If You Like The Others… Read House of Comarré


If You Like... feature at Vampire Book ClubLast year when Written in Red came out, it seemed to pop up everywhere for me. That’s when I knew I had to read this first book in a new series by Anne Bishop. What I found once I started reading was an interesting take on the supernatural, mainly shifters, that puts them in less of the human light and more in touch with their animal natures.

Meg is a human, a cassandra sangue, a blood prophet on the run from those that would use her blood and her prophecies for their own gain. She takes sanctuary in a courtyard of the Others and, so far, throughout the course of the series we see them adopt her as ‘not prey’ and we’ve also seen the beginnings of the complications that can arise when an Other starts to bend more towards their human nature and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

While we only have two books released in The Others, and while it seems we will only get a book a year, after you finish the books in typically a number of days the months between book releases can become daunting.

In the interim I recommend starting Blood Rights the first book in the House of Comarré series. Like The Others’ take on shifters, House of Comarré takes an interesting view of vampires. Chrysabelle is also used for her blood, like Meg, but hers is a far more basic use. Comarré are bred with the most exquisite blood and to enhance that blood they get a series of magically infused gold tattoos that only the aristocratic vampires can afford.

Blood Rights by Kristen PainterChrysabelle, too, breaks away from her enslavement and meets up with a misfit group of outcasts consisting of banished vampire Malkolm, the ghost of a girl he killed, and a shifter. Because of the intoxicating pull of Chrysabelle’s blood, there’s chemistry between her and Mal from the beginning. What starts out as a primal pull towards her blood soon blossoms into more and part of what drives the series is watching these two come together, much like the road Meg and Simon are possibly headed down.

I also have to give a shout out to Kristen Painter’s spin-off series House of the Rising Sun just in case you’re like me and burn through a series too quickly. It’s set in the same world as House of Comarré.

Basically, if you love a heroine who breaks away from those who try to keep her caged, and learns to thrive and navigate through a world they don’t completely understand, you will enjoy these books.

With so many variations on the vampire and shifter mythology out there nowadays it can be easy for things to get repetitive. The twists that both Bishop and Painter put on those mythologies will feel like a breath of fresh air.

8 Responses to “If You Like The Others… Read House of Comarré”

  1. Katie says:

    Loved the House of Comarré series and love me some Mal! The spin off book is in my to read list.

    • Amy says:

      I thought House of the Rising Sun proved to be a promising start to a new series. I liked that Kristen Painter decided to spin-off. It was too interesting a world to leave after five books!

  2. I enjoyed this series, but not as much as The Others. There is also her new series, which is sort of a spinoff, set in the same world, Crescent City. It is pretty good, too. It is really hard to live up to The Others in my little world, I just love it so much. 🙂

    • Amy says:

      I agree The Others really set the bar pretty high for me as well. Now that it’s two books in, I’m finding the wait between books harder and harder. I need more Simon and Meg!

      Mal and Chrysabelle made me feel the same way!

  3. Margaret says:

    I would not have made this connection, but I like it. They both have unique mythologies. The shifter society in the Comarre series is pretty interesting too, but you don’t get into it much until the last 2 books.

    • Amy says:

      The unique mythologies was the original association I made between the two series. Then, as I’m writing everything out, I started to notice more similarities. It was interesting to make all the connections between two different series that I loved.

  4. I LOVE The Others and I’ve read books 1-3 of the House of Comarré. I would never have thought compared the two series. I have to say that I like the spin off series from Painter more than HoC and there’s only one book out of it so far.

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