Love letter to Barrons (Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series)


From VBC: Like we could have a Character Love Letters feature and not write to the champion of our Alpha Showdown? Pssh! Bells says what we all think to Barrons in the letter below. She tells him he’s an arrogant jerk, but we love him for it. Remember why you wanted to say his name by reading her letter to Jericho Z. Barrons.

Shadowfever by Karen Marie MoningDear Barrons,

Let me start this letter off by saying… you rock my world! I knew you were something special the moment your character appeared in the book Darkfever. Yes I thought you were a prick because let’s be honest, you were acting like one! In fact, I remember saying to myself, “When is that asshole going to show up again?! I kinda like him.” OK, you may think that this letter is going to be all about calling you bad names, but it’s not really. Just like Mac, we all had to get to know you better. Well how about some good name calling then? Sexy, provocative, dark, sensual, mysterious. There is so much more to know about you and you leave your readers wanting more!

There is nothing like a man having confidence and, yes, because you have so much it turns to arrogance, but it works in your favor. I think there are times that it makes you even more irresistible. Then there are times that I love to hate you and then I hate to love you. I hate it when it seems like you’re thinking of only yourself and I love it when all you can think about is Mac. And then there are the moments where you let your guard down and we get to see the softer side to you. Like when Mac was Pri-ya and we got to see you dancing and laughing. We know that you’re not all hard edges and angles all the time and it’s nice to see that other side of you. I hope we will see more of that side in the future.

All in all, I love you for being you. Simple as that. Everyone’s complicated in some way and while I love all of your strengths, I love your faults as well. Together they make the man…umm…not sure if that’s the correct term to use since we don’t really know what you are, but you get the gist of what I’m saying. You entertain me, thrill me, and excite me like no other. I’m anxious for your story to continue and I hope you realize just how much you are loved. Not only by the ones around you, but by others all across the world.

I’d like to end this letter with a quote from Shadowfever. Actually these words are from your own mouth. “And nothing else matters. Never will. You exist in a place that is beyond all rules for me.” Jericho Barrons, you rock my world!

Hanging with Bells

Haven’t met Barrons?
Barrons is the antihero of Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series. It begins with Darkfever and plays out to an epic end with Shadowfever.

20 Responses to “Love letter to Barrons (Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series)”

  1. jennachristy says:

    i totally love your letter! 🙂

  2. Joanna says:

    Can’t seem to get the smile off my face;) Wow! Really, has any woman been the same since Mac walked into Barron’s bookstore?

  3. Heather says:

    In fact, I remember saying to myself, “When is that asshole going to show up again?! I kinda like him.”

    I remember thinking the same thing! Love Barrons. Great letter. 🙂

  4. Marina says:

    Tha best love letter so far! Well done Bells!

  5. Bells says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments! There is no other like Barrons. He is truly unique and so very entertaining! I cannot wait to read more of him!

  6. synde korman says:

    fantastic letter! it actually made me sigh a bit.. mmm Barrons

  7. Mandi says:

    LOVE. Barrons. The best.

  8. jaymzangel says:

    LOVE your letter, Bells! Rabidly, insanely, wildly LOVE it, just like I love Barrons *hearts*

  9. Smash Attack says:

    I have to wholeheartedly agree with you, Bells! The big draw to JZB is the back and forth/love and hate feelings we have towards him. Keeps shit interesting!

  10. Such a wonderful letter, Bells. I think the quote at the end covers it for all of us. Barrons exists in a place beyond rules for all of us.

  11. *claps and whistles* Wooot! Awesome letter, Bells! It reminded me of all the things I love about Barrons. And all the things that made me want to throw a shoe at his head, too. *laughs* Loved it!!

    Lou, a/k/a @MonsterMaX3

  12. Lisa R. says:

    My favorite Barrons quote. Well done!

  13. Judith says:

    😀 Couldn’t have said it better myself, not in a thousand years. Love this event!

  14. Patti P says:

    Wow that is something!

  15. Great letter Bells! I love Barrons.

  16. Ning says:

    great letter! It summarized Barrons so well. Thinking about that man just makes me swoon

    My FF


  17. Frances says:

    My oh my. The ultimate Alpha male who stole all our hearts. I just love you KZB!

  18. Nana says:

    AHH! I totally agree with this letter, oh Barrons! *swoon* when I told my friend about Barrons, she scrunch up her face and said “I don’t like him, he sounds like an asshole” and I was like “no no, you don’t understand, he HAS to be an asshole, you gotta read it to understand!”

    p.s. Still forcing my friend to read the Fever series and love our Alpha JZB! <3

  19. Awwww, BELLS!!!! Love your love letter to Barrons!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!

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