If You Like Charley Davidson… Read Beri O’Dell


If You Like... feature at Vampire Book ClubI’m pretty sure Charley Davidson is my soul mate. (Sorry husband.) The lead character in Darynda Jones’ series of the same name is hilarious, full of life, and kind to all she meets. (Read the VBC review of First Grave on the Right.)

Charley is a private investigator and consultant to the police. Her ability to talk to the dead murder victims’ spirits makes her especially helpful on murder cases. She tries to stay under the radar and avoid people knowing about her abilities, but those closest to her kind of figure it out when she starts talking to invisible people.

Dweller on the Threshold by Rinda Elliott // VBC ReviewIf you like Charley, you’re going to like Beri O’Dell from Rinda Elliott’s series. (Read VBC’s review of Dweller on the Threshold.) Beri is tough, fierce, loyal protector of the people in her ragtag family. She has no idea where she came from, or who (and what) her parents were. She knows just a few very odd things about herself. She can astral project, and talk to people’s spirit guides. Both Charley and Beri are strong, determined, and don’t see themselves as heroes.

Loved the romance and steamy scenes in the Charley Davidson series with Alpha Showdown 2014 champion Reyes Farrow? Wait until you meet Nikolos. He’s a tall, dark, and handsome, ancient-Grecian warrior, who falls (nearly instantaneously) in love with Beri. And let me tell you, the things he does and says are A+ swoon material. He’s definitely a candidate for an Alpha Showdown nomination next year.

If you like lots of action, wit and a sweet, steamy romance, you’ll love these books.

4 Responses to “If You Like Charley Davidson… Read Beri O’Dell”

  1. I love Charley Davidson. I’ll have to look this one up. I do have to wait a little bit to finish a few series that I’m already in. I’ve got a few ending this year, so that should help. Maybe I can start this one next year. 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    I absolutely love Charley Davidson. I’ve had the Beri O’Dell books on my Kindle waiting to be read forever. Your comparison between the two series really makes me want to forget everything else I want to read and start on that series now!

  3. Amanda says:

    Yay! So happy to see some love for Beri O’Dell. I love this series and I’m impatiently waiting for book 3.

  4. Spaz says:

    REALLY?>!?! Charley is one of my favorite series. I have to run check this out now!

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