Kristina Douglas Guest Post: Making Angels Sexy


Today, we’re turning the blog over to Kristina Douglas. In her The Fallen series, she manages to make fallen angels with a taste for blood just as delicious as vampires. She was kind enough to tell us about making her angels sexy. The second book in Demon hits shelves today (find it at Simon & Schuster, Book Depository or Amazon). At the end of this post, we have four copies of the series opener Raziel to give to VBC readers. And with that, we’ll turn it over to Kristina:

“Blood is life, lackbrain. Why do you think we eat it? It’s what keeps you going, makes you warm, makes you hard, makes you other than dead. ‘Course it’s her blood.” Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “The Gift”

Demon by Kristina DouglasFor some reason I have a thing about beauty and decadence, about contradictions. Modern mythology tends to think of angels either as darling little cherubs or beautiful, harp-playing women. If they’re grown males at all they’re as sexless as when Alan Rickman played one in Dogma (and it takes a lot to make Alan Rickman sexless).

I like the idea of traditionally asexual creatures possessing a fierce sexuality, and the notion of fallen angels seemed like an oxymoron, perfect creatures fallen from grace, heavenly beings prey to the sins of the flesh.

In fact, according the Book of Enoch, which never made it into the bible for obvious reasons, the angels fell when they lusted after human women and decided to sleep with them. Just the kind of plot point I like.

Vampires have the same tarnished, elegant appeal. To make my fallen angels blood-eaters made their curse even stronger. Being kicked out of heaven wasn’t bad enough – there are a lot of very enjoyable things about being semi-human, and the Fallen are that. While essentially immortal, they are prey to a number of things, such as fire and the Nephilim, who in my universe are the second wave of fallen angels, the flesh eaters.

But even more important, the Fallen need the blood of their mate to survive, and there’s something inherently erotic in the act of drinking it. It’s coded sex, both oral and otherwise, it’s the taking and acceptance of the most elemental part of human life, and in the world of the Fallen it’s an essential part of the bond that keeps them alive. When there’s no bonded mate available and the Fallen must make do with their leader’s mate, kind of a universal donor, the act is performed as a religious rite. Between a Fallen and his mate it is sexual.

To have a creature of celestial beauty and power be also prey to strong sexual urges and the craving for blood as well as sex makes the results incredibly compelling. Death and life, sex and blood, beauty and pain, all wrapped up in a delicious, messy bundle.

It’s the giving of life, far more immediate and direct that the passing of sperm.

What I have yet to explore, except superficially, is what happens when the favor is returned, when the chosen one drinks the blood of the Fallen. The possibilities of that are endless.


First, a big thanks for Kristina for indulging us by talking about talking about angels’ sexuality. Her publisher Pocket Books has been kind enough to offer up four copies of Kristina’s novel Raziel to Vampire Book Club readers. Entry is easy: Just leave a comment on this blog letting us know you want to read Raziel.

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    They found the Ark of the Covenant where Moses placed the 10 Commandments, in a cave under Golgotha.


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