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One of the joys of being a full-time writer is that my days are pretty varied—there’s no such thing as an average day. Doing circus-based entertainment work on the side also helps, as it means I get to balance introvert and extrovert activities (highly necessary). So this is sort of the melded version of my days. They’re not usually this packed; very often I will just lounge in pajamas from sunrise to sunset.

8:00AM – alarm goes off. Smack alarm off. Go back to sleep under guise of “I just need to curl over a second”

9:00AM – wake up for realzies, feel a little ashamed for sleeping in. Check email while still in bed because I have a mild addiction to information.

9:30AM – yoga! Wander down the block for a nice morning practice.

11AM – writing date! Run to a cafe after a quick breakfast for a few hours of writing with my Seattle author-mate, Danielle Dreger. Drink lots of coffee. Buy lots of sandwiches. Save all the receipts because this is a business meeting.

3PM – Event-managing gig! Head back home to change into something spiffy, then go to wherever the venue is. Probably somewhere classy I wouldn’t normally be invited to. Help performers set up—get dressing room in order, help stilt-walkers into their costumes, that sort of thing—then work with the client to ensure everything goes smoothly. Mingle with a lot of people who are in awe over the performers doing daredevil tricks and generally just being beautiful. Remember that my average day of work is pretty damn cool.

A.R. Kahler9PM – Head home. Ate at the gig so make a cup of tea and catch up on emails. By that, I mean put on Netflix (Fullmetal Alchemist? Parks & Rec? Archer? Depends on the day) and get sidetracked.

10:30PM – Think “I should go to bed.” One more episode.

11:30PM – “I should really go to bed.” Finish this episode. Maybe start….no!

Midnight – Go to bed. Read a bit. Journal.

Rinse and repeat.


This is a blog tour giveaway (a.k.a. this giveaway is posted a few other places), but it’s pretty sweet, so I suggest you still enter. One winner will receive a signed copy of Immortal Circus: Act Two and Immortal Circus: Final Act (+ Martyr swag, including stickers, bookmarks, a signed bookplate, and trading cards). Open to U.S. addresses only.

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3 Responses to “Guest Post & Giveaway: A Day in the Life of Alex Kahler”

  1. Thanks so much for being on this tour!!!

  2. Brooke says:

    Alex is a funny guy! Thanks for sharing!

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