  38. Kelly says:

    Great contest!
    Dimitri’s always been my favorite. He’s sexy, sweet and when he puts his mind to something he’s totally dedicated to it. I honestly can’t resist a guy like that. 🙂

  39. Awesome Contest!
    +1 I follow you on twitter
    +1 I am a blog follower

    I def love Dimitri as my fav character. He is just so mysterious and sexy…well until he turns into a Strigoi, then hes kinda creepy. (lol) Until he gets healed, and then hes so sensitive, Ahhh I love this Russian man! lol
    Thanks for the chance to win!


  40. April says:

    This is an awesome idea!

    My favorite is Rose hands down. She’s strong and loyal. I can relate to her very much. And she is willingly to put her best friend above her and her needs.

  41. Nathan says:

    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway I love Vampire Academy :D!!!

  42. Fiona says:

    My favourite Vampire Academy character is Tasha Ozera, she’s tough, smart and independant. But she also loves and cares fiercely for her family (Christian). She’s also strong with using her magic as a weapon and doesn’t let anyone pressure her into giving up her own opinions. I don’t exactly ‘connect’ with her, but I think that I’d like to be more like her, and I also understand how her past has helped shape her as she is today.

  43. Deise says:

    I am very happy!
    the club is too much.
    I’m lovin it!

  44. lara says:

    my favorite VAMPIRE ACADEMY character would be ADRIAN,. because even though he knows that ROSE still loves DIMITRI,. he still continues to love ROSE,. and he’s very HOT and SEXY,. plus with the power that he has, what more can you ask for,. xp

  45. Kristy Lucas says:

    Awesome shirts. I would love to have one! Of course I would buy another so while one is being washed I would still have one on!!


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