Key Points from ‘Bree Tanner’


Riley and the newborn army from the forthcoming 'Eclipse' film.

I’m at about the halfway point of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and there are four key points from the book so far:

  1. Victoria’s detachment from the newborns. They only refer to their creator as her, and she doesn’t view them as beings.
  2. Her manipulation of Riley plays from all angles — she’s mother, lover and employer all at once.
  3. Riley’s goal isn’t only to raise numbers for Victoria’s army, but also to keep the newborns mindless. He uses their ravenous thirst as a distraction.
  4. Clarity comes with age. Diego’s open, calm clarity lends strenght to Bree. (That and he’s, apparently, hot.)

If you’ve already finished the book, please share your thoughts. Did the other half of the story match your vision? Do you think Bree Tanner is a meaningful supplement to The Twilight Saga?

The novella is now up on BreeTanner.com to read for free (no printing or downloading, though), which is my current plan.

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  1. E&BFAN says:

    This book helped me get an understanding of the other vampires. I saw them from a different perspective after I finished Bree’s story. Given another path would some of these vamps followed the Cullen lifestyle? Would Victoria’s hold over Riley have been so strong? These questions have entered my mind since SM put this book out there.


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