Jill Myles Guest Post: Remy’s attempt at a love letter


My Fair Succubi by Jill MylesThis may be my favorite of all our character love letters this month. Jill Myles has a way of making you laugh while devouring the dark, smexy details of her The Succubus Diaries series.

The latest novel My Fair Succubi (our review) finds our heroine Jackie’s best friend — and fellow succubus — getting a little attached to the a part-angel enforcer. He gets off on doing good deeds, and yet Remy is out to corrupt the poor guy.

In this great guest post from Jill Myles, Remy attempts to write a love letter — then Jackie fixes it. (So, the strikeout is on purpose!)

For a fun, fact-paced paranormal romance read, we suggest starting with Gentlemen Prefer Succubi (review).

And with that, we give it over to Jill, Remy and Jackie.

REMY’S ‘LOVE LETTER’ TO ETHAN (as corrected by Jackie)
By Jill Myles

Yo babe,

So, I’m going to lay down the law here with you. I know you’re an Enforcer and blah blah blah grew up in a monastery blah blah never touched a boob until you were twenty-eight. Here’s the deal if you want to shack up with me.

I’m a succubus. You know what that means, right? That means when other chicks are running for the ice cream truck, I’m needing myself a huge helping of d**k. I have a really, really hard time with monogamy. If you want to, we could try a threesome, because I’m cool with that, but I want you to know up front that I have a wandering eye. I’m definitely a love ‘em and leave ‘em type, so you should be flattered that I’m willing to consider a relationship with you! It’s probably because you’re so built. And those hands. Mmm. Remind me that next time I want you to spank me.

Jackie is telling me that I suck with love letters. Ugh. Four letter word. Hives. Breaking out. She’s the one making me write down my ‘feeeeeelings’ today. So…I’m trying to say that I like you. You’re not my type, though. You’re nice and kind and loyal and steadfast and polite.

Then again, you’ve got a big…heart…(it’s definitely my type, heh heh) and you paint my toenails nicely, and you always do what I ask. You let me be in charge, and there’s not a lot of guys that feel comfortable with that. It makes me feel a little mushy inside, I daresay. And, um, I’d miss you – just a little! – if you went back to that monastery.

(We should totally send them a sex tape. It’d be educational – and fun! C’mon. You know you want to. I’ll even let you star in it.)

(Well, maybe second billing.)

Love and kisses,

Dear Ethan,

Remy cares for you. She just has a hard time getting to the point.

On behalf of Remy,

Get your hands on Jill Myles’ novels over at Amazon. We’d suggest starting with Gentlemen Prefer Succubi. It just gets better from there.

5 Responses to “Jill Myles Guest Post: Remy’s attempt at a love letter”

  1. Viki S. says:

    That is so freakin’ funny. Not one word was kept 😉 – love it!

  2. Aww, that was cute. 🙂

    If I didn’t already, that would definitely make me want to know more. 🙂

  3. sapphire says:

    awwww, I didn’t know that “corrected” meant discarding everything in the letter lol. She really was rambling tho 🙂 looking forward to seeing Remy attempt a relationship 😛

  4. Kristin says:

    That was hilarious! Well done!

  5. Deanna says:

    LOL, I loved this one! That cracked me up!


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